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Jeffrey Epstein’s newly-revealed private calendar showed scheduled meetings with the current CIA director, a college president and attorney who served in the Obama administration, according to a report published by The Wall Street Journal on Sunday.

The WSJ obtained new documents, which showed planned meetings with several prominent individuals, including now-CIA Director William Burns, Bard College president Leon Botstein, Obama White House counsel Kathryn Ruemmler and professor Noam Chomsky.

All of the meetings were scheduled to take place after Epstein had been jailed in 2008 on charges of solicitation, including soliciting a minor.

As Harrison Smith points out here, what’s perhaps most notable about this calendar is that it contains none of the names that appeared in Epstein’s infamous “Black Book” or in the public flight logs to his private island, indicating that there many other Epstein associates whose identities may never be known.

But overall, the people who were associated with Jeffrey Epstein constitute the “They” that we often refer to when we talk about the “Elite” who are currently at war with humanity.

Harrison says, “The CIA isn’t an American institution, it’s the American branch of the international intelligence community, which pre-existed the CIA and was instrumental in forming the CIA but the CIA was always formed as an outgrowth of what really started as the intelligence agencies of the banking families…

“It really all goes back to the Rothschilds – and of course, one of the Rothschilds is in this meeting with Jeffrey Epstein. The idea is that you had one family with multiple banks in every European country, that because of their connections and their courier service and their communication network, were able to receive news way faster than anybody else and that gave them a leg up on the markets and allowed them to consolidate and really empower their banking network. And so they really started the first intelligence agencies.

“And of course, they bought Reuters and AP and they control the news that goes out to every outlet. There’s this marriage, behind the scenes of the intelligence agencies, the news agencies and the banking combines – are all like one faction, you might say, that operate behind the scenes.”

Harrison did a good job during his broadcast yesterday of demonstrating how these Epstein associates are all key players in this Fifth Generation Warfare being waged against humanity.

He says, “You have to picture in your head, all of these people, all of their various organizations, all their institutions, all their family connections, from the Prime Minister of Israel to the heads of the Kissinger Group and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and it just illustrates to you who it is that’s done all of this to us, from transgenderism to COVID and everything in between.”

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Just about all biggest crimes have connection to Isra-hell & Mossad, strangely people had short memory and thought that Isra-hell’s friend Donald Trump would have done better than other previous shills.

  • WE serve their sentences.
    I was a high honor high school junior in 1995 when I met Maxwell on a class honors trip to DC. Sifting…I suppose… under the ” best President of our time”!

    I got a DUI 20 yrs ago I did more jail time and paid more fines and couldn’t get hired…it’s bullshit!
    I was even in jail at the same time as an important person who did something to a little boy… he got house arrest!

    Thank you for at least NAMING these people that will never have to pay…on earth. Haha God wins.

    My brother worked on Epstien Island when he lived in St Thomas. The crew would walk down to the beach and if the flag on the island was raised, they didn’t boat over to work that day…

  • Why and who make a decisions to open the book, if they are so heavily redacted.? Who makes this public, and for what purpose?
    Similar to that of throwing bread crumbs, for the pigeons to follow to their demise.
    Leading the lambs to slaughter, knowing full well, these P. I.G.s will continue to produce offspring!

  • The earth us controlled by AI and its creations, which includes those soulless reptiles.
    We, as Christ, our final goal is to find the God consciousness and free ourselves from the cross (bodily physical matters).

  • It’s a big club and thank the gods I’m not in it…I still have my soul!
    These losers have nothing!

  • Ronald Bernard, the Illuminati Banker, basically revealed all this years ago.
    In one interview he said that eight, to 8.5 thousand people run the world, and he knew, because he was right in there, laundering truckloads of illicit cash.
    The series of interviews is absolutely fascinating:

  • This might explain all the grovelling from .gov stooges to the masters in Israhell to get permission for the next selection cycle candidates and funding from the skim . The one thing the uniparty can all agree on everlasting submission and undying devotion to the chosen ones. Speaking of gates to hell , fun fact the portal in the holy land and all of them are now one way traffic only from the light and GOD our father has uncreated HELL and all of it’s resident evil. The darkness in us will slowly drain away as more light flows down and fills our vessels. Happy days are here again!

