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    Since I don’t spend a lot of time on YouTube anymore, I’ve been missing the great work of Dr Clown and Media Bear!

    Here’s a brilliant music video about the endless PSYOPs being deployed at us, set to the tune of  Thomas Dolby’s 1982 hit single, “Blinded Me with Science”, featuring all of the Army guys operating their social media sock puppet accounts.

    by Media Bear


    It’s tyranny in motion
    That’s terrifying you and me
    Manufacturing emotions
    Propaganda is persuading me


    They guided me with PSYOPs
    They guided me, with PSYOPs
    They weaponized psychology
    When I’m watching news of war
    They guided me with PSYOPs
    Gaslight me with PSYOPs


    Unelected criminals
    Gaslight me with PSYOPs
    Well now I gotta drink the potion
    If I want normality
    They lead me by emotion
    I must obey the TV screen
    They guided me with PSYOPs
    They gaslight me with PSYOPs


    I’m following the programming
    Just look at my Twitter feed
    They control what’s happening
    A problematic notion
    Then reaction to the thing
    Now here comes a solution
    Your brain is a commodity


    They’re guiding me with PSYOPs
    They’re guiding me, with PSYOPs
    And hit me with technocracy


    Good heavens, Misinformation, you’re beautiful!
    I don’t believe it! Here they go again!
    They’ve scrubbed the web and now I can’t find anything!
    My attitude, my desires, more pamphlet notes!
    They’ve radicalized my notions!


    But it’s weaponized emotions
    You’re calling it “conspiracy”
    Asleep in the commotion
    Your silence is alarming me


    Oh! Gaslighting me with PSYOPs!
    Gaslighted me! With PSYOPs!
    Gaslighted me with hey! Hey! Hey!

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • “Unelected criminals
      Gaslight me with PSYOPs”.

      Recently watched the 20min video
      from Pirate Pete’s channel.

      Great, concise review of Tavistock, WWI, The FED, and Edward Bernays…John Coleman/Committee of 300 also shows up.

      Worth viewing, imo:

      Forbidden Knowledge – Tavistock Institute of Mind Control Exposed

      Bonus intro thumbnail image…
      David Hogg/Adam Lanza, at the link.

    • It wouldn’t take much more work than they put into this little extravaganza to get our run-by-consensus, public money creating, anti-zionist minded, 99%ers’ political party going and convert all BEAST MONEY debt to publicly-controlled electronic credit money BEFORE they crash the system and collect all the assets (a process – for which the legal framework has already been installed – described in “The Great Taking” film and PDF by David Roger Webb elsewhere on Alexandra’s lovely website &app). But, if you’re someone who “would rather watch than do”, this WAS amusing, albeit somewhat longer than absolutely required to “get the point” (kinda like this iteration of the gestalt).

    • Thanks Alexandra! Media Bear helped keep me sane during the insane. I can’t believe that this track is almost a year old already. Stick me baby one more time is also one of my favorites.

      Watching this right now & it is pretty powerful. The Final Live Canadian National Citizens Inquiry into Covid, many testified including Cathrine Austin Fitts, James Corbett & many others!

      • Anomalous –


        You might enjoy a tour of Sage Hana’s substack.

        One of Sage’s memes is “Dolt’s Botching Shit”…kinda like “Communism is the
        *perfect* world system, it just hasn’t been done right”. = ” Dolt’s Botching Shit”.

        Of course the 100 million dead in the 20thC. is *exactly* what the “Dolt’s” were after.

        Long story short….posters on her stack
        riffed on that…

        And came up with…
        “Botch me baby, one more time”.


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