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    The CDC’s vote last week to add COVID-19 vaxxines to the Child Immunization Schedule has granted manufacturers immunity from all liability in the US for adverse events in both children and adults.

    Former BlackRock portfolio manager, Ed Dowd used to say that it was ridiculous how the Big Pharma drug manufacturers expected to escape liability for their premeditated genocide, saying that he had high hopes for Brooke Jackson‘s fraud case against Pfizer and how these protections would evaporate once fraud is legally proven.

    A judge is currently deciding on whether to go to discovery or to dismiss the case of whistleblower, Brooke Jackson’s lawsuit against Pfizer and if the judge goes the wrong way on what is seemingly a strong, open-and-shut fraud case, Ed Dowd tells Steve Bannon that, “There’s a cover-up and the crime of negligence and that is beyond a doubt, at this point.”

    Dowd says his insurance company data show an excess mortality increase of 10%-20% among those who were employed at the kind of plum jobs that provided death benefits to their employees.

    He says, “It was detrimental to your health to be employed in 2021-2022, primarily because of vaxxine mandates. A generally much healthier population historically experienced higher mortality than the general overall population – and disability like I’ve never seen before…Working people, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics experienced an increase in their disability rate of 25% versus 8% for the overall US population.”

    He says the governments of the world certainly have the same data that he has but rather than to discontinue the jabs, the Biden Regime is doubling down and begging Americans to get vaxxinated, warning them that they will die if they don’t.

    As for the economy, Dowd says he suspects they’ll try to keep it together with gum, tinfoil and glue until after the election. “After that, the real economy will com home to roost.” He says a lot of the hedge funds are currently looking at developments in Japan, that could crash the bond market worldwide.

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