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    In the article below, published on January 15, 2024, I stated that, “I have yet to see direct evidence that Michelle [Obama] is, in fact a man,” because I was looking for a birth certificate or some other kind of official document or text that definitively stated this.

    However, I had forgotten all about this video of Michelle Obama dancing on the ‘Ellen’ show, which clearly shows the imprint of her two testicles swinging back and forth inside her loose-fitting white pants.

    Therefore, I am issuing a full retraction of what I had previously written and I hereby state unequivocally that there is HARD evidence that Michelle is a transwoman.

    This video by YouTuber, The Viking Nomad is set to the song, ‘Chocolate Salty Balls’ performed by the South Park. character, Chef, voiced by Soul legend and Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Famer, Isaac Hayes – and incredibly, like the original, this video is still up on YouTube!


    The People’s Voice reports that, as the Obamas prepare to re-enter public life and to swap out Dementia Joe for Michelle, people are queueing-up to whistleblow about who they really are.

    There is abundant evidence that Barack Obama is gay or bisexual and everybody loves to joke about how Michelle is really “Big Mike” – but despite the abundance of circumstantial evidence of the latter, including the trans insanity launched by Obama’s Communist goons in the Biden Regime – I have yet to see direct evidence that Michelle is, in fact a man.

    TPV refers to reports that Michelle Obama’s ex-boyfriend, David Upchurch has come forward to reveal that she is actually a man. These claims were originally made by a small YouTube account a couple of weeks ago and they’re being repeated by many Trump supporters on social media but I have not yet found evidence that David Upchurch ever said these things, let alone recently.

    Upchurch is apparently the “Democrat Insider” referred to in this video’s headline, which is misleading.

    I’m disappointed with this TPV report for its shoddy journalism, especially since TPV has become hugely popular and this video had already received nearly 200,000 views after just 4 days after being published on Rumble. I feel the Alternative Media should always strive to be better than the Mainstream – and this report by The People’s Voice is not that.

    What is undeniable is that Obama, himself has referred to Michelle in public speeches multiple times as “Michael” and in 2011, documentary filmmaker, Joel Gilbert obtained official documents from the Illinois State Board of Elections showing that Michelle Obama was officially registered to vote as a man from 1994 until 2008 and that she officially changed her sex from “M” to “F” on her voter registration in 2008, while her husband was on the campaign trail.

    Gilbert, a Liberal who was trying to do a real investigation of Michelle, because the Mainstream Media had refused to do so said that he was not expecting to discover that Michelle Obama was registered to vote as a man for 14 years and he says he believes that Michelle had accidentally ticked the wrong box.

    Missing from The People’s Voice report is that in 2013, a teenage colleague of Barack Obama, Mia Pope told The Manning Report that she spent her summers as a teenager in Waikiki, Hawaii with a small circle of friends that included Barack Obama, when he was known as Barry Soetoro.

    Mia said that back then, Barry was largely known in that social circle for being a “pathological liar” who would lie about virtually anything, usually in the form of self-aggrandizement. People thought it was kind of funny and didn’t think much about it. She also stated very clearly that it was well-known that Barry was strictly gay and not attracted to women, whatsoever. Furthermore, she said Barry frequently bragged about scoring large amounts of crack cocaine, purchased with the money he received for prostituting himself to older white men.

    In 2014, Joan Rivers died unexpectedly, shortly after telling a TMZ reporter that “We all know” Barack Obama is gay and Michelle Obama is transgender.

    In 2019, Michelle Obama’s brother-in-law, Malik Obama tweeted, “Is Michelle Michael?” accompanied by a Google Image Search result for: “Michelle Obama Pregnant”, which showed no images of Michelle pregnant, as apparently none existed.

    Today, in 2024, there are dozens of AI-generated, very fake images of Michelle pregnant – but still no real ones.

    In April of 2023, Malik tweeted: “I Malik Obama will campaign against Michelle Obama when she runs for president. *He/She”.

    In August of 2023, Obama’s college girlfriend, Alex McNear told an interviewer that a young Barack shared gay sex fantasies with her, telling her, “I make love to men daily, but in the imagination.” TPV asks, “Did imagination become reality when he met Larry Sinclair?”

