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Clif High is back to say that his old ALTA reports had many temporal markers for the time we’re in right now, namely the crash of Western civilization.

“We’ve already recognized that’s occurred with this whole COVID-19 thing. So we’re not going back. There is no return to that old form of life. We’re now in this new normal and the new normal is going to be very disruptive and it’s going to be even more disrupted and disrupted to us, emotionally, going forward from this point on, because we’re in that part of our reality when the Central Bank, itself and the system that the Central Bank has set up is under attack.

“And this is a good thing. All of the central banks on the whole planet are owned by the Rothschilds. So, it’s a crime family, alright?

“So these are Khazarians, part of the Khazarian Mafia, very big in the Khazarian Mafia and they own and control the central banking system, throughout the whole Western – throughout the whole planet.

“And that system is crashing now. They don’t have a cover story, like a world war, with nukes flying around – that’s what they’re trying to gin-up as rapidly as they can in the Ukraine.

“Now, in the Ukraine, it’s not going to get any worse than it is now. The Russians are not invading. This is an incursion. This is a policing action.

“This policing action has very, very specific goals. It has to clear out the biolabs, which are a threat to the Russian people and everybody else. It’s to capture the scientists and the information that was held in those biolabs and when they clear out the biolabs, and capture them, they have to be very careful that they don’t disturb things, such that they become a problem…

“So, you can’t just blow the sh*t out of them, right? And also, they have to get rid of all of these Nazis.

“Now, these Nazis are not like German guys. Even, in World War II, the worst of the worst were Ukrainian Nazis. This is because the whole Nazi idea comes from the Khazarian Mafia and it goes way back, into the 1800s. back to the period of time that the Illuminati, in the form of the Freemasons had Albert Pike doing this design for the three world wars and then the pandemic and then the global government and the elimination of white people.

“All of this was within the structure of work that they gave to Albert Pike. Albert Pike was something of twisted genius, as a military guy.”

Clif says the Khazarian Mafia network is under attack and crumbling, due to its being exposed and Ukraine was the central hub of all of their corruption. He says Putin is not invading, he’s not bombing, he’s not destroying infrastructure, he’s not out killing civilians. “The Ukrainians, themselves bombed that theater to blame it on Putin. They’re trying to gin-up another nuclear war…

“We’re seeing that Putin is only attacking those areas where there are biolabs that had been situated around the edge of Ukraine, as it faced Russia…

“And these guys are so twisted, they’ve been sending in deliberately-infected birds, trying to kill all of these birds in Russia, by sending birds that had bird flu – and just releasing them and making them fly towards Russia.

“It’s like some other kind of CIA sh*t like we had here in this country, where the CIA was trying to get birds to drop bombs on Castro or some damned thing, some weird thing like that. This is back in the ’50s.

“And the CIA is Khazarian Mafia, as well, let’s not forget. They’re part of this Deep State.

“So, the Central Bank is the Deep State…The Deep State only exists because the Central Bank can bribe it, OK?

“Now, the Central Bank’s ability to bribe is reduced by the amount of purchasing power you actually have in each of your monies, OK?

“So, way back in 1913, they could bribe people with just one dollar, because one dollar could go a long way, because one dollar had a lot of purchasing power. Now, we only have a little bit of purchasing power in, like, say, $20.

“And it’s getting worse because of the cost of fuel. So, if you give somebody a $20 bribe, it gets 4 gallons of gas, not much of a bribe.

“So, you need a lot of twenty dollars! So the Central Bank has been inflating their own currency.

“Bear in mind, the Central Bank never ever, ever, ever fights inflation.

“They never fight inflation, because that is their PRODUCT. That’s the only thing the Central Bank can produce.

“Now, bear in mind that our Central Banks are a scam!

“So, the Rothschilds, in the form of the Khazarian Mafia has blackmailed, killed or threatened politicians to get the legal right to produce the dollars that you use and to charge you interest for the use of them.”

