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    by Bill Gates is EVIL

    Learn how COVID-19 was a trial run to war game independent free media’s response to their lock-downs, toxic shots, mandates, and how to censor those voices when the nebulous Disease X rears it’s globalist head.

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • NOTE, these people are telling the World that they are going to release a bio germ warfare on the Populations of Earth. They are defining a definite time when they are going to release this Plague in this year, right or halfway to the next elections. Beware the Inoculation. It carries the plague.!

    • Covid was as deadly as the flu… The vaxxines are the real killer… It will be the same with X… the vaxxinated who have a head start will be 20x more likely to die and spread their poison to the rest of us…

    • These evildoers want us DEAD,,, Depopulated… They don’t want to save us… LOL

      Bill gates invested billions into the development and distribution of the vaxxines, after doing many talks about what he claims is the greatest threat to the planet.

      Anyone who does not question or at least SEE the irony and obvious intentions, is brain dead and beyond help.

    • The evildoer pays attention to wicked lips; a liar gives ear to a destructive tongue. [Proverbs 17:4]

      A poor man walking in truth is better than a rich liar. [Proverbs 28:6]

    • IF…The BIG IF… is ridiculous beyond measure.. BUT, the biggest issue is the plethora of poor, malevolent leaders currently still in ‘power’ in the world, who just might say yes to this illegal, unlawful contract for the country they profess to represent. It will just be more, ongoing, hard work by the good people of this planet to fight, escape, protest, fight medical personnel, fight shop owners to be able to shop.. These dopes in so called power have caused such heartache, tragedy, havoc !!! I say, round them up, and rid the world of all of them…

    • I’ve got a shared response. All countries close your borders. Do not allow anyone in or out. Tell WHO to get lost. Tell the wef the same. Take back control of your governments. Your healthcare. Close down any labs doing gain of function research. Jail people involved in it. If George Soros, fuckerberg or any wef, U.N. or WHO people are in your country kick them out with an escort. Arrest George Soros, Klaus Schwab and bill gates.

    • I have not watched it yet, but you want my first gut intuition about this Alex?

      Remember those first lies, the fake news videos of dead people on Chinese sidewalks?

      Same modus operandi I promise you. MKU trauma fear burst, disassociate you from reakity and take you into a new fake reality where they feed you every mind manipulating detail nonstop 24-7-365.

      Lying mother fuckers. Don’t let them get the fear thing going in you again. We should have learned something….. but no-o-o-o-o-o. You watch. The people you thought were awake will go right down the same mass psychosis death ride that they did the last time. Never underestimate the magic of the magicians and never overestimate humans. This new onslaught of lie after lie is going to be just as hard to beat down as the last one. 100% death my ass. Fukkin lying trash 100%. us the reality.

      Don’t let their disgusting fear machine even get started. It’s the wizard behind the curtain again, scum of the Earth, rotten worms. Deny them the pleasure.

    • He said “We will share the same problem as we did with Covid” The shared problem was them. Also, the man speaking is a prosecuted and found guilty criminal. Look up his name. He is a convicted criminal. Do not support them or give them any attention except to put their organization out of business

    • They just want to close down the communities of the world. Next time a Plandemic is created, the communities should have a choice in how to deal with it on an individual bases. The government should completely stay out of the next Plandemic and let the people make there own health choices.

    • Reminds me when:
      There are known knows. These are things we know that we know. There are known unknowns. That is to say, there are things that we know we don’t know. But there are also unknown unknowns. There are things we don’t know we don’t know.
      Donald Rumsfeld

    • It might be better to just ignore this sh*t otherwise you’ll likely be triggered (I almost was), ain’t worth spending even tiny bit of my energy on these parasitic cockroaches.

      • Just saw your comment John. We’re on the same page. I was concerned that I was the only one that sensed that which would make it a pretty tough row to hoe to convince anyone that they are just screwing with our minds again.

        Good to know there’s another non-believer. That means there might be a third. Baybe a fourth and 5th, but I’m a little pessimistic about breaking through en mass. At least the thought now is out there circulating in the quantum entanglement. We never have an isolated thought. I hope it spreads. It’l be tough. There’s a lot of counter-force coming from the pits of hell itself.

    • GTFOH, and your weaponized buttbola scam, removing skin from skulls wou;ld send a STRONG message back to der feurher…

    • Demonic UN, WHO etc are the pathogen, that need to be rid from this world. No more international cooperation!

      You fools, you can’t prepare for a disease X when you don’t know what disease X is….unless you premeditate a diseaseX which you are issuing knowingly and will provide a more sinister tool to administer to kill off more than C19. DEMONIC LIES THAT YOU WILL DIE FOR ETERNALLY!

      My Sovereignty is from God/Jesus/Holy Spirit and my sword is glowing bright with the perfect and Holy word of God’s breath.

      We The People Walk Worthy with His discernment

      • Our Population has very little Self-worth and Dignity, because THEY are basically (Lab-Rats) for these (Dementoids) !!!!!

    • Bla, bla, bla, pure subjective nonsense from this WHO stooge! Putting lipstick on a pig is not worse that putting a tie and business suit on slouchy dopes like this.

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