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Graham Hancock: America Before – The Lost Civilization and Global Cataclysm

Graham Hancock joins Dark Journalist at a live event in Cambridge, Massachusetts for an intimate discussion of his latest book, America Before and the arc of his career, exploring the mysteries of extreme antiquity.

Hancock was working as a journalist for The Economist at their office in Nairobi, Kenya when an assignment took him to Axum, Ethiopia. It was there he was told that the original Ark of the Covenant was stored under heavy guard by a local Christian chapel. The investigation of this intriguing claim set him on the adventure he’s been on ever since.

Hancock has devoted much of his remarkable career to searching for evidence of the global civilization he believes was destroyed by asteroid impacts some 11,500 years ago. We’ve been told that the Americas weren’t populated until 13,000 years ago but a recent discovery in Southern California shows evidence of people living there over 130,000 years ago – ten times longer ago than generally thought and long before human settlements are known to have become established in most of the “Old World”.

America Before draws on the latest geological, archaeological and DNA evidence to consider the stunning possibility that a lost global civilization in extreme antiquity may have been centered in the “New World”.

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