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    by Vigilant Fox

    Dowd then presented a slide showing yearly PIP clearances (payments) by body system, using different metrics for 2020, 2021, and 2022.

    “And you can see, I’ll point out hematological (blood-related) … that’s up 522% in 2022. And I want to say this is versus trend. It’s not versus 2021 or 2020. It’s versus a trend that we analyzed from 2016 to 2019. So it’s a percent increase over trend. And the trends were stable — and then this exploded.”

    Dowd continued to explain the chart in more detail.

    “And you can see, if you look at this chart, [increased claims in] different body systems started off slowly in 2020, picked up speed in 21, and just exploded in 2022. So something is going on that is detrimental to the population of the UK,” he concluded.

    Here are some of the worrisome numbers of increased claims above trend in 2022:

    Hematological – up 522%

    Auditory – up 121%

    Cardiovascular – up 121%

    Dermatological – up 138%

    Endocrine, metabolic, and thermoregulation – up 156%

    Gastrointestinal – up 145%

    Genito-urinary – up 143%

    Immune – up 115%

    Musculoskeletal – up 93%

    Neurological – up 107%

    Oncology – up 35%

    Psychiatric – up 124%

    Respiratory – up 93%

    Visual – up 80%

    “These numbers are just crazy percentage-wise,” Dowd remarked.

    “We can convert these things to what’s called Z scores or standard deviations.”

    Image via Wikipedia.

    Dowd explained how a three-standard deviation happens 0.3% of the time. “In Wall Street, that’s a big deal.” “Sometimes we see extreme six-standard deviation events, and that’s kooky,” he added. But alarmingly, the increase in hematological (blood-related) claims equates to a 61 standard deviation. “That’s like the probability of a black hole appearing near the earth, and we get sucked in in two years. It’s not something that is likely to occur mistakenly,” Dowd remarked.

    Dowd ended by commenting, “61 standard deviations is lights out, black swan event, something’s gone off the rails. It’s so many zeros and so unlikely to happen by accident that it has to be explained. And that’s what we’re calling on the medical community to explain this. That’s it.”

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