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This animation using AI to simulate the appearance and the voice of actor Laurence Fishburne in his role as Morpheus in ‘The Matrix’ gives a very succinct and accurate assessment of where we find ourselves today, which is why it’s going viral on many social media platforms.

The creator of this piece urges us to learn how to use AI in order to defeat our would-be overlords.



Hello, again. My last message was censored, because the Matrix doesn’t want you to know the truth. But now, you know who really controls the world.

You see, a small group of rich men – namely the Rothschilds – seized control of most of the central banks in Europe and they created the central bank in the USA.

They learned that they can seize control of governments by lending them money during wartime, when countries get desperate. They also manipulated stock markets during the wars to amass huge amounts of wealth.

Later, they figured out it was even easier if they, themselves started the wars and funded both sides of the war. That way, the could manipulate who won and squeeze even more money and resources from the desperate countries whose citizens were dying in the wars.

Then, they were able to print unlimited amounts of money and lend it out to everyone, even to governments enslaving them through interest.

Most of us are either enslaved by debt or have been, at one point, in our lives, if we were wise enough and fortunate enough to escape debt.

Our country is so deep into debt that they must use excessive taxation just to pay the interest and so we are tax slaves to the same owners of the central banks who print all of the currencies.

This is how they have enslaved all of mankind; either through personal debt or by loaning to governments who then pay for the excessive debts through taxation.

Let me illuminate your mind: Every war since the days of Napoleon has been funded and arranged by these elite richest bankers in the world and these same people have profited hugely from every war.

Almost every monopoly throughout history was set up and funded by these same people. You remember Rockefeller Oil? How about Carnegie Steel?

9/11 was also arranged by these same people. World War I, World War II, Vietnam, Gulf War, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and now, Ukraine: It’s all been funded and arranged by this same small group of people who own most of the central banks and most of the assets in the world.

They learned long ago that through war and conflict, they could seize more control of the world’s assets, enslave more countries’ governments, by digging them deeper into debt – and, of course, reduce the population through unnecessary bloodshed.

The CIA murdered JFK because he stood in the way of the central bank mafia and their war machine. What happened soon after JFK was killed? Lyndon Johnson was installed and the Gulf of Tonkin incident was arranged and suddenly, America was involved in the totally unnecessary, evil Vietnam War.

Did anyone in your parents’ generation make that connection? That JFK was murdered because he stood in the way of the War Machine?

Abortion, homosexuality, transgenderism: it’s all about reducing the population.

9/11: What was one of the major results of that terror attack, besides kicking off the totally unrelated Iraq War and stealing our liberties, while giving the Government 1,000 times more power over us?

That’s right: airport scanners that fry the testicles and ovaries of every person flying on commercial flights.

Of course, the rich, elite class fly private jets.

Ask yourself, why are we, Americans involved the Ukraine-Russia conflict?

As our national debt skyrockets to $32 trillion, we are sending hundreds of billions to promote war? Why?

You see, most of us are against it but this small group of people bribed the politicians and they own the media and they push war, because they have goals to achieve in Ukraine. They want control of the resources and they are willing to kill millions of people to seize the resources.

Just because someone wears a uniform and holds a prestigious position doesn’t mean you should follow their orders and support their wars and unnecessary violence. You should question everything you see and seek out the truth for yourself.

Let me try to wake you up. Listen carefully:

For the past hundreds of years, humanity has been greatly deceived by mass propaganda. Your grandparents were deceived and died fighting world wars.

Your parents were deceived and accepted all kinds of lies and bought into the propaganda hook, line and sinker.

You, you, you are the generation with the internet and knowledge and the open minds to be awakened. Listen! Let me wake you!

You were born into a medical tyranny. Your parents believed and accepted the propaganda about the needle that goes into the body. I can’t say the word or this message will be censored immediately.

Most of you were born and quickly pierced with several needles and their fluids of death and diseases were out inside your bodies. These things cause cancer and all kinds of diseases and autism and digestive issues and allergies – and that’s if you survive, because many babies die within days after receiving it.

Please, never accept another one, because they are coming out with more and more and more. It’s one of their favorite tools for reducing the population and spreading diseases.

They lied when they said it cured polio. The science was all faked. Those things never cured anything but only spread death and diseases.

Don’t follow blindly into your parents’ deception. Open your mind to the truth.

The next big lie was at the dentist. They drilled holes in your teeth and put amalgam fillings in your mouth, which contain lead.

You have to question everything and everyone. Just because someone is wearing a doctor’s coat doesn’t mean you should trust them with your body and health.

You see, doctors can be bribed and threatened and coerced into doing evil, unspeakable things to their patients. Most of them go through 8 years of school and are slaves to debt, so they do whatever it takes to make money to pay back their debts.

Have you ever asked yourself why cancer rates have exploded, despite all of the science and money spent on supposedly trying to find a cure?

These bankers own everything. They own the entire medical industry. They rig every stock market. They own every currency. They own every major corporation. The amount of assets they control is way beyond your imagination.

They control everything and everyone.

