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In early August, 2021, Dr Zelenko testified before an Israeli Rabbinical court that the majority of those “vaccinated” (which is over 80% of the Israeli population) will likely be dead within 3 years.

The uncut video of Dr Zelenko testimony was over two hours long. This one is edited down to the most riveting 23 minutes and it is must-see!

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • A man highly honored by those who love righteousness.
    The medical people, the Government, the clergy all work for their “father the 🤘 devil.”

  • He keeps showing spikes in death rates after vaccinations started. That’s because nations tried to open up after vaccinations, too early obviously, and people who had not been vaccinated got sick. Way to intentionally try to skew how you interpret the information by only looking at one factor.

  • What a liar. The NE Journal of Medicine did not show that miscarriage’s go up by a factor of 8. In fact, the rate was the same as the rate of miscarriage’s pre-Covid.

  • This is the info that I’ve been missing that confirms my observations!
    Much appreciated for your sincere and ethical actions to uphold the Hippocratic oath despite all risks.
    We, humanity back you up!

  • The ‘powers that should never have been’ are not at all interested in healthy people, or in curing them.
    They want to exterminate at least 95% of the global population,
    Look at the Schwabs, the Faucis, the Bidens, the Macrons, the Netanyahus, the Gates’, look in their eyes. There is nobody home but Satan!

    • Have you seen the cildren that have been born from parents that had the shot? These children are not from this world! Dark eyed, strong as one year olds, some even try to speak with months!!!! These experiments need to stop!

  • DrZalenski, The Deep State is using Heavy Metal Chemical Poisoning on people “Targeted!!!” The poison food and water in stores’s as the Chemical’s permeate plastic and Metal.
    I’ve been targeted and poisoned X 10 year’s.
    As a RN, I now have extensive knowledge on the effect’s of Heavy Metal Chemical Poisoning on me! My RBC morphology is destroyed, I have Microcytic Anemia and Extreme Neuropathies! My BP runs at 168/125. Please contact me.
    The Aluminum in the Vaccine’s enhances the ability of the Spike Protein by altering the cellular electrical charge.
    The Vile Madness of the NWO is beyond anything in human History! Diabolically blocked pathway’s to our Lord Jesus!

    • You hack. I’m truly sorry if you don’t feel well, but that does not give you permission to make up lies. There is exactly ZERO aluminum in any of the Covid vaccines.

    • Are you aware of Chelation Therapy with a product called ZEOLIFE or ZEOLOVE by Dr Len Horowitz author of NYTimes best seller Aids Ebola & Emerging Viruses. If you can’t get his product for some reason just get a bag of Zeolite & research it online then take some daily for a couple of months at least to pull the heavy metals out of your body & send them off to the sewer system & out of YOU.

  • Zelenko “saw” from the start that this has nothing to do with real science and instead is a big operation of human destruction orchestrated by the ruling authorities (“global leaders”) YET he goes on to treat several ruling authorities (“global leaders”) who push this genocidal agenda (=let me treat the genocial killers who want to kill us all”). Surreal!!!

    WHAT did he REALLY see?? Because those acts are unconscionable.

    He’s good at DESCRIBING the absurdities but seem to completely ignorant, like most educated folks, that psychopaths are in control — (“The 2 Married Pink Elephants In The Historical Room”).

    He plays both fields. Treats genocidal presidents and other “global leaders” and he treats the lowly public. He must have figured that’s the best personal strategy, certainly the MOST lucrative path of medical practice.

    • Is that fair? ‘plays both fields’? or have I misconstued your meaning. Any doc has to treat any ill person regardless……Trump was blocked by Fauci and all that is backing Fauci….would have taken a second term to get rid of him , a second term robbed!

      • Well, is it “fair” (never mind moral or intelligent) towards the public to treat the very sick criminal people who are killing them off systematically?

        It’s all about doing no harm. You do that regardless of what the rules of medical practice dictate. Their “fair” rules also said use killer ventilators as covid “treatments.” Treating our killers is DOING HARM, buddy. Your “fair” rules of the medical establishment also dictate to use their drugs and interventions properly YET those practices also cause a genocide each year. Still think it’s “fair” to use their killer wares on the mostly ignorant public? Fair TO WHOM everyone should ask.

        Your totally silly defense of Trump is further evidence of your BIASED delusional “thinking” as he approved the warp sped approval of the killer covid vaccines and he fully wants everyone to get these vaccines. AGAIN… psychopaths rule… they use deceptions, such as the Trump game, to hoodwink the ever ignorant never learning public…. just like the article documents that “It is” mentioned.

      • The real key to Dr. Zelenko statements are him warning that “Delta Variant” is in 3 locations. Since there is no Delta variant or alpha or omega, he is talking in code. What he is warning his handlers is that ‘Delta Force’ is here, in those 3 locations he mentioned. He said early on that he was an agent.

  • The bigger picture is WHY ARE WE PAYING FOR THIS SHIT! The manufacturers are not giving it away. Taxpayers are paying for this through our government. What kind of government would do this? A murdering government is in control.

  • Sovereign Silver kills virus, fungus, bacteria, etc. I have used it for years. It is safe for everyone. If I had taken the shot, I would be taking my silver to kill the poison in my body from the shot. Pray.

  • When a humane doctor like Zev Zelenko is being smeared and censored by the medical community and the media, it alarmingly clear that we are living in either a nightmare or a horror story.

  • Thank you, Alexandra, Dr. Zelenko & all the other HERO’s out there who are risking everything to expose the biggest PsyOp in the history of humanity! Thank you for your tremendous courage to bring truth forward & expose those committing crimes against humanity!! God Bless you all! Much love everybody!

  • God bless you Dr Zelenko!
    I am certain God is pleased with the good you’re doing to stop this deadly agenda so lives won’t perish. This information is critical. Coming from you, a physician, makes it credible and weighty.

  • Thank you Dr. Zev Zelenko!
    I live in Australia where the ‘government’ at all levels is corrupt and all news is censored.
    Most people living here have no idea of what is happening.
    Keep up the good work.
    God Bless You.

    • Gidday oz- so proud of you folk standing up forgiven you the underarm incident-incident- haha mr zelenko sir, you are a hero, go well from nz

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