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It’s obvious that dark and powerful forces are manipulating our elections. Mark Zuckerberg recently admitted to Joe Rogan that Facebook and the FBI intentionally steered the outcome of 2020 by censoring news about Hunter Biden’s laptop from hell. Meanwhile, in China a server has been discovered containing detailed data about 1.8 million US poll workers. And as we head into the midterms, the mainstream media is already starting to spin a narrative similar to that in 2020. The big question is, how will they attempt to steal the midterms? And more importantly, can they get away with it? Joining me today is Gregg Phillips to discuss all this and more.

Today’s show is brought to you by Rise.TV, where it’s our mission to awaken, uplift, and unite America—one show at a time.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Not YOUR fault, Alexandra…but I am really impatient with streaming vids saved to files in which the program is PRECEDED by a long period of silence with cheezy fake music, while there’s a countdown or, in this case, merely a statement that it will “start soon.” Rumble does NOT allow one to skip ahead: you cannot go more than about 30 sec. when the entire video PERMANENTLY STALLS and will never start again.

    This is why I value, Alexandra, YOUR painstaking transcipts of the talk. None here, though; so I’m passing on this one. Some people are now putting up Rumble videos with AN HOUR of such a time-wasting ‘interlude’ is at the start. ENOUGH!


  • I’m still more leaning towards thinking they intend to roll right over having the midterms and go for an intervention, by NATO.

    That’s not as negative a view as it sounds. I have a deep enough feeling that will fail catastrophically for them and the war will turn a corner.

    We’ve had the FBI outing themselves in the public’s face recently. Wait till you see what happens when NATO follows suit, in full world view.

    Everything about Biden’s recent speech can be condensed down to these few words, “this country is so ungovernable, the only way forwards is to bring in outside intervention”.

    Another layer to that line of thinking is that if Biden’s thinkers don’t have the ultimate level one military football, they can only move to the international theatre for sufficient wriggle room to live another day and hope to get lucky.

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