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The COVID-19 vaxxines were the largest human experiment ever done in the history of mankind.

In the United States, they’re largely genetic products. People who took the vaxxines for the first time took a genetic injection of foreign genetic material that produced in their body for an uncontrolled duration in time and quantity, the Wuhan spike protein, the protein on the surface of the virus that causes so much damage in the human body.

All of you who’ve had COVID and all of you who’ve taken the vaxxines have now been exposed to and have taken up the spike protein into your body. Many of you still have the spike protein in your cells and your tissues. Every study that’s looked at this has actually identified this central issue.

The human body does not seem to have enzymes that can break down this protein, like it could any other natural protein and have us get rid of it. It’s because this protein is not natural. It’s not. It was engineered in a Chinese biosecurity lab using blueprints that came from US researchers, fully-funded and supported by the National Institutes of Health and the National Allergy Immunology branch run by Dr Anthony Fauci.

And this work went on from 2012. It was published in 2015 by Dr Ralph Baric at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, that declared the creation of a chimeric, prototypical virus, SARS-CoV-2. And then, when the virus ultimately emanated out of Wuhan, China, Dr Anthony Fauci and Peter Daszak at the EcoHealth Alliance and Francis Collins at the National Institutes of Health all conspired to conceal a worldwide global security issue.

And instead of being honest with us and basically letting us, as doctors step in and save people from this illness, they covered it up and as a result, Americans were slaughtered by the suppression of early treatment and this deceptive propaganda campaign that all we could do was wait in fear and take a vaxxine.

The vaxxines have left about 15% of those who’ve taken them with some form of medical problem. That is a huge number. Now, fortunately, about a third of the people who took the vaxxine, they’ve had no side effects whatsoever and they appear to be exhibiting no side effects emerging. So, if one took the shot and they’re perfectly fine, didn’t even have a sore arm, they’re extremely unlikely now to develop a problem.

But it’s people who developed an initial reaction and who were sick for a few days or weeks afterwards, I really worry about them. Because we are seeing the late development of myocarditis and cardiac arrest even two years after the vaxxine; blood clots developing even two years after the vaxxine. In fact, another episode of COVID could provoke these.

So, yesterday was a historic day as the very first detoxification protocol was published in the US medical literature that gives people a chance to take this whole issue into their own hands and use natural substances to begin to begin to help the body clear this very dangerous protein from its cells and tissues.

And it involves three natural substances that are available over-the-counter at any type of online retailer or at a natural food store or pharmacy and they are NATTOKINASE, which is an enzyme that’s derived from the fermentation of soy, BROMELAIN, which is a set of enzymes derived from the stems of pineapple – by the way, bromelain is a US FDA-approved drug as a topical treatment for wounds and the third is CURCUMIN, derived from turmeric.

The doses of nattokinase are 2,000 units twice a day, bromelain 500 milligrams a day and curcumin 500 milligrams three times a day. The duration in this publication and I’m the first author, so I’m the one to bring this forward is at least three months. I think for people who have taken multiple shots, 12 months or more.

Now, the good news is that patients under my observation and right now, we have no prospective, double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled trials to confirm this but it’s my clinical observation that patients, indeed are getting better on this approach; that the numbness and the tingling, the heart-racing, the erratic nature of various movement disorders, headache, ringing in the ears, loss of sense of taste and smell.

All of that seems to recover on the detoxification protocol. I can’r make any therapeutic claims, because these large trials haven’t been done. Having said that, there are no large randomized trials even planned. I’ve checked, and these are not even planned.

The Biden administration and HHS has spent a billion dollars researching Long COVID, a billion dollars. Zero dollars researching vaxxine injuries. And despite all this investment, not a single Long COVID protocol or new drug has been brought forward for individuals.

It’s been two and a half years into the vaxxine campaign and I can tell you, as a clinical doctor, I made the decision, based on my research and now my publication, that we’re going to take matters into our own hands.

We can manage these over-the-counter supplements. We have to be diligent and there are side effects, because this is a blood-thinning regimen. These supplements are forms of blood thinners, so there can be bleeding and easy bruising. We have to be cautious about that. We do use them in addition to conventional blood thinners.

Now, fortunately, the Japanese have led the way with nattokinase. They’ve been using this – they’ve been eating natto for over a thousand years for its cardiovascular benefits and they’ve been using the supplement now for the past two decades. So, for all of these, we have a tremendous safety literature that we don’t have, obviously with the vaxxines and we can stop these at any time if there’s a complication.

This is called Base Spike Protein Detoxification. Other things can be added but this triple-base detoxification – again, nattokinase, bromelain and curcumin must be taken, I think for the majority of people who have had multiple rounds of COVID, have Long COVID Syndrome or they’ve taken the vaxxines and now they’re in the very. very uncomfortable position of wondering are they the next one who’s going to have a cardiac arrest? Are they the next one who’s going to have a blood clot?

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  • It’s very “White” of Dr. McCollough to have offered this possible Detoxification procedure.
    Unfortunately, as good as he may be, there is no Cure for Stupidity, which is why I adhere to the Darwinian Law of Survival.

    • Nattokinase is a food, it’s like a Japanese version of tempeh, that’s been dried, powdered and put into capsules. It’s non-toxic and has many benefits.

  • As soon as I saw the pic of the guy, I was about to skip this one.

    but Yes, detoxification being important is true.
    The rest of the stuff he says, you may skip.

  • Alert! I read a report of food companies that used human fetal tissue as a flavor enhancer, and Dole was one of the companies. Just something to consider if buying canned pineapple.

  • Make your own natto. Look at youtube videos on how. My oven light in the oven makes it warm enough to grow, no need for fancy stuff. Good for digestion too. I would think just eating a lot of pineapple and tumeric would be sufficient for those not in crisis. So glad for an effective simple protocol.

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