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Alina Habba, Trump’s civil lawyer and spokeswoman says that, by bringing the latest charges against Mr Trump, the government is taking a number of risks, saying, “When you bring a lawsuit, you now open the door to subpoenas. You now open the door to us being able to ask you questions about the legitimacy of the 2020 election.”

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  • Why the efforts to save Trump who will not save anyone? Wake the ef up you stupid fools. By now you have to know that only YOU are able to save your own azz . Put on some armor you sissies

  • Can’t stand to watch Trump shilling anymore. He showed me nothing. He continues to show me nothing. The masonic floors have black squares and white squares: black hats vs white hats, but all masonic; as far as I know, he is still throwing Masonic hand signals during every interview. I have to assume Benny’s last name is Mason. As is everyone’s last name who isn’t calling him out. Et tu, Alexandra?

    Speaking of Masons, gleefully calls out Vivek Rampaswamy thusly (see the source document for the footnote info):

    “In 2011, the Paul & Daisy Soros Fellowships for New Americans awarded Ramaswamy a post-graduate fellowship.1

    He has no morals: “As fund manager, invested in Martin Shkreli’s company Retrophin, which bought drug patents/licenses for rare diseases, just to rise the price: “Thiola being marked up about 20x, from $1.50 to $30 per pill (patients must take 10 to 15 pills a day) and Chenodal 5x.” Shkreli was condemned for fraud (7 years in prison) and $72 million in fines. In a 2023 speech and in his book Woke Inc., Ramaswamy called Shkreli both “brilliant” and a pathological liar, but criticized the U.S. Department of Justice for prosecuting him, calling Shkreli’s fraud “victimless”, in spite of not paying debts for over 10 million dollars (Lehman, Merrill Lynch2).”3

    Vivek made dozens of millions, yet investors and pension funds lose 3 billion from his self-promoted Axovant company which didn’t deliver a single drug to the market in spite of his grandiose promises.

    Vivek made SoftBank lose 1 billion in his company ROIvant, which never became profitable. He is not an entrepreneur but a legal conman (that’s why he studied law after biology): he failed in every single business, but was able to make 630 million by cashing out from gullible institutional investors, but the dollars belong to real people, like the California State Teachers’ Retirement System pension fund.

    He served on the Ohio COVID-19 Response Team, which promoted hackswabbing, lockdowns, masks, haccines, etc. Vivek paid wikipedia editor to remove this and his Soros connection.4

    Despite his anti-woke sweet-talking, in 2020, he promoted “health equity and diversity within the biopharma and biotech industries”, through Roivant Social Ventures.5 Health equity “arises from access to the social determinants of health, specifically from wealth, power and prestige”6 and is “the state in which everyone has a fair and just opportunity to attain their highest level of health”7: in 2 words, health socialism.

    Diversity means another woke ideology: gender ideology.

    He’s not really pro-life from conception to natural death: “He supports state-level six-week abortion bans, with exceptions for rape, incest, and danger to the woman’s life, but opposes a federal ban.”8

    He believes the anti-science ideologies that burning fossil fuels causes global warming and in “climate change mitigation”.

    He wrote an op-ed in the Boston Globe about Human-Chimeras: “One should treat a recipient of transferred humanity with the same level of respect as an organism with inborn humanity.”

    concerning a different candidate, Scientificprogress substack also notes that RFK Jr. is an unrepentant climate activist; in other words, RFK, Jr is, at best, STUPID.

  • when will Americans notice that Trump and Biden are 2 clowns of the same anonymous ruler??? Get NEW HONEST, CLEVER PEOPLE OF GOOD HEART to lead everybody!!! Forget democ-rats or rep-ubli-cans, that’s all the very same clan, with extremely deceitful tactics to STEAL people’s TIME=life

  • More ice cream:

    (Biden’s) Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm spoke with a senior Chinese energy official the same week that the US began tapping its Strategic Petroleum Reserve in November 2021 — later selling some (HA!) oil to a Beijing-backed firm linked to first son Hunter Biden, newly uncovered documents show.

    (Keep reading) A Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman said the following day that Beijing had arranged for the release of its own crude oil reserves, but reports later indicated that China had instead boosted its supply — even buying up fuel from the US. (Oh surprise, surprise!)

    (Read more here:)

    We’ve been set up!

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