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    Wealthy Icelandic businessman with ties to WikiLeaks, Olafur Sigurvisson says he’s just helping with “logistics” in fronting the US$500,000 needed to fly NSA Leaker Edward Snowden from Hong Kong to Reykjavik, Iceland.

    CNN reporters in this clip claim that if Snowden is charged with a crime (which he hadn’t, publicly as of this posting), this would complicate matters, whereby he could be seized by INTERPOL.

    The double bind is that Icelandic Law requires that those seeking asylum in that country must apply in person, while on Icelandic soil.

    On Sigurvisson’s part, he commented that he was willing to get involved in this case because: “What he [Snowden] did is a great thing. Because I want to know who is observing my data and entering my private information. And the US Government has no right to do so, at all. And I think the world needs to know it and I think Mr. Snowden, he, in my mind and a lot of other people, he’s a hero.”

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