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After two and half years of federal imprisonment, Jacob Chansley, the so-called “Q Shaman” was released from custody on Thursday and he issued this extraordinary statement, highlighting some of the lessons he learned during his ordeal about patience, forgiveness and the power of truth.

I actually got a lot out of it, because I am having a hard time managing my anger at the criminals who have hijacked our world. I don’t think I’d be anywhere near as in the fine fettle that we see him in here.

What a beautiful human being!

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • What a religious shill. Try agnosticism, it is neutral on world events. take off those USA terrorist clothes you shill. why you support terrorism around the world.

  • There is no peace. The only thing we’re leaving for our children is the ability to choose their gender. This dude wouldn’t know the truth if he tripped over it.

  • Why was he walked through the Capitol by Capitol police looking for an open door? AND why is no one asking?????

  • Jacob, If you insist on wearing a “bindi”, at least position it over the third eye, as intended. Not in the middle of eye brows n eyes – Thank you!

  • Jacob Chansely can sit in a circle and hold hands and sing Kumbayah if he so desires.
    I’ve spent a total of nearly 21 years in captivity, all of my family and the only woman I’ve ever loved are dead and gone, and unless I carefully shepherd my thoughts, they trend to revenge and butchery. I’m DarkMAGA, and when the time comes, I intend to do what’s needed when the rest of you can’t, or won’t. I didn’t start this war and betrayal, but it is my intent to finish it.
    The Wolf

    • A note of interjection Mister Wolf. Though I too am exercised to a point of gross frustration, I must bring due note to the gravity of the founding of The United States Of America in the scheme of civilizational establishment. This country is the singular effort in history based in a common mind.
      Under the unique and high minded codification of the founding documents and it’s spirit easily dating back 7000+ years of a human quest for Freedom, Liberty and Individual Sovereignty, WETHEPEOPLE must honor and respect the inherent principles therein and forcefully wrestle back our power through the tools so outlined.
      America is The Light On The Hill. The basic framework is indelibly there in it’s firm social, legal and cultural maturity.
      The unbridled capitalist juggernaut must be tempered back in it’s arrogant influence and WETHEPEOPLE must shake off our pharmaceutical drug and junk food daze and come to in a practical reality vis a vis some past intellectual masturbation couched in ant or bee like hive mind.

  • Forgiveness for those who confess their sins and show remorse. And they must make restitution and be barred from return to power. Desert exile.
    I “forgive” rot in the vineyard as rot is a natural condition that arises but it still must be pruned out, or burned out.,
    Sociopaths will not be reformed or defanged by forgiveness., They will continue to harm and think they got away with it.
    Chansley comes off as glib, even a Manchurian Candidate. “Turn the other cheek” was words put into the mouth of a made up “Savior” by the Oligarchs themselves.
    If you’re going to hoo-rah 1776 and wave the flag, then you cannot imagine Washington et al saying “Sorry we got upset King George. We forgive you now…it’ s all good…”

  • Trump inside a chemtrail plane with canisters of poison. rumble channel all shall be revealed67 video u r not sick u r being poisoned look up. at 4 minutes and some seconds i stopped the video to see who was inside the plane. it was your president who also brought the vaxxes and 5G. btw operation trust was the bolshevick counter intell op template for q and trump. the woke agenda was the bait to censor ID entrap and put on hold what does not fit into the NWO speech/ guns/ males/ patriots.

  • Peace comes only when the enemy is vanquished, it is clear, they are not, as their attacks only intensify!
    Forgiveness only after one repents, assaults halted, the guilty seeing and acknowledging the error of their ways, again, they have merely stepped up their efforts.
    Truth is NOT a narrative and is still, very much, being obfuscated, hidden and denied!
    Odd, that this would be posted on the day after Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes was sentenced to 18 years for attending a rally on January 6th, from one who dodged the bullet!
    Jacob’s words sound more like words of admitted defeat, capitulation, surrender, of cowardice, the words of one who still has a sentence hanging over his head like the sword of Damocles, as his parole can be revoked at any time, as he was NOT exonerated, he merely obtained an early release!
    Christ said to hate the sin and not the sinner, he assured forgiveness to all, but ONLY after they repented and changed their ways, the only change we have seen is of increased attacks, greater lies and further destruction of our nation!
    Now is NOT the time for forgiveness, as the battle has only just begun, now is the time to suit up and keep your head on a swivel, as it is about to get hairy, and our enemy has no concept of nor desire for forgiveness, they seek only our annihilation, to end all who would resist!

  • Jacob owes his freedom to Tucker for outing the videos of him doing absolutely nothing but strolling through the capital building like a lost dog. The coptard escorts were his saving grace he didn’t appear to upset his tour guides in any way whatsoever. He however is a coward for not calling out the crimes committed against himself and the other tourist still in prison. This was done for one reason send a message to all the other slaves not to interfere in the ongoing coup to steal the election, to evict from office then convict the loser DJTrump who abandoned his post during an obvious insurrection like the DS POS he is. The “Shaman” dude turned one too many cheeks now he’s waving the surrender monkey flag everytime he does his chicken head dance.

    • Daniel, Whatever this loony tattooed walking talking billboard is selling, I’m not buying either! He’s an attention grabbing shill in my opinion, part of barker Trumps increasingly childish political carnival. There’s no business like show business, like no business I know……..!

      • It seems you are probably right. I like the message of forgiveness, but I have a hard time taking a person seriously, who expresses Christian values, but defaces himself with copious tattoos and piercings. God told us not to put marking and carvings on our bodies in Leviticus.

        • Actually, as a true believer, I view such as the same as desecrating a physical house of prayer because our bodies are the temples of the HS. It’s a symptom of self-loathing, but there are many reasons why some do that. It’s not the only self abuse. RFK Jr has national despair scoped out, but we will have to see what his remedy is. His diagnosis is at least adult, which is more than I can say about the entertainment politicians.

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