    In September of 2023, Sinclair provided Tucker Carlson with an account of his intimate experiences with then-state senator Obama, saying he had a night of crack cocaine-fueled sex with him and that Obama came back to his hotel for more the next day.

    So, I think it’s safe to say that Barack Obama is likely gay or at least bi- but it is not possible for me to categorically state that Michelle is a transgender woman. I’m not saying that Michelle was definitely not born a man. I do think it’s possible. However, undeniable evidence of this not not been made public of which I’m aware.

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    • Aloha Alexandra:
      I just read the included ‘NOTE’ on PSI and From my experience as a Certified Health Consultant, I feel very confident that the following “comment” accurately defines The Obamas:
      Kevin Doyle, March 16, 2024 at 11:59 pm | #
      So, this spoiled Pritzger kid wants to play ‘dress-up’ and pretend he is a girl, when he is
      really a homosexual/bi-sexual man?
      Sounds kind of like Barry and Michelle (Michael Robinson) Obama. They are both
      genetically male (XY chromosomes). Ever notice how no childhood photos of ‘Michelle’
      Ever wonder why ‘her’ ring finger is longer than index finger (male trait)?
      The lengths these insecure turds will go to to seek acceptance is astonishing? A testament
      to their fundamental insecurities as gay men.

      Well, that ought to do it.
      Steven Blue

    • I remember back in 2007-2008 when Big Mike first rose to fame that the mainstream press was gushing over how beautiful this first “woman” appeared. I remembered thinking “what bullsiht”!!!

    • If this is true, what better president than a trans one? Fits the whole developing scenario. In a clown world like the one we are watching today, the US deserves a representative of our current culture – a black trans man/woman as president. We already had the loud buffoon, the senile crook and now – ta-da! The crossdresser, trans First Lady (if it were true) becomes PODUS and her gay husband…First Lady! A dream come true for the whole class of degenerates and all the scum come to the surface today, for us to watch and comment on.
      Even if all this is untrue, it represents where we are today – wondering about the depth of pedophilia and depravity we have allowed to rule us for so long. None of this is new in history, by the way. It is just that history is no longer taught so people gawk as if this were something new…

    • Hi,

      I’m in Chicago IL all my life , I’m 57 years old turn 58 in couple of months.

      Barack Obama back in the 1980s /1990s in Chicago was Known to Frequently visit the bathouses, some people called him Bathhouse Barry.
      Inreference to his Barry Sorrento name and the Bathhouses.

      Plus back in the day when Aka: Michelle was 16 years old she did an interview on Channel 7 ABC , about ,
      Well let me clarify first:
      The person who was interviewed was named Michel
      And His Connection To A Daughter / Daughters of Jesse Jackson (The Rainbow Push Jesse Jackson)
      This Michael said on television she lived hanging out with the daughters of Jesse Jackson but her Number 1 reason she loved hanging out with the daughters was she was same dress size as Jesse Jackson ‘s daughters, she said: I just love sharing and getting girl clothes from them.
      Reporter asked are you a Cross Dresser ?
      Oh definitely Michael said.
      Michael said: It would be a dream come true to be a woman.
      The reporter was too stunned to pursue more questions.

      In Chicago IL on television also back in the day was the Sinclair story about getting together with Barry / Barack ,

      There were 3 to 4 people who died by accident and also some listed as suicide, 1 was considered a murder, but Nothing was ever pursued for more information,

      Plus Barack Obama comes from the Bloodline connected to Bush and Cheney as 10th Cousins removed.

      A 7th grade girl who’s Grandfather was a Genealogist, who traced family trees for a living,
      Traced all the united states’ presidents since Barack Obama Except 1 president, All the united states’ presidents traced to King Richard who signed The Magna Carta in the year 1215.

      Because Barack Obama is connected to the Bloodlines , we the Public will never know for sure,

      But from what I have seen living in Chicago IL about Micheal / Michelle and Barack / Barry Sorrento / Obama I was leaning towards Michelle born a man ,
      But Joan Rivers added Weight to the Topic.
      And Right before Joan Rivers died , Joan Rivers exposed the secret and paid with her life.

