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    This is a Christmas special that just ran on Ukrainian TV…


    This hour, we wish Ukrainians
    Not to lose your perseverance
    Not to leave you alone
    The horde mocks at night in the steppes
    Your faith is greater than your fear
    Let plows turn into swords
    So Torquemada an executioners go away
    And a mother meets her son
    You bring victory closer, by all means
    We wish all Russians at least one strike to every house
    And disease in every family
    Who is fighting for aggression
    Car accident on every turn
    Moscow, a 5-star execution
    We’ll f* them in the ass and mouth
    Especially the Black Sea Fleet

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • Ukraine has less than5% Jewish population, but, the CIA installed the last 2 presidents from the small minority Jews. The last one was a filthy porn comedian before being president.

      Mexico has less than 0,5% Jewish population, yet the CIA is trying to put a new president who is a Jewish woman.

      When the arrogance, in your face hutsba can see no limits to the lies because there are no media or reporters that can challenge them; be assured that the end is near.

    • Mockers have no reason to think they have any inheritance in the kingdom which they mock! Doesn’t matter if they were just having fun, or just pretending or just acting for pay – they mock! What matters, what counts is what we do while yet in the flesh. After that, our testimony is written and our book of life is closed – permanently!

    • Do they really worship Devil? Maybe Yes, Maybe No (Russians say Yes though). The thing is evil exists regardless of religion anyways.
      I’m like what’s that stupid costume? At least if they really want to appear like real evil, don’t even let others know about it.
      So I’m guessing that this is just a stupid act in order to get more attention.

      • The American Christian evangelicals supported the Ukrainians. The Jewish president of Ukraine closed some churches, and arrested priests, and they now put devils in churches ON THE OTHER HAND, THE AMERICAN CHRISTIANS ARE NOT OFFENDED, AND THEIR CHRISTIAN PRESIDENT KEEP SENDING OUR TAX MONEY TO HELP THIS PORN MIDGET?

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