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    May 25th marked the third year anniversary of George Floyd’s death, so his autopsy results were circulating on social media once again and many learned for the first time that no life-threatening injuries were found.

    Former federal and state prosecutor, George Parry, joins Tara McKinney on OAN’s The Tipping Point to discuss, saying:

    “I wrote about this issue extensively for The American Spectator. The autopsy report indicates that there were really no signs of any injury or trauma to the neck area. There is nothing in the autopsy report indicating that this was, in effect, a violent death.

    “What happened, however was that the Medical Examiner in Hennepin County was contacted by the medical examiner from [New York, Dr Michael Baden?], who basically threatened him and said you don’t want to be the only person in the room saying that this was, in effect, not a violent death.

    “And so, the Medical Examiner in Hennepin County then issued a press release saying that the finding – even though it’s not in the report – the finding was a ‘compression of the neck’ that caused asphyxiation, which is utterly baseless. If you look at the video of Derek Chauvin restraining Floyd, his knee is not on Floyd’s neck, it’s on his back and the fact of the matter is the video shows in the lead-up to this, during the arrest, Floyd was shouting that he couldn’t breathe, before he was even on the ground.

    “And of course he couldn’t breathe. He was a walking drugstore! He had a boatload of fentanyl and methamphetamine in a system – that was shown by the toxicology report – and in addition to that, he had severe coronary artery disease and a history of hypertension. And the conclusion reached by the defense pathologist, who testified at Chauvin’s trial was he died of cardiac arrhythmia brought on by his coronary artery disease and the fact that he had fentanyl and methamphetamine in his system.

    “But all that’s academic now, because Chauvin was convicted. Of course, the trial was essentially, from my standpoint, a legalized lynching, because there is no way Chauvin was going to get a fair trial in Hennepin County. It was a war zone. The courthouse – they had had rioting – and the courthouse was surrounded by concrete barriers and barbed wire in the jury knew full well that if they acquitted Chauvin, the whole city would go up in flames.

    “So here we are, the police had been convicted, Chauvin’s been convicted and the issue surrounding what happened in that trial and the the physical findings at autopsy are in conflict, because the physical findings at autopsy clearly indicate that Floyd did not die as a result of what the police did, he died as the result of his coronary artery disease, the fact that he said a boatload of fentanyl three to four times the fatal dosage of fentanyl; a potentially fatal dosage of fentanyl in a system with methamphetamine, which by the way, those two drugs can interact to cause cardiac arrhythmia and there was no evidence of any kind of trauma to the neck.

    “So the idea that Floyd died as a result of what the police did is, from my standpoint – I’ve maintained this from Day One, I still maintain it – it’s not there. And these police officers were convicted unjustly and this is something that needs to be corrected but I doubt there’s going to be anybody in the Minnesota judicial system with enough courage to come forward and call this for what it is.”

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    • Floyd committed suicide when he kicked the door open and himself back out of the squad car onto the pavement! It was his decision alone, his uncontrolled rage that pushed his self abused body beyond its ability to survive.

      The bigger lie is ‘victimhood’, blowing up injustices way beyond their actual size into something monstrous and then justifying greater reactionary injustices at the hands of cowardly men on either side of the contest. Unprincipled, rudderless men who throw down their peacemakers and run in the heat of battle when they perceive they are outnumbered! Marx and his current crop of enraged Bolsheviks are at the bottom of all of it. Including the character deficit created by the US Department of Education that uses government largess to force local schools to indoctrinate children in the same godless ideology as the former Soviets taught and the CCP yet teaches. When that happens the state becomes god and rules by force.

      Let us not forget also that it has been the US Supreme court that forced the removal from public schools; the Christian Bible, the Ten Commandments and G-d honoring prayer that teaches children to love G-d and to love their neighbors as themselves! One of the more illustrative justices expressed it well claiming we can’t have these children seeing these things lest they be tempted to obey them! Ole Slewfoot himself could not have proclaimed the victory for Marxist atheism any better!

      Payday has arrived in America! Will Americans step up to the plate? Before or after calamity? Russians did it only after three quarters of a century of severe bloodshed and horrible suffering. What Americans don’t know is that Marx was foisted upon Russia by western central banking interests at a critical time of social unrest. Neither do they understand that Hitler and Nazism was also reactionary to what had happened in Russia.

      This ignorance is deliberate, brought on by Marxian social engineers within our institutions. Their works have undermined American character thereby robbing youth of its innocence now almost completely with gross sexual license being promoted in public education while few parents are willing to protect their own flesh from this destruction of their character.

      By comparison, Russians are having none of this, being as they learned better by their experience with the Marxist experiment. Alexander Solzhenitsyn tried to warn America about Marx and his lies, but America ignored his warning. Russia welcomed him back, which ought to tell Americans something about the change in Russia, but it didn’t register. American Marxian sore losers simply doubled down on their anti Russian rhetoric. Hatred is systemic to Marxism and characteristic to the father of Marxism who hated just about everything, including his personal identity and he wished to overthrow all of it!

      Why don’t Americans know that? Why have we tolerated the undermining of our institutions, including the institutions of marriage and family? Now more of us are awakened by the trans movement which reveals the underlying Marxian hatred of who and what we are.

      Including love, respectful, benevolent love of G-d and neighbor. No, we can’t have that anymore, we have to recreate mankind in the image of Marxian social engineers. Mankind incapable of even thinking what is not permissible by the almighty corporate state.

      It’s already in our faces 24/7!

    • George Floyd became an icon of anti-whiteness.
      He is empowered by hate of whiteness.
      He is not seen as a hero of Blackness, but a representative
      of anti-whiteness, for those who themselves are the Racist!

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