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Alexandra Bruce
May 13, 2014

58% of the US population reports experiencing insomnia a few nights a week or more. This figure is roughly the same throughout the Americas, Western Europe, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Australia.

The percentage is reported to be slightly less in Eastern Europe and in Africa and it is comparatively unheard-of, throughout the rest of Asia, as well as in predominantly Muslim countries.

Over 3 million Americans over the age of 20 have been given prescriptions for sleep medications and untold millions of others use non-prescription antihistamines to help them to sleep.

Many subscribers already suspect that I’m an insomniac, based on my tech support and feedback replies at all hours of the night! I’ve suffered from debilitating bouts of insomnia since I was a small child. In adulthood, my insomnia became increasingly chronic. It’s been acute enough throughout my life, that it’s affected many and decisions that I’ve made, from choosing what college courses to take (based on what time the classes were scheduled), to what kind of jobs that I chose.

Insomnia has been the biggest, seemingly insurmountable hinderance in my life.

Five years ago, I became totally desperate and went to a psychiatrist to be given a prescription for the sleeping pill, Ambien, which she freely refilled, for over 3 years. During this time, there were many instances when I saw evidence that I’d been sleepwalking and doing things I did not recall (Ambien works on your memory centers and causes amnesia). To my horror, there were several instances where I saw evidence that I’d been “sleep-eating”, leaving the kitchen a mess – and I am a total clean-freak! This was very disturbing – but *still* less disturbing than not being able to sleep, for days on end.

Then, another side-effect began to manifest, which I really hated: a constant, abiding mental fatigue, where I almost felt paralyzed about making any decisions and sometimes, I could barely cope with speaking to my own dear and friendly assistant on the phone, to give him the most basic of instructions. I didn’t know why this was happening or if I was going to be stuck in that state, for the rest of my life!

It was only after I’d stopped taking this drug, that this symptom vanished and regained my full cognitive functioning again – but I didn’t know that, for a couple of years. It was scary and awful.

But living life without sleep was even worse, so I continued to allow myself to be prescribed with this medication. My dose was successively raised, until I was taking 15mg per night – and then, even at this high dose, it just totally stopped working – but I was addicted. Then, things got even worse. I got fibromyalgia, which was like having a full-body migraine attack, at all times. It felt to me as if my undergarments were like giant swords, slicing through my body. Fibromyalgia is a well-known symptom of sleep deprivation.

I moved across the country, to another State and was faced with the decision to go to another psychiatrist or physician to get a new prescription – for something that wasn’t even working and had scary, debilitating side-effects. I decided that the time had come to kick Ambien and I did it, Cold Turkey. It is not recommended to stop taking Ambien this way – but I’d run out of it and just wanted to stop being a slave to it!

Detoxing from Ambien was an experience that I would wish upon anyone. It was wretched. I climbed the walls, in sleepless, painful agony for over 2 weeks, while exercising a lot, to induce exhaustion – but I still couldn’t sleep – until finally, I just collapsed.

Since then, I’d been toughing it out and because my job publishing this website allows totally flexible hours, I’ve just basically been staying up all night, until I couldn’t stay awake anymore, living my life at very odd hours, out of sync with most of the world around me (but not online! It’s always daytime somewhere, online and I have subscribers with questions in every time zone…). Happily, my fibromyalgia did go away, because even though I was sleeping at odd hours, I was getting enough restorative sleep.

So, with all of the above said – which is very personal and not particularly flattering – I assure you, that I am not getting paid to publish this article. I would not be writing this, if I weren’t aware that there are literally billions of other people who are suffering, to some degree from insomnia and if someone like me, with a very bad case of it has benefitted tremendously from the use of this cordless electrical device, the Fisher-Wallace Stimulator, then I would be remiss if I did not share this life-changing information with the many of you, out there who are currently living with the torture of chronic insomnia and its effects.

The Fisher-Wallace Stimulator induces your brain’s own production of the neurotransmitters: serotonin, beta-endorphin and dopamine and also lowers cortisol, known as “the stress hormone” but which is also the “awake” hormone.

Its base frequency is an almost precise multiple of the Schumann resonance of 7.8hZ, which essentially helps restore homeostasis to those who use this device, by replicating the natural resonance of the Earth, from which many of us have sadly, become unrelated.

The device is FDA-cleared for these indications and has been on the market since 1991. It is the only device on the market cleared to treat insomnia and anxiety. (There are competing devices for depression). The Fisher-Wallace Stimulator has also been found to deliver freedom from all manner of addictions and is now being tested in a second double-blind experiment with Methadone addicts. It had previously been found to cure addiction in 80% of the drug-addicted patients studied. It has also been shown to remedy ailments as diverse as migraines, gout and bi-polar disorder.

For me, the results of using the Fisher Wallace Stimulator have been immediate and I don’t even have time to use it as prescribed, twice per day: 6 hours before bedtime and again, at bedtime. I have been using it for the past 3 weeks, the cycle runs for 20 minutes and I’ve fallen asleep before it completed, every time, sleeping the optimal 6.5-7 hours per night, which has been found to be the ideal amount of sleep – NOT the “8 hours”, that we’ve all heard about, which, like all other average sleep times, both greater and lower, is associated with higher mortality rates.

I cannot tell you how incredible it is to finally have control over what time I can fall asleep and I then to arise at a normal hour, without feeling haggard and like I’ve been hit by a truck.

The pretty young woman in this video, Camille was suffering about as badly as I was, prior to completing her 3rd week of using the Fisher Wallace Stimulator.

In an earlier installment in Camille’s video diary,

she discusses the changes after one week and shows EXACTLY how easy it is to use the Fisher Wallace stimulator.

If you or someone your love suffers from insomnia – and you don’t want to take drugs and nothing else is working, you may find out how to safely treat your insomnia here:

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Alexandra Bruce

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