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Given the complete absence of anyone else of his stature doing this, it’s pretty extraordinary that a retired Army general has stepped into the fray to release this video about the two-tiered system of justice in the USA.

Of course, Flynn is still recovering from his own brush the brutality of this two-tiered system.

It would be great to see more high-profile officials pile on and do the same.



There is no reasonable doubt that President Biden was an active participant in an unlawful international influence-peddling scheme.

My name is Lt General Mike Flynn and whatever you may think about President Donald J Trump or his recent federal indictment, the speed of the investigation and the breadth of the indictment is breathtaking compared to the inaction for comparable crimes allegedly committed by Hillary Clinton, the incredible slow-walking of the investigation of Hunter Biden and Attorney General Merrick Garland’s refuasl to appoint a Special Counsel prosecutor to investigate Joe Biden’ role in the Biden Family’s the international influence-peddling scheme.

Does any reasonable human believe that Joe never discussed Hunter’s business with Hunter or that Joe did not know anything about a scheme that, so far has ensnared at least 9 close Biden family relatives?

It was reported recently that Hunter will plead guilty to two tax misdemeanors and defer a gun reporting offense with no prison time and the right to have his record partially expunged after two years.

Good thing Hunter is a white dude and – oh, yeah – being the son of a president also helps.

It’s not just a stark contrast between use of the Foreign Agents Registration Act, FARA to go after 5 Trump associates, including Yours Truly, before FARA is ignored when exploring Hunter’s activities for Ukraine and China.

Or the contrast between aggressive prosecutions of pro-life protesters, compared to the pass given to abortion rights protesters – or the horribly disproportionate treatment of January 6th protestors, compared to the Left Wing protesters who destroyed billions of dollars of property and killed more than two dozen Americans.

Rather, it is all of these things.

Either Democrats, Republicans, Progressives, Conservatives and Centrists should be subject to equally piercing investigations and prosecutions or they should be subject to neither. Either we have the rule of law or not.

The provision that every American is entitled to a presumption of innocence – unless, of course you are a Conservative who supports Trump and much what is known of the Biden Crime organization is alleged, there is powerful evidence that Joe Biden committed multiple felonies as a co-conspirator in an international Biden family fraud and racketeering scheme, regardless of whether he personally received bribes or not.

This isn’t over and Americans of every stripe, faith and class better wake up to the fact that we have two completely sets of laws in America.

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  • Flynn is mentioned as a child trafficker. I cant be sure of this. The Q psyops {operation trust} was for what purpose? For the TRUMP controlled opposition “party”. Head of the domestic extremists who would pose challenge to NWO and dont belong in the NWO.

    • The Deep State has tried every way possible to destroy Flynn’s reputation and ruin him financially. The fact that they continue to do this is because he refuses to play ball – he’s not in their inner circle IMHO. Otherwise, he would have been made a General (he retired as a Lt. General). Therefore, I do not put much stock in rumors like this. He even once said he thought “Q” was a CIA psyop, and that there was no “plan”. Obviously, he is not part of the narrative being pushed. That is why I continue to like him!

  • That stinks cause I just got turned down for a 10 dollar an hour job for something I did when I was 22 yrs old. I’m 43. I couldn’t drive 20 yrs. I can’t own guns. I can’t get hired. I got caught selling 6 pills to another piece of crap I was hanging around with as a stupid young adult. They made money in the 90s by reformatting all the DUI laws. Deaths got even higher than in the 60s and 70s. They lie about everything. We’re nothing but currency to these people. Our sicknesses profit them cause then we buy their medicine. Our adolescent nonsense became a money maker instead of public shaming me and making me pick up trash ( they did that too, but should’ve more) . Victimless offenses should do community service. They are invading your family/ tribe, making laws not to benefit you, then profit off them. Bill Clinton started alot of this in 1995.

  • Obviously many people are being blackmailed, the whole bunch in Washington are criminals and soulless beings without conscious. These two sets of laws have been around for a while, it now getting playtime but the sleepy masses are brain dead and shallow beings….the rest better hunker down and have the wait and see attitude…the show just keeps getting more weird…

  • Quote, “Either we have the rule of law or we do not. “.. To which I say, “We do not”. There is no way that we can vote our way out of this level of corruption, sedition, treason, tyranny, and crimes against humanity and expect the same psychopathic criminals to adhere to the laws when they themselves control it all. The ONLY way out of this mess is for the sane and brave to expend true grit, blood, sweat, and tears. When there is no justice left, as it is abundantly clear there is none now, then there is just us left to collectively rise and enforce our Inalienable Rights as the Land of The Free and Home of the BRAVE, or continue to capitulate by cowardness. Disobedience to tyranny is obedience to God. The Founding Fathers told us the way. Will we listen?

    • I don’t think enough people will listen as long and the grocery stores have food and water and the pension and SS checks keep rolling into their accounts every month. Most of the younger people are too busy trying to figure out how to be “influencers” on social media and make money for doing nothing. That about covers it.

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