Clif explains that the US is on its third central bank and that Woodrow Wilson allowed the Rothschilds to get their central bank back in the United States after they threatened his daughter and they sank the Titanic and Lusitania.

He says this time, the Khazarian Mafia won’t get their way and as the Federal Reserve collapses, the US will go through something similar to what happened in Russia after the collapse of the Soviet Union. He says the same Khazarian Mafia that imposed Communism on the Russians and who then collapsed the Soviet Union are the same Khazarian Mafia who are our enemies, as well.

He says we won’t have the pie-in-the-sky NESARA-GESARA nor the Quantum Finance System being promoted by Charlie Ward and Simon Parkes. He says we will have an irregular economy for some years but the good news is that on the other side of this, we will be free of the inflation from the Babylonian Money Magic.

He says we will temporarily be poorer but we won’t necessarily see extreme poverty while we arrive at a new system. He says poverty will be mitigated, because the “SOC” (Self-Organizing Collective) on December 20, 2017 had Trump sign Executive Order 13818, Blocking the Property of Persons Involved in Serious Human Rights Abuse or Corruption, so trillions in Khazarian Mafia assets will be seized once they are convicted, like all of the farmland owned by Bill Gates.

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  • Naive. Civil Asset Forfeiture has been used to STEAL both criminals and good guys stuff for many, many years. You never want to give any govt. or person a loop hole to steal your stuff. Every power you give to govt. will eventually be used against you.

  • Thank you for explanation, it certainly cleared my mind with both Ukraine/Russia & monetary confusion I know plenty about the Gates, Rothschild, Rockefeller’s, the false blood line of royal families, however I am still much concerned about the upcoming food shortage I look fwd to your next video

  • Clif, I live in a trailer outside of Humptulips. I am looking to join a community of hard working, free thinking people. My number is 206 643-8576.

  • We don’t need leaders, because if we would, we would not be detached of our mothers after we were born.
    We don’t need banks, because we will still build stuff and create stuff without the banks. I am an Inventor and I can arrest to the rigging of the system. All those not none producing anything people. Like Lawyers, judges that simply are the parasites of our communities.
    They stop new innovation and control it in such a way that everything has to go through them. Then they make everything so expensive that a normal person can’t afford a patent and then come people like “Investors” that take everything away from the inventors, of course all legally I should add. They work hand in hand.

  • I wonder if that Chinese airliner nose dive crash had anything to do with the failing banking system,just a threat to do or not do something..humm!

    • Don’t know if related to banks but the day it happened was 3/21/2022 or 3-3-6>66. I took it for a sacrifice.

  • Love Clif High. Love his solution to the debt crisis–the guys who did bad get to have their goodies seized. Good idea to refund the new currency.

  • I agree with Clif on his premises in this presentation. The seizures of assets from all these treasonous criminals should help to back our USA Treasury Notes with sound backing such as gold and other precious metals and baskets of other precious commodities to back our New USA Treasury Constitutional Dollar.

    • Clif has not mentioned, yet our oil reserves surpass anything in the Middle East. We are sitting on an oil reservoir on eastern side of the Rocky Mountains.

  • And all this economic restructuring is going to occur while we’re being blasted with 5G technology📲📡and Bioweapons💉 activated by 5-6G? Geoeninerring/weather control, and the abundance of brainwashed Sheeple? Ok everyone, let’s just ignore the obvious!

  • It seems the biggest issue that more people need to talk about is the collapse of the petrodollar, no? Lots of big news coming out re Saudi’s considering Yuan and the BRICS S countries going along with it, bypassing the need for dollars for oil.

    • OK, American United States Resources have informed the governments of the world that they don’t have a National debt, because they have equal National credit, that simply was never applied. No Nation on this planet in this world is in debt. They also have been informed that the necessary order of transition out of the World Bank and into the Bilateral Banking System. Banking is no longer going to be a mystery nor be used to defraud and control other Nations or its people.
      All of the Central Banks and Commercial Banks are already bankrupt and are in Receivership. The United Nations Corporation and United Nations received a copy of Second World Bank Transition Directive. And they have been warned of the consequences of any continued misrepresentation.
      United Nations and its members have been informed that The United States of America is to be called by its proper name.
      Private Corporations will no longer be in the business of providing government services and seizing upon authority that exercises powers that does not belong to them, example World Health Organization.

