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Investigative journalist, author and 24-year Russian military counterintelligence veteran, Daniel Estulin joins Alex Jones to to discuss the origins of the Liberal banking order and what he calls their “Global Satanic agenda”.

Daniel continues to claim, as he has for years that Trump, Putin and Xi are all on the same team, seeking to defeat this 500-year old hegemony, which is, in turn, doing what it can to collapse the US.

“They are three friends [in quotes] fighting a common global enemy, which is far more powerful than any one of them individually, which is the global liberal banking financiers. And the idea was, you join forces to destroy the global liberal financiers and then, you sit down at the proverbial table – let’s call it the Yalta 2.0 Agreement…the winners of this post-global crisis, meaning the United States, meaning Russia, meaning China, meaning India, as the world’s most populous countries.

“But again, I repeat, quite substantial efforts, Alex are being made by this liberal class, globally to ensure that any alternative center globally, wherever that may be does not appear – including the United States – which is one of the reasons why they’re destroying and dismantling the United States.”

Daniel reminds Alex about how in 2006, when they were shooting his interview for the film, ‘Endgame’, he had predicted that by 2020-2025, the US would be in a “post-crisis” state of collapse, akin to what befell the Soviet Union in 1991, which did not seem at all plausible at the time. However today, we see US Congressmen openly discussing a “national divorce” between Red and Blue states.

Daniel says that it’s pointless to after George Soros and other individuals. We need to change the management model, itself. “But to do this and create an alternative center – or centers – of conceptual thought globally, you need to create a system and if you try to do it without having conceptual ideas, you will get a completely ineffective and inefficient administrative reform – which is what we’re seeing right now…

“The real reform involves putting an end to the imperial monetary system, ending its control of the issuance and the price of money, replacing it with a sovereign credit system. And it also implies ending the power of the private central banks, starting with the Federal Reserve. And so, we should eradicate everything that reeks of globalization.”

Daniel says, “When Putin and Trump met in Helsinki, Putin suggested to Donald Trump – and Trump went along with him initially – that they were to get together to create a think tank/economic institution in Russia – not in the United States, because Putin explained you could not do it in the United States, because they would sabotage it – where the two nations with experts from the United States, who understand the physical economy, there are lots of great American economists who are not liberal thinkers. ‘Liberal’, meaning living at the expense of somebody else.”

So, the Globalist system is collapsing – what will come out of it? If the Globalist have their way, their current world order will be collapsed into a de-industrialized, authoritarian One World Government that seeks to reduce the human population down to 1 billion people. This is an old agenda that was spelled out in the Club of Rome’s ‘Limits to Growth’.

Daniel predicts that we will witness the collapse of the current service economy into the Sixth Technological Paradigm. The Fifth Technological Paradigm was about the digitization of society and we could now be said to be in the second half of this Fifth Technological Paradigm, marked by robots and Artificial Intelligence.

The Sixth Technological Paradigm will be characterized by continued developments in nanotechnology, biotechnology, quantum computing and AI, at the points where the physical, digital, and biological worlds converge. The risk will dramatically grow of “the end of the world” that has been predicted for millennia. Will humanity be ready intellectually, morally and culturally to manage these processes?

As Daniel says, “The moral breakdown of nation happens not from material losses but from the lack of vision for a batter future.”

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • 3 Billion in China and India.
    1.2 Billion in South Africs and more.

    The globalists in 1960s WERE 100% RIGHT.

    Watch the Satellite images in Sout East from 1970s – MOST OF IT IS GONE !!!

  • You are correct about Putin, Trump and Xi being in the same team.
    They are in the same globalist team, and they all went for pushing clot shot, how clever!

  • Some things simply do not add up. Most of what Daniel Estulin says is probably correct- BUT.

    Unlimited economic growth on a finite planet is impossible –

    This is correct and logical, and even Daniel Estulin repeats it during the interview.
    But – that was one of the core messages of the Club of Rome too, who are considered part of the Cabal.

    Estulin also warned of a global economic crash after repeated lockdowns back in 2020……..but this fortunately did not come about………

    Also this bit about Trump Putin and Jinping being buddies against the Cabal. , Well Jinping just had talks with Bill Gates recently whom he called an ‘old friend…..’ Yikes. How rational is this Political Trinity Against the Cabal?

