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Dr. Patrick Flanagan speaks here about mind control frequencies and how they are piggybacking on the the many carrier frequencies within the electrosmog enshrouding the “developed world”, entraining the brainwaves of human beings and even animals, in a horrific invisible prison of mind control.

Flanagan was a wunderkind who developed and sold a guided missile detector to the US Military when he was eleven years old. At seventeen,he gained his air pilot’s license and worked at a Think Tank at The Pentagon. Later, he was a consultant to the NSA, CIA, NASA, Tufts University, the Office of Naval Research, and at the Aberdeen Proving Grounds for the Department of Unconventional Weapons and Warfare.

In 1958, he invented the Neurophone, an electronic nervous system excitation device that transmits sound through the skin directly to the brain, for which he received a US patent and which has been used by the US military for mind control applications.

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  • Great! So… since each person’s brain is unique how is it that there are uniform signals that have the same effect on everybody? Oh, let’s completely forget about the distance squared law because that would be oh so inconvenient. A senile old man and a ton of ignorant sheep willing to believe anything. Do your research = actually learn about the electromagnetic spectrum and physics in general.

  • OK, but how can we block the microwaves. I’m glad this is starting to come out in the open. It just seems to me that something can be made that would essentially block, or neutralize the offending particles.

  • Marten is absolutely right. The aerosol program (“chemtrails”) is loading the atmosphere with micro and nano sized metal particulates which are then excited by large atmospheric heater arrays (think HAARP) as well as hundreds of smaller ones worldwide. It’s like a giant inside-out microwave oven, and we are the TV dinner being cooked.

  • Harry, Seeing that I live in the S/W won’t I burn up if I lie on the ground as much as you suggest. We don’t have access to an ocean. Should I make a trek to the Pacific Ocean to get my salt water.

  • How we can help our self? That’s scary, I want to learn about neurofeedback, for help the main ,but I think this is worts,,,,
    How can we prevent .? Damage

  • I believe that is why it is so important to bathe in the ocean water as much as possible .You can utilise these frequencies by taking the electrical current from the ocean . Earth yourself on the ground lying on the ground for half an hour or so In full sunlight daily or as much as possible .also it is very important to use crystal energy and Take Mega H daily to help the body balance electrical fields .

    I have access to the Starhenge frequencies that can be used for neutrality of these frequencies that are harmful to the human brain

  • The audio is low on volume and continues to stop on me. My internet is high speed and think the problem is on your end.

  • Our brain waves are still a mystery. We have yet to uncover their true frequencies, and other properties. In my opinion, we need to develop a way to capture a vey low energy waves, that seem to be capable of travelling very long distances. A number of experiments done in independent labs have shown that some people are more receptive to actually catching these particular waves, from people that they know, or, are related to.
    Our brains operate on bioelectriity, and we know very little about this field, at least us, the common people, unconnected people to the intelligence community.

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