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Dr Peter McCullough joined Seth Holehouse at Man in America earlier this week to talk about the latest grim stats on the Death Shot. But before Dr McCullough can get to that, Seth asks him where he stands on the grand polemic against Germ Theory by those who claim that SARS-CoV-2 has never been isolated from the tissue of humans who were supposedly infected with it.

It’s a very important question, as there’s a great deal of confusing and contradictory information out there, that is hindering our fight against medical tyranny.

Dr McCullough clarifies, from his point of view:

“I’m one of the most peer-reviewed, published doctors in the world in my field and one of the most peer-reviewed and published on COVID in history. So, there are no peer-reviewed papers that are evidence-based, that state that the virus doesn’t exist. So, it’s almost, kind of a layperson’s – I don’t know – it’s a saw or some type of useful axiom.

“Do you know where I think it came from? The whole idea that ‘the virus doesn’t exist’? It came from some type of contractor or laborer in Alberta. He made some city council presentation that, ‘People shouldn’t have to wear masks and do all these things, because the virus doesn’t exist.’

“And the city council didn’t have any scientific back-up and they said, ‘Well, I guess you’re right! We can’t find anything, so they somehow got out of wearing masks, because of whoever this guy was – and he was great – the people cheered him!”

Dr McCullough is referring to Canadian Blue Collar hero, Patrick King, who represented himself in court pro se to fight a $1,200 fine for his failure to “socially distance” – and he actually managed to overturn COVID mandates in the Province of Alberta, when he told them to prove that SARS-CoV-2 has ever been isolated from human tissue – and they couldn’t.

Patrick King, to say nothing of the doctors he was probably citing, like Dr Thomas Cowan and/or ‘A Farewell to Virology’ creator, Dr Mark Bailey are not denying that the virus exists in silico (i.e., as a computer model), they are saying it has never been extracted and purified/isolated from human tissue.

Dr McCullough continues:

“In all truth, SARS-CoV-2 clearly exists. It was engineered by Ralph Baric at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill. He had the blueprints for making a chimeric virus using a bat coronavirus, then a human coronavirus and making the chimera.

“This was published in Nature Medicine and Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences in 2015. It was funded and, really, operationalized by Dr Anthony Fauci and the National Allergy and Immunology branch. EcoHealth Alliance brought the plans over to the Chinese and coordinated all this, led by Peter Daszak and the papers were published.

“So the virus exists. It cultures in standard viral cultures. It’s been isolated. It’s clearly been isolated, because the Chinese isolated it. They make a vaxxine out of it called the Sinovac CoronaVac. You can see the virus under electron microscopy. Those papers have been published. These are all cited on my Substack, if anybody wants to look at it.

“So for those who deny the virus, I guess they could deny that the sky is blue or they could deny the oceans aren’t there. I mean, people could make some type of ridiculous argument, I guess. But no, the virus truly exists.

“The thing about the Virus Deniers – and a lot of them are in the UK – I’ve been on a couple of their conference calls and they really get into this.

“They’ll say, ‘Oh! you can’t prove it to me!’ and I’ll show them all the papers and they’ll say, ‘Well, that’s not good enough!’ Then, I’ll show ’em some more! And we just keep going and going and finally, I said, ‘OK. If the virus doesn’t exist, what made people sick? What caused people to die of blood clots and respiratory failure?’ They go, ‘Oh, that was just the flu!’ I said, ‘No, the flu doesn’t cause blood clots. I’m a doctor, I take care of flu. It doesn’t cause blood clots. What caused all this?’ They say, ‘You can’t trust the PCR!’

“‘Well, the antibodies that we measure and rely on, that bind to the spike protein, the nucleo-capsule, what are those?’ And they quickly run out of answers, so if the virus doesn’t exist, they can’t explain the clinical syndrome, they can’t explain in vitro diagnostics, they can’t explain any of it.

“So, we simply have to dispose with that. It’s a folly, basically. It’s a folly that the virus doesn’t exist and I think it does detract from the important work at hand, that people have been hospitalized and died of SARS-CoV-2 infection and now, they are injured, developing disabilities and dying with the vaxxine.”

Then, Dr McCullough makes an interesting statement that somewhat reconciles both camps:

“Now, Germ [Theory] vs Terrain [Theory], I’ll just say a few comments, there…One viewpoint is that it’s all about the germ and that we can be free of COVID-19 or we can test positive. It’s binary. Either we have it or we don’t. Therefore, we should wear masks to prevent us from getting the virus. That would be the Germ Theory. Turns out, that’s almost completely false and we know that, because the CDC keeps wastewater SARS-CoV-2 data.

