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    On the heels of the FBI announcing on Wednesday via Newsweek that 80,000,000+ Trump voters are “domestic terrorists”, Hillary Clinton was on CNN last night, saying that “Those MAGA extremists take their marching orders from Donald Trump,” and that,  “at some point, you know, maybe there needs to be a formal de-programming of the cult members – but something needs to happen.”

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    • That’s clearly not Hillary Clinton in the video. Just another lookalike for the gullible masses. The real HC has already been executed by the White Hat military working under Commander-in-Chief Trump.

    • The something that needs to happen is “Burn the Witch” . This baby eating POS must still have a freezer full from the Haiti raid . I heard they love the black and brown babies the most because the essence is purer genetically speaking . This brings them more darkness to consume and destroy something that’s closer to GOD.

    • How amazing, how stupidly narcissistic of Comrade Clinton to tell the nation how she really feels about us, her working American neighbors!

      We owe her a debt of gratitude for her honest confession as a Sol Alinskyite disciple, a lifelong Commie organizer. Now that she’s confessed I wonder if other Chicago Comrades will publically join themselves in a celabatory confessional choir at this propitious hour with Comrade Clinton, Comrades Bill Ayers and his pals the Obama’s eternally on the federal government payroll. You work, they talk, such a deal!

      For readers in Loma Linda, you may want to access the following timeless recording of “guilty as sin, fee as a bird” Commie terrorist Bill Ayers, who was never brought to justice for murder because the US Justice Departmant dropped the ball. Oh my, imagine that!

      Larry Grathwohl on Ayers plan for American reeducation camps and the need to kill millions SD)

    • I hear backyard sacrifices to Molech are effective.


      Doesn’t she have
      a glass ceiling to break somewhere?

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