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The shock news yesterday, of course was the arrest of Ghislaine Maxwell, associate of the late Jeffrey Epstein. She’s essentially been charged with everything that Epstein was charged with before he was strangled to death in his jail cell last year in Lower Manhattan.

Perhaps the bigger shock was that she was arrested in the US, after many mainstream outlets had reported less than two weeks ago that she was living in the plush apartment of a rich friend near the Champs-Élysées in Paris.

Why would the former associate of sex trafficker, Jeffrey Epstein leave the protection of France’s extradition laws? Did she voluntarily allow herself to be arrested in the United States? If so, she presumably doesn’t believe the six felony charges will stick, having purchased her 150+-acre estate in New Hampshire where she was arrested for $1 million cash last December.

Many are voicing the opinion that Ghislaine was more important to the compromise operation being run by Epstein than Epstein, himself. Both Ghislaine and Epstein were allegedly CIA/MOSSAD assets via her father’s connections.

Ghislaine’s father was Czech-born British newspaper tycoon Robert Maxwell, who received a state funeral in Israel, after he was found floating face down the Atlantic ocean off the coast of the Canary Islands in 1991. Robert Maxwell is suspected of having been a triple agent, working for Soviet intelligence, MI6 and MOSSAD.

The news conference Thursday announcing Ghislaine’s arrest was led by Acting US Attorney for the Southern District of New York, Audrey Strauss. Strauss has just taken over the position from Geoffrey Berman, who was fired by Trump on June 19th after his office had reportedly blocked progress on the SDNY’s cases against the Clinton Foundation, Jeffrey Epstein, Anthony Weiner and others.

Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange is joined here by Shaun Attwood, who once faced 200 years in prison for his drug-trafficking activities in New Mexico. After serving 5 years of his 9-year prison sentence, he was deported back to the UK, where he is from. He has been permanently banned from entering the United States.

Attwood has been researching the Epstein case for years and he shares his interesting insights with us here.

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  • You don’t think Hillary Clinton will be indicted?? You don’t know our absolute master chess player, master troller, POTUS !! He is a genius. He has filled all those judges seats! Will be 300 by the election. Soon another SC seat. He is readying EVERYthing so these people cannot get away again. There’s the frazzeldrip video of Hillary, Huma, a DR and a young girl. Sometimes others video them…honeypots for blackmail (insurance policy) and sometimes they video themselves so they can watch it over and over. These people are SICK !!!! No one in their right mind will let her remain standing. She is a witch, a satanist, a pedo, and a cannibal. I’m wondering who the dr is on that video.

  • Prince will be sentenced as well. Did you see when Trump went to see the Queen?? The Queen ALWAYS walks out in front of foreign dignitaries. But Trump was walking out in front of the queen and she was dressed in street clothes. She is toast. She’s a fake queen.

  • I think you are spot on except with Andrew escaping without jail. I think he will get the death penalty. These people are THAT evil !!!!!! There’s a new sheriff in town. TRUMP2Q2Q

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