  • Alexandra (( not necessarily
    to post, but for your files )),

    Re : Part and Parcel

    Posted at Citizen Free Press :

    Have any of these people apologized to the American people yet, for lying to us about Hunter’s, (really,really his) computer?

    Have any of them claimed that someone hacked their signature?

    Have any of them claimed they thought they were signing their grocery list?

    Have any of them claimed they lost a bet, and had to sign or else wear a MAGA hat for a week?

    Have any of them been to Epstein’s Island?

    So who were the disgraced and shamed intel analysts and officials? Here’s the list of people who shouldn’t have a job informing the public about anything or ever appear on cable news again:
    1.Mike Hayden, former CIA director, now analyst for CNN
    2.Jim Clapper, former director of national intelligence, now CNN pundit
    3.Leon Panetta, former CIA director and defense secretary
    4.John Brennan, former CIA director, now analyst for NBC and MSNBC
    5.Thomas Fingar, former National Intelligence Council chair, now teaches at Stanford University
    6.Rick Ledgett, former National Security Agency deputy director, now a director at M&T Bank
    7.John McLaughlin, former CIA acting director, now teaches at Johns Hopkins University
    8.Michael Morell, former CIA acting director, now at George Mason University
    9.Mike Vickers, former defense undersecretary for intelligence, now on board of BAE Systems
    10.Doug Wise, former Defense Intelligence Agency deputy director, teaches at University of New Mexico
    11.Nick Rasmussen, former National Counterterrorism Center director, now executive director, Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism
    12.Russ Travers, former National Counterterrorism Center acting director
    13.Andy Liepman, former National Counterterrorism Center deputy director
    14.John Moseman, former CIA chief of staf
    15.Larry Pfeiffer, former CIA chief of staff, now senior advisor to The Chertoff Group
    16.Jeremy Bash, former CIA chief of staff, now analyst for NBC and MSNBC
    17.Rodney Snyder, former CIA chief of staff
    18.Glenn Gerstell, former National Security Agency general counsel
    19.David Priess, former CIA analyst and manager
    20.Pam Purcilly, former CIA deputy director of analysis
    21.Marc Polymeropoulos, former CIA senior operations officer
    22.Chris Savos, former CIA senior operations officer
    23.John Tullius, former CIA senior intelligence officer
    24.David A. Vanell, former CIA senior operations officer
    25.Kristin Wood, former CIA senior intelligence officer, now non-resident fellow, Harvard
    26.David Buckley, former CIA inspector general
    27.Nada Bakos, former CIA analyst and targeting officer, now senior fellow, Foreign Policy Research Institute
    28.Patty Brandmaier, former CIA senior intelligence officer
    29.James B. Bruce, former CIA senior intelligence office
    30.David Cariens, former CIA intelligence analyst
    31.Janice Cariens, former CIA operational support officer
    32.Paul Kolbe, former CIA senior operations officer
    33.Peter Corsell, former CIA analyst
    34.Brett Davis, former CIA senior intelligence officer
    35.Roger Zane George, former national intelligence officer:
    36.Steven L. Hall, former CIA senior intelligence officer
    37.Kent Harrington, former national intelligence officer
    38.Don Hepburn, former national security executive, now president of Boanerges Solutions LLC
    39.Timothy D. Kilbourn, former dean of CIA’s Kent School of Intelligence Analysis
    40.Ron Marks, former CIA officer
    41.Jonna Hiestand Mendez, former CIA technical operations officer, now on board of the International Spy Museum
    42.Emile Nakhleh, former director of CIA’s Political Islam Strategic Analysis Program, now at University of New Mexico
    43.Gerald A. O’Shea, former CIA senior operations officer
    44.Nick Shapiro, former CIA deputy chief of staff and senior adviser to the director
    45.John Sipher, former CIA senior operations officer
    46.Stephen Slick, former National Security Council senior director for intelligence programs
    47.Cynthia Strand, former CIA deputy assistant director for global issues
    48.Greg Tarbell, former CIA deputy executive director
    49.David Terry, former National Intelligence Collection Board chairman
    50.Greg Treverton, former National Intelligence Council chair,


  • This group have been plotting behind the scenes for decades, and their evil work have been covered up by their friends in power/media.

  • These are not “nobility”. To name them as such is a grave mistake for a journalist who should understand the meaning of words.
    Noble; meaning; having or showing fine personal qualities or high moral principles.
    Haven’t they demonstrated the exact opposite?

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