    • No ‘BAU’?
      ‘Most’ ‘economic thinking’ is ‘short run’ and ‘redundant’? ‘It’ ignores the ‘supply side’? ‘Growth’ {and ‘civilisation’} depends upon ‘cheap’ F.F. – those so called ‘halcyon days’ are ‘over’. ?
      “The crisis now unfolding, however, is entirely different to the 1970s in one crucial respect… The 1970s crisis was largely artificial. When all is said and done, the oil shock was nothing more than the emerging OPEC cartel asserting its newfound leverage following the peak of continental US oil production. There was no shortage of oil any more than the three-day-week had been caused by coal shortages. What they did, perhaps, give us a glimpse of was what might happen in the event that our economies depleted our fossil fuel reserves before we had found a more versatile and energy-dense alternative. . . . That system has been on the life-support of quantitative easing and near zero interest rates ever since. Indeed, so perilous a state has the system been in since 2008, it was essential that the people who claim to be our leaders avoid doing anything so foolish as to lockdown the economy or launch an undeclared economic war on one of the world’s biggest commodity exporters . . . And this is why the crisis we are beginning to experience will make the 1970s look like a golden age of peace and tranquility. . . . The sad reality though, is that our leaders – at least within the western empire – have bought into a vision of the future which cannot work without some new and yet-to-be-discovered high-density energy source (which rules out all of the so-called green technologies whose main purpose is to concentrate relatively weak and diffuse energy sources). . . . Even as we struggle to reimagine the 1970s in an attempt to understand the current situation, the only people on Earth today who can even begin to imagine the economic and social horrors that await western populations are the survivors of the 1980s famine in Ethiopia, the hyperinflation in 1990s Zimbabwe, or, ironically, the Russians who survived the collapse of the Soviet Union.” ?

      “It is this belief in a new digital revolution which gave rise to the much-derided article by Danish politician, Ida Auken – originally titled “Welcome to 2030: I own nothing, I have no privacy, and life has never been better.”  More popularly known as “you’ll own nothing and you’ll be happy.”  It is a world of digital currencies and digital IDs, vaccine passports and 15-minute cities, electrification and driverless cars.  All of it based around the “energy too cheap to meter” from wind turbines and solar panels, and all of it operated by autonomous artificial intelligence within the “singularity” of the “internet of things.”
      It is a mirage, of course… one only visible to so-called “virtuals” – people whose lives and careers are now so detached from the material world that, were there not so many of them, could otherwise be diagnosed as certifiably insane.  The real world, meanwhile, looks more akin to the second global collapse – the first being the collapse of the integrated economies of the Bronze Age Eastern Mediterranean empires sometime around 1186 BCE.  The majority of ordinary people have seen their living standards decline over the past two decades – a process compounded and accelerated by two years of lockdowns followed by a year of self-destructive sanctions on key resources.”?

  • I really appreciate this information. I do wish Alex would stop talking so much, taking up air time, and let his guests speak more. It’s the main reason I don’t watch him except when others post certain segments.

  • Brilliant discussion, but good grief!! Putin is NOT THE ORIGINAL ELECTED IN 2000!! So how much of the discussion is accurate?

  • I would suggest Alexandra that you watch the video circulating of Trump’s 40th Cabal birthday celebration in which he is clearly seen eating babies!

  • Though grateful for all of this, I did not need to hear of it here because of the way in which I walk that has a wonderful benefit – discernment! I’m not boasting, I’m sharing because of the principle of sharing, namely share or else. If I refuse to share, I will stop up the discernment channel and will myself receive no more insight.

    Because of this and my walk, I clearly saw all of this the first week in April, 20′ and shared it freely. It cost me my email services because the system of darkness hates the light of truth! Nevertheless I pressed on because I know that He who is in me is greater than he who is in the world. Am I brave? No, I fear not him who has power to take life and afterwards has no power, rather I fear Him who after life has the power to cast into hell.

    The underlying reason why churchmen have failed to defeat the darkness is they have foolishly feared men rather than the Creator and Sustainer of life who has told them already to put no evil thing before their eyes and to walk in the way of life that leads to life everlasting. Because ignoring clearly written and visible road signs men have run off the highway to heaven into the ditch and are lost without hope.

    What did Estulin have to say about the visual media? “Turn off TV”! There is real life outside of visual artificial life and there is a better way to walk that is pleasing to the universal Spirit that is everywhere present. This is reality! Acceptance or rejection of it has consequences.

    For those of us who have accepted this truth have also submitted to its terms and conditions and found peace knowing we are walking in the way that is pleasing to Him who loves peace and hates war and terror!

  • The concept of the humanity are bad for the earth (environmental hysteria) was a valid concern in the 30s, and 40s, and 50s ? Industry at that time was not as concerned about environmental protections. In the early 80s the EPA and the acid rain was instrumental in cleaning the environment way more than the rest of the earth. Very similar to discrimination against blacks in the 30s versus today. Crazy activists never reflect on the success.

    Daniel Estulin is the best expert analyst ever. One fact behind the globalists activists is THE HATE OF CHRISTIANITY. Minority hate infested godless, Jews, and Muslims joined forces in destroying Christianity.


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