      Plus Remember the 1990s on The Maury Show ???
      Maury Show used to show topic segments on Can You Tell It’s A Man or A Woman ???
      Maury Show did lots of the topic shows is it a man or woman , find out after commercial break.
      Once Barack Obama became president there was Never Again aired : Topic on Is it a man or. A Woman ?

    • This isn’t a new disease, imho they are warning us what the effects of the next vaccine developed to fight another corona (cold) virus will be. They’ll blame disease X just like they blamed covid. They’ll use the same pcr test that isn’t a diagnostic test run at too high a cycle to generate false positives to make it appear to be a “pandemic. ” Say NO TO ALL VACCINES.

    • The man that describes what he does in the limo passed a lie detector. The whole story is like a gay penthouse forum article and he passed the lie detector test. And isn’t it proven that his name was Barry santuro and he changed it to Barack because it means lightning? I don’t want a man who is confused about his name as president. I’ll vote for Flash Gordon this year. If he’s not embarrassed about it, why lie? If they told the truth, people still would have voted for them. BECAUSE they lied, people should not trust them until they earn their trust back. I wouldn’t even let them near me, because I know how to paddleboard and I’m a very strong swimmer. I would paddle away from that demon so fast…
      And the pics of Osama bin laden with the Bush family😵‍💫 we were all lied to, bad!

    • If it wasn’t true why did Joan Rivers die from a simple routine medical exam. There have been several body structures studies that show Michelle looking like a football player, which he was as Michael Robinson. Regardless, that couple has destroyed everything good about our nation. There was no legitimate gay marriage before Obama became president. Funny how he ran on marriage is between one man and one woman.

    • What evidence she’s a he, why are their no photos of her being pregnant?Those kids are not theirs, they belong to one of obamas friends, I don’t remember their names but do your own research. The girls looks just like Obama friend and the mother. It all a pretend family. The only evidence you will have of Michelle being a man or woman if she pulls down her undergarments to prove if she is a man or not, that will be your only evidence or a blood test to check the dna to see if her chromosomes are of a man or woman. She is very tall for a woman, like I said there are no photos of her anywhere of her being pregnant or giving birth. People have researched and checked everywhere and there is not one photo of her being pregnant with either child. Do your own research and stop attacking people that you know nothing about.

    • “I have yet to see direct evidence that Michelle is, in fact a man.”

      Should one expect ‘direct evidence’ (whatever that means) given the effort the Deep State expend to cover their tracks?

      The cumulative weight of the circumstantial evidence that does exist all points in the same direction and seems pretty overwhelming to me. Anyone not convinced has clearly not taken the time to investigate the matter with any care or objectivity.

    • So?
      There’s no evidence other than crazy people believing based on their political belief.
      This looks to me like some kid poking on each other while nothing meaningful for us is happening, grow up.

      What it matter is what it actually happens, in the end.

    • “However, undeniable evidence of this not not been made public of which I’m aware.”

      You could learn to read gait and skeletal structure .

      The cult of the androgyne is apparently quite old.

      And it’s clear, at least to me, they have a *huge* jones for destroying “naturals”, ie ” normal people”.
      Hmmm…pathological liar and male prostitute.

      Wasn’t Adolf H a male prostitute?

    • Bla. bla, bla, just noise like Barak himself said.

      I’m sorry, when anybody says they have evidence, then hides it has zero credibility with me. If they have the evidence, then feature it, spot light it! What are they afraid of?

        • Mike, would it make any difference? Cold hard evidence was presented to the public that the regime forged the impostors birth certificate which is a crime! Oh, that was just a birther stunt, a birther conspiracy theory, pay no attention to it or the man behind the curtain. Look, when rich men control the money supply, the media, all three branches of the government and count the votes what do we expect? What can we expect from an oligarchy, a corporatocracy that rules from the highest court in the land that we have no standing? The peasantry have no standing, because the peasantry act like peasants, so that is what we are – voluntary peasants!

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