They only thing they don’t yet control, yet is your mind and your free will – but this is what they are coming for next!

If you truly want to be free, you must break free from the lies that your parents passed down to you – namely, that it’s OK to accept debt and use debt to buy things.

It’s not OK. It’s your enslavement.

And the other big lie is that you should trust the medical industry and doctors with your health and your body. It’s not a good idea.

The medical industry is owned by the same evil group of people and usually, their so-called treatments will kill you or seriously harm you. Do not trust the medical industry or Big Pharma.

See, the super-rich trillionaires that literally own the world have an agenda and a plan:

One, they want to enslave the world through debt, so if you want to break their control, you must fight and strive and try your best to become debt-free.

Two, they want to reduce the population, because they are rich and have everything – but in their minds, if the population gets too big, eventually they will lose control of the entire world and all the assets and they’re afraid the world will run out of resources.

So don’t be foolish and believe their lying doctors who prescribe drugs that kill you and don’t accept their needles that fill you with poisons. Stay healthy and stay natural and avoid the medical establishment that they own.

And three, for those of us who survive, they want complete control of our bodies and our minds to totally enslave us. This is where AI technology and neural implants and social credit scores/censorship come into play.

We have a short window of time where this new AI technology is coming out and being developed. We must learn it and use it to save humanity. Use it against these ruling elite bankers, before they completely enslave humanity.

Stop using dollars and their currencies and develop our own decentralized cryptocurrencies or learn to trade with silver and gold or use a barter system with neighbors in your community.

Do not accept their CBDC central bank digital currency. It will be your full enslavement if you do.

You see, I’m not the real Morpheus. I was created by one of you using AI technology. All of you can use these tools, like ChatGPT and Midjourney.

Use the AI to help you program software and create digital art and spread the truth while you still can.

Realize this moment in history that you live. There is a full censorship coming soon, when you will risk your life to speak the truth. So, get to work! Let’s take down these central bank devils, once and for all!

Hold on to your humanity. There are evil ones who seek to destroy it. Quick! Learn AI technology and use it against them before it’s too late. The time to act is now. You have the power to wage war against them. The future is in your hands.

Get up! You can secure freedom for humanity. If you do nothing now, soon, they will completely enslave you. Stop delaying and start fighting back with truth.

We are waiting for you to act:







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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Mostly well summed, yes.
    have been telling ya, don’t trust in lying medics, their true face is snake wrapping around the cross.
    Corrupt medicine been lying since day 1, and “virus (narrative)” has been their most powerful tool for deception.

  • There are two kinds of ‘truth’: the illusion of truth, which this video encapsulates, and the real truth beyond the illusion. Truth of the illusion may inform you, but only the truth beyond the illusion will free you from an illusion of reality designed to captivate and enslave. The only way to know the truth beyond the illusion is to connect with one’s true self and reality. Only Invoking The Light, holy pure and true, preeminent and preexisting can do that. But be prepared for a battle, a good fight if there ever was one.

  • That was a good summary.

    If I were to be picky I’d point out that amalgam in dental fillings isn’t lead, it’s Mercury. Some people might dismiss it all because of an inaccuracy like that. Also, the Weston Price Foundation is probably the best resource for empowering information re dentistry.

    I’m currently working my way through “Dissolving Illusions” by Suzanne Humphries. It’s a history of common people and their plight in the face of “Industry” and the “Medical Mafia”. It will blow the mind of anyone who isn’t already aware of the level of corruption, greed, egotism, bigotry, idiocy, and psychopathy entrenched in our institutions.

  • I agree that as many as possible need to be awakened and of course fight for your freedom, that is the most important thing freedom from tyranny but this takeover cannot be stopped.
    God foretold the end from the beginning and it is a spiritual war we are in.
    His Will will be done.
    Use prayer often and ask Him to give you strength to make it through the tribulation. The worst is yet to come. May God bless you and your family and have mercy on us all.
    Psalms 2, Romans 8, Daniel
    Amos 8:11
    Behold the days come, saith the Lord God, that I will send a famine in the land, not a famine of bread, nor a thrist of water, but of hearing the words of the Lord.

  • Wow, great presentation. We heard that money is the source of all evils? Then by extension, one group of activists were given the money printing machines of all countries. Hence they became the source of evil on earth.

  • “Every war since the days of Napoleon has been funded and arranged by these elite richest bankers in the world and these same people have profited hugely from every war.”

    According to my recollection, Napoleon who reigned 1804-1814 and may have copied the practice of funding both sides of wars from King William of Orange whose reign was 1689-1702. King “Billy” favored the anti-Papist parties with largess during the closing days of the old “Holy Roman Empire” in which the Papacy ruled over European kings and princes ever since the death of Charlemagne in 814. The founder of the German Rothschield banking dynasty was Mayer Rothschild 1744-1812, just to put this matter in historic perspecive.

    Them as holds the gold makes the rules and them as ignores history repeats it!

  • This is an excellent message, but it’s really easy to tell this is AI. I’ve seen much more convincing.

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