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Former BlackRock analyst, Ed Dowd joins Seth Holehouse of Man in America with some alarming new numbers which show that the rates of death and disability in the US are accelerating after a period of going sideways for several months, with 850,000 Americans added last June to the rolls of those self-identifying as “disabled”.

Ed sees a similar trend in other countries that mandated the COVID shot. Ed discusses his recent findings while investigating the UK Personal Independence Payment system (PIP), which is the UK’s version of Social Security Disability Insurance.

He found that the rates of reported hematological (blood-related) illness was up 522% in 2022 over the trend that had been established since 2016. Below are the increases in excess reports of different kinds of illnesses:

UK PIP – Reported Disabilities

Endocrine, metabolic, and thermoregulation up 156%
Gastrointestinal up 145%
Genito-urinary up 143%
Dermatological up 138%
Psychiatric up 124%
Auditory up 121%
Cardiovascular up 121%
Immune up 115%
Neurological up 107%
Musculoskeletal up 93%
Respiratory up 93%
Visual up 80%
Oncology up 35%

The 522% increase in hematological claims equates to a 61 standard deviation. Ed says, “61 standard deviations is lights-out, Black Swan event, something’s gone off the rails. It’s so many zeros and so unlikely to happen by accident that it has to be explained. And that’s why we’re calling on the medical community to explain this.”

To learn more about Ed’s work, visit his website,

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • I’ll remind you Alex and everybody, that we’ve got 2 big stories in the news 1. An alien presence and a 2. A global government agenda. When you get it that the 2 news stories are the same agenda, you will understand more about why we (Experienced Ground Crew) incarnated together at this time. Again I refer you to The Briefings and again I thank you Alex.

    More need to tie it all together because it is already upon us.
    Godspeed to the winning
    Love and blessings

  • What is the name of the soundtrack music accompanying the Vaxx deaths videos.

    Most beautiful music I have heard for some time.

  • Thanks Ed…for the stats that show the death wish faux vax is a mass murder and injury eugenics device as is Geo-Engineering, poisoning our water, food, minds. Dr. Buttar was assassinated. Telling the truth is dangerous…Be safe fellow warrior.

  • Where is the massive die-off affecting tens of millions of the Vaccinated activated by a programmed 5G frequency?
    Are we waiting for the Enemy Within to run out of sham arrests of Trump, or for just before his Election?

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