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Hello Freedom Lovers!

Today, Speaker McCarthy was removed as Speaker of the House by a 216 to 210 historic vote of no confidence! VICTORY! Meanwhile, tomorrow, 10/4, the FEMA EBS “Test” will be deployed at 2:22 pm EDT – protect yourself from potential harms- whether this EMF emission only heightens radiation output or has more nefarious effects such as using pulsed microwaves to swell hydrogel nano lipid tech in the blood streams of the jabbed to release pathogens, amplify neurological disorders, boost cancer activity in the cells, etc… Your best defense is to turn off your devices and stay away from all LED delivery systems, such as your home lights and especially LED Street Lights, which have been installed as part of the 5G surveillance and weapons SMART Grid for Cartel Babylon’s war on humanity. As Humanity Awakens, the Global Cartel Babylon is quickening their attack to counter our God Consciousness that is Winning, and threatens their plans for Lucifer rule. WE, The People, WILL defeat them. WE, Are Free!

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Ha, neocons Hannity and Gingrich were having a cow over the loss of neocon house speaker McCarthy yesterday. Personally I would not trust any California Republican for a NY minute! Cal is a one party state under two labels. Thats how they defrauded Californians and the whole country!

  • Thank you so much for the advice. I didn’t even think about the led lights. Last year I was in the hospital and had to get blood platelet transfusion and I just hope it was from unvaxxed donors. I was in the hospital for 6 weeks. I never got the jab. I was around a friend that got the jab and hugged me right before I got sick. I believe his vaccine shedded on me. This thing today is worrisome

  • ‘Left-Handed Circularly Polarize Light’
    from tunable Full-Spectrum Plaza Capillary Grow Lamps,
    is ‘continuous’ Non-Pulsing light,
    produces the fastest and most nutritious growth of plants,
    is the most healthy healing light for animals,
    last ~ 4 times longer than LEDs,
    and is far less expensive to manufacture than LEDs.

  • Not sure why turning off your TV and cell phones gonna make a big difference RF frequencies are in the air all the time there they are going to put out 16 to 18 MHz. I think that was the number but anyway they’re gonna be putting out a certain frequency to activate, the spike proteins.

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