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    I’ve been hearing rumors for a few days that have not yet been confirmed that the Trudeau Foundation owns, through both direct ownership of shares and indirect ownership through shell companies, a 40% stake of the British Columbia-based Acuitas Therapeutics, the biotech firm that has the contract with Pfizer BioNTech and with Moderna to provide the lipid nanoparticle used in the death shot.

    Now, I see that Dr Robert Malone has heard about this speculation, as well.

    This is the Lipid Nanoparticle Delivery System that encapsulates the mRNA and allows it to sneak past your innate immune system, so that it can then fool your body into manufacturing the infamous spike proteins that can ultimately give you Vaccine Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (VAIDS).

    Trudeau’s purchase, via the Canadian government of 400 million doses of the vaxx is ten times more doses than there are Canadian people. And I believe that the plan is to buy at least another 600 million doses!

    If it’s true, that Trudeau controls 40% of Acuitas shares, the Canadian prime minister is engaged in a criminal conspiracy to defraud Canadians and thereby make him a billionaire while he genocides his own people – with their own tax dollars.

    Is the real reason why the vaxx was “the only solution” is because Trudeau profits directly from every jab that every Pfizer- and Moderna-jabbed person takes?

    Furthermore, Trudeau’s “state of emergency” would limit an investigation into his financial gains from Pfizer and Moderna through the Trudeau Foundation.

    Interestingly, British Columbia, where Acuitas Therapeutics is located is the only holdout among the six highly-populated provinces that has not yet lifted their vaxxine mandates.

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