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    This footage is an an excellent capture of a narrow HAARP beam. Look at the upper center of the video frame; clouds instantly jumping into different formations, in conformity to the different wavelengths of a beam that’s stepping through various frequencies.

    HAARP’s original test bed in Alaska, which after 20 years of operation has announced its intended “closure”, presumably, because all of the testing revealed everything that was needed to be known about the technology.

    Perhaps too much was revealed: Researcher, Ed Kendrick claims that after the 3/11/11 Fukushima quake was seen to coincide with HAARP fluxgate magnetometer activity in
    the 2.5 Hz band, the HAARP magnetometer website was taken down.

    There are rumors that many, many small, phased-array antenna modules, all now placed all over the US Territory, usually on federal property, most often on military bases.

    HAARP is used in conjunction with aerosols; nano-particulates of metals, barium salts and bio-engineered gunk sprayed into the atmosphere by chemtrail-dispensing planes.

    Full control of the multiple uses of HAARP (and chemtrails) has been achieved; up high, with barium salts to create electromagnetic missile shields, or deep down, under the soil, using Extremely Low Frequencies (ELF), to trigger massive (or minor) earthquakes.

    It is a better weapon than the wickedest of James Bond villains could’ve dreamed of, in his wildest fantasies.

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