“They’ve been checking the water and water’s universally positive everywhere. There isn’t a single nook and cranny of this country that doesn’t have SARS-CoV-2 running in it…

“So probably all of us have SARS-CoV-2 virus in some degree and it’s just a matter of, do we have a big enough innoculum to overcome our immune defenses or do we have a temporary weakness in our defenses, where we clinically get the infection?

“So, the Germ people are only partially correct and probably all of us have it but somebody acutely sick probably transmits it to somebody else. The Terrain people are right and we pretty much all have it and it’s just a matter of what tips us over.”

“The one thing that’s clear is that…we all got COVID. So, all the effort spent on masking and social distancing and lockdowns was a complete waste of time, because we all got COVID, no one avoided it.” 

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  • These big shots are probably being to not talk about what caused their clot stroked and heart attacks and that’s makes them sell outs.

  • This “piece of shit” so called “Dr.,”———
    Needs to get strung up———
    He’s making “claims” (like those on “the payroll”) do,
    “Gee, of course there’s a “virus”, what else would
    Cause the blood clots and sudden heart attacks
    And so forth?”, what about all the symptoms…
    Runny nose, eyes, respiratory coughing, body
    Aches and pains etc…”
    ———Flu & Cold seasons cause that, you might feel like shit for a few days…
    But You don’t die from it,
    But clotting and sudden heart attacks and
    This POS didn’t even bring up the possibility it was
    “INJECTION” related!!
    ———did you catch?!?!
    Now their going from “drive through” jam a
    “Swab” up you nose,
    To “at home” do it yourself kits,
    To “Nasal Spray”!!
    Which apparently this POS has plenty of and the
    “News” (MSM) is pushing…
    (Mr. POS even gave some to his mom, aaahhhhh)
    How old is this guy? How old is his mother?
    I wouldn’t trust this POS as far as I could toss a

  • According to the only doctor WHO managed to pull his head out of his ass long enough to check the science Dr. Ardis GOD bless him figured out the Smoking gun -Nicotine- was the best defense against the new man-made virus but Fauci’s sciency henchtards lied once again and told us to stop smoking it’s a respiratory disease complete BS and PAR for the course before they settled on the death protocol which Dr. Artis also single handedly saved many lives calling out Remdesivir and respirators as the cause of most of the hospital deaths from the maniacal medical establishment busy collecting the death bonus . When will we ever learn WHO to trust and WHO to hang out for the buzzards to peck clean.

  • In my personal experience … Canadian rye whiskey definitely protects one from the virus.
    Or at least, makes one totally unaware that they have it!

  • This guy is either a liar or a bad scientist. Peer review proves nothing. Viruses are too small to see other than, at best, in fixed slides where nothing moves. There they are just a bit of DNA that could come from anywhere. if you want to see a good collection of the evidence and history of this terrible germ theory mistake go here:

  • Ok you asked for a comment; the first part of the comment has to do with your accurate interviewers style, you do a wonderful top notch job.

    Now onto your today’s guest. He’s a weasel all wrapped in White garb. Lets get down to the nitty gritty and not the Bull Shit he’s putting forth. We’re Dealing with the Medical Mafia who supported Killing thousands of my brothers and sisters. These doctors who gave the shot should and must be executed.. They broke their oath and they broke the Nuremberg protocols which demand a death penalty

    His smart ass answer to ask a doctor if he took the shot. IS he that STUPID?

    Doctors who participated in any way complying to a Mandate, which by the way, is not a law ; it’s a suggestion at the very least should be never allowed to practice medicine again; and very,very few should be able to slither under the wire..

    In closing; again, your interview style is perfect, this doctor is a ASS..

  • A better question to ask the doctor can he take saliva from a sick person and infect a healthy person with it making him/her SICK too?

  • I trusted Dr McCullough up until recently. His remarks in the article show how he uses circular reasoning to prove his point. The veneer is coming off his star.
    I’m deeply troubled he would be using the gaslighting procedure to mock one of my countryman because he spoke truth to the courts.
    He and Dr Malone protest too much. Shame on them vaccinologists!

  • As much as I like Mccullough, he either does not stay up on the deeper research, or for some reason ignores it. I don’t like it when someone presents as an authority, but the only skim the surface of a subject.

    • Agree with Doc+Hollywood. McCullough is doing no one any favors by persisting with “I’ve seen the virus” nonsense. Whatever he sees is synthetic in nature, and not natural. Bioweapons are made to kill. And the vaccine is another bioweapon also, even worse than anything from nature.

    • Definitely. Just because it exists does not make a man made entity a ‘Virass’. Midazolam, Remdesivir, ventilators and no antibiotics with a healthy serve of greed and evil killed the unfortunate. Probably along with 5G and nasal swabbing malfeasance.

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