  • He’s got the fundamentals right but his math is outrageously sloppy! The system is rigged in favor of the central bankers so that the producers of wealth are slaves of the wealthy investment bankers who collect taxes first on hard earned income and again on interest income which never keeps up with inflation. Taxes on interest income have always been a joke on taxpayers except during the Carter administration when interest income went wild.

    This can be demonstrated but Cliff doesn’t do it.

  • Western civilization already collapsed when Christianity was adopted by force by the Roman empire. Western civilization was based on ancient Pagan mysteries, which were eradicated by the Roman empire, this is when spiritual tolerance ended and the Pagan books were burned. This is when the heart and intellect and traditions of the Western world entered into the dark ages.
    Don’t tag the west with the Khazar mafia, Rothschilds or central banks. We know who we are, we are Pagan.

    • Okay, Jay :

      Let the animal and human sacrifices begin—and the drunken sexual orgies, too !

      Paganism is not civilizing, but a full-bore expression of the REPTILIAN Brain.

      Christianity has been a civilizing religion!—even with all of its horrible missteps throughout its history.


      • Prove it Rick, you seem to be parroting what they want you to believe. Were you there to know this is factual? What have you learned about the Ukraine propaganda against Russians? Is this not the way this whole ordeal has operated for thousands of years, by way of deception.

        • jay,

          For example, from DuckDuckGo dot Com :

          Meet Moloch,
          The Ancient Pagan
          God Of Child

          Search domain


          › moloch

          The True History Of Moloch, The Ancient God Of Child Sacrifice Condemned by biblical prophets and Roman senators alike, few pagan deities were as reviled as Moloch, a god whose bronze body was a furnace used for sacrificing children. Child sacrifice is non-existent today — hopefully — but that hasn’t always been the case.


          • Rick, Moloch belong to the jewish god Yahweh. Yes
            they did have sacrifice until Emperor Hadrian who ruled Rome 117-138 AD.
            Pagans are not jews. We are the original Christians whom worships the giver of life, the Sun. Our library, Alexandria, was burnt down in 391 AD to hide the true origins of Christianity. This was the beginning of forgery’s and alterations of texts, which came under church control. The Vatican Hill belong to Mithra until 376 AD. Archbishop Chrysostom boasted about the destruction of the ancient literature. The ancient world vanished by 5th century AD, that’s why were so dumb down.

        • Yes it’s the way..I always felt Pagan but had it beat in to me that I was not!Something about my black and white checker board 👁️



    • Pay attention, K, whenever he mentions
      KhazarIan Mafia !

      From my extensive files on that Tribe :

      Forwarded Message :

      Israel Second Only To Russia
      In Providing Arms To China

      By Carol Giacomo,
      Diplomatic Correspondent

      8-31-2 :

      WASHINGTON (Reuters) – China and Russia have faced repeated U.S. sanctions for their arms sales, but a largely unheralded player in what Washington considers the troubling proliferation game is Israel, one of the closest U.S. allies.

      The Jewish state, recipient annually of $3 billion in U.S. aid, is second only to Russia as a weapons provider to China, U.S. congressional investigators say.

      Some experts fear sensitive U.S. technology may show up via Israel in systems sold by China to Iran and North Korea, which President Bush termed “axis of evil” states after the Sept. 11 attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

      “Israel ranks second only to Russia as a weapons system provider to China and as a conduit for sophisticated military technology, followed by France and Germany,” according to a recent report by the U.S.-China Security Review Commission, a panel established by Congress to examine security and economic relations between the two countries. —SNIP —


    • You truly are an idiot..mental disease can make you believe certain music is speaking solely to you and it’s some monumental importance👹

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