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I was wondering how The Intercept, which had been founded for the purpose of publishing the Ed Snowden material (and which had pretty much failed to do so) had, instead transformed into such a preposterously woke publication that even its very Left Wing co-founder, Glenn Greenwald had to resign in 2020.

Now, Dr Shiva has given me the answer: The Intercept’s co-founder, Pierre Omidyar is the Deep State’s Censorship Czar.

In hindsight, it’s obvious that Omidyar bought the Snowden data from Greenwald in order to stop the release of Snowden’s information, so it’s hardly surprising now to hear from Dr Shiva how Omidyar was instrumental in the creation of the DHS’ online censorship infrastructure that was just “revealed” by The Intercept.

Dr Shiva says that he exposed Omidyar’s role as a censorship czar two years ago and this is documented in the public record in the Federal Lawsuit Ayyadurai vs. Twitter, et al. 1:20-CV-11889 Document Number 195.

In this video, Dr Shiva has a lot of beefs with the “internet grifters” who he says chose not to cover this information two years ago, when it actually was news.

I certainly would have covered it but Dr Shiva was de-platformed, then I was de-platformed and it turns out that the DHS was very effective in impeding a lot of information from getting out there.

Dr Shiva writes:

“Dr Shiva exposed in his landmark 2020 Federal Lawsuit and personally informed Fox News Tucker Carlson and Glenn Greenwald of The Intercept of his findings. They chose to do nothing. Dr Shiva is perplexed at the sudden interest now. Dr Shiva’s lawsuit discovered in detail the entire Censorship Infrastructure created by the DHS and other government agencies in collusion with Big Tech such as Twitter, and Facebook, etc. Dr Shiva’s lawsuit provides the entire DETAILED censorship architecture, beyond just DHS. Moreover, he also exposed that among others, The Intercept’s Funder, and Founder FUNDED the SAME censorship architecture that The Intercept now “bravely” exposes. Is this an ad campaign for The Intercept to win a Pultizer, while its founder continues support for the same censorship infrastructure?”

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Dr. Shiva, you are a great leader, however, you shouldn’t attack people on our side. This creates division in our ranks, and empowers the left. I agree with you that you were a pioneer, but, Tucker is probably the only one who supports our side at least partially?

  • Great Job Alexandria! Always check your emails first thing in the morning.
    You are consistently ahead of the curve

  • We all have our own “methods” and abilities, or disabilities to communicate with one another. “Communication is difficult at best” Bob Oliver.

    It is my own experience that what is being communicated by Dr Shiva is essentially true. There are play books and implemented measures in place, and designed to keep us in the state we are in – held back and held down. My own endevors in running for local politics go back to the 1980s.

    “It’s not how many votes you get. It’s ‘who you have’ counting the votes.”

    It has been this way and continues to be, this way. Therefore, for the most part, we have an appointment system and not an election process. 8313832676

  • I was aware of Dr. Shiva way back before he ra n for Senate and I was aware of he LAWSUIT exposing the Republican GOP
    and Government Colluding with big tech and voting machine manipulations rigging. He won the one county that had counted ballots by hand,which he won hands down in the primary election,but lost all the voting machines that were rigged against him 60 to 40. I agree with Dr. Shiva about the Scum Bags except I disagree with him regarding Robert Kennedy Jr.

    • Private contractors are always the government’s excuse, and that is the purpose for having the private contractors. And yes, it is purely fascist, as all so called “Public-Private Partnerships” are.

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