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    Did you get you Emergency Alert System text on Wednesday? I didn’t, though I did get the last one in 2019.

    There have allegedly been improvements made to the system since then but there are reports in the independent media that around 88% of the radio and TV broadcasters, cable TV, wireless cable systems, satellite and wireline operators who are relied upon to implement this program, instead, blocked it and looked for ways to shut it down.

    Could this be grounds for them to have the FCC licenses revoked (as if lying, gaslighting and propagandizing 24/7 were not)?

    Dave says, “The Patriots…wanted to see what the Deep State players, what they were going to do, because they know when the time comes for military action, that there’s going to be a communication blackout. If there’s going to be a communication blackout and you can’t get onto social media and there’s only one place to get your information, which is the Fake News, they wanted another way of getting this information out.”

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