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Catherine Austin Fitts joins Dark Journalist, Daniel Liszt and says, whether it’s narcotics trafficking, the JFK Assassination or 9/11, all of these things were done by or permitted by or covered-up by people.

Catherine says, “We’ve been talking about ‘What’, we need to talk about ‘Who’. Who’s doing this? Why are they doing this? Why is Jay Powell walking into a room and voting to put 500 million people out of work? Why is Jay Powell running an operation that’s infusing massive amounts of into Wall Street, who are then cleaning people out around America, while their businesses are shut down by a phony baloney healthcare fraud?”..

“People are always saying, ‘The Establishment is corrupt!’ I’ve lived all over the world and I’ll tell you, I’ve found just as much corruption at the bottom as I did at the top.”

She says the Biden administration is controlled by the big banks, the defense contractors and Big Tech and there really is no government right now and that it’s “Like a movie.”

She says, “Here’s the question: Is the reason Biden’s there and doing what he’s doing, to help dismember – you know, if you’re trying to disconnect the nuclear football, the military, the taxation; if you’re trying to argue for global governance, it helps you to build support by getting people to believe the US infrastructure is hopelessly incompetent.

“So I’m assuming this is all part of taking the band-aid off. In other words, they’re trying to get the US infrastructure field to let go of the Nuclear Football, to let go of the military, let go of taxation, let go of the civil service. It’s like pulling the plug out on a move and I think this is just part of destroying the brand…

“I’m guessing but it looks to me like they’re putting together the argument for a global government and they’re trying to destroy the government infrastructure, so that people give up on trying to stop that from happening.

“But another thing you’re seeing is a clear effort to dismember the states into different groups or I think you’re looking at a wholesale pulling-apart of the United States…

“Think about it. If you’ve stolen $21 trillion, and the debt’s there but the money’s gone, wouldn’t it be better to have the states pull the thing apart? Because then, you could say, ‘It wasn’t our fault, you don’t get Social Security. That’s what you want!’…

“Here’s the thing: the civil war didn’t work and the domestic terrorism won’t work, either. And the reason why I don’t think it will work…I can’t tell you how much I love the American People. It’s amazing that they’re still walking, standing, after everything they’ve been through! But the number of highly-responsible, highly-capable people in America who operate on good faith and try and do the right thing, it’s still an enormous, critical mass of people, no matter what they’ve been through or the pressure they’re under and they understand what it takes to make the world work, whether it’s economically or in terms of government…

“I think they have bet the ranch that mind control could get them across the goal line, and that’s really the question: can mind control do what they need? I don’t believe it can but I don’t begin to understand the technology they’ve got up their sleeve…

“This is an experiment, it is a prototype, they’re making it up as they go and I think we should just get in there and start inventing…”

Catherine says that at a 2019 meeting in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, the Fed Chairmen voted to take down the economy and now, 34% of the small businesses in America are shut down. And 60% of the African-American businesses are shut down.

There’s much more in this great interview. Catherine sees this as a time for choosing between freedom and tyranny and suggests we support those on the front lines of this battle.

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    Read that original PDF and notice on page 24, Table of Strategies, you’ll see not only have we been manipulated all of our lives, but we are now at the precipice of the last strategy.

    Source: beginning @53:40, Dr. Lee Merritt explains the background of the document, how it was found, and why it shows no author:

  • Absolutely brilliant! I love this woman. Daniel has mastered the area of listening. But when he speaks, it is obvious he knows exactly what the fuck is going on. From 19:00:00 to 25:40:00 is intense. “They are going to have False Flags, and nobody’s going to show up.” No audience. “Can mind control get them over the goal-line? If I were the CIA, why would I roll out the UFology OP when the medical fraud OP works better than their expectations. It can get them through to April. LOL
    35 Trillion Black Hole.

    • Confirms other sourced info. I’ve heard.suppoosedly,Kim goguen has the bluebeam tech dismantled.j. Lear says navy scientist,Donnier created AIDS and cure in 1960″s.First put in African smallpox jabs,then 1978 put in CDC hep b. Jabs given to gay men in some cities.Ebola,Lyme,zika,h5n1,RSV,other diseases created by cabal a.holes.Hubrids are real,many well documented books on this.Cow mutilations due to use of glands for synthetic humans.clones,robotoid,synthetics been used for decades.mars base.moon is a base for many groups including evil Dracos which are leaders of,peterdavidbeter.o,stopthecrimes.o,Thecamelotorojectportal.c,justempowetme.o,educate-yourself.o,TheinformedAmerican.o,richardlighthouse.c,Ascension,dr.huldclark.o,royalrife.o.Grounding=healing,solfeggio frequency 528 is healing.aljaline diet healing,a.i. is evil.Sams Club locations were cover for dumbs.henrymakow.c,matrixofgog.c,David Marshall,Col.Tom Beardon,bill Cooper,Jim marrs,Urantia Arden is a crackhead hubrid.Antarctica is a portal.

  • I respectfully disagree regarding the “goodness” of cash: “cash” enabled every bit of the dirty dealing that she wrote about in her book; cash enables sex trafficking, political extortion, etc., etc., etc. The actual problem is that our money is produced and controlled by a private corporation that uses that facility to enrich itself by means of usery, fractional reserve lending and public income confiscation. We need public money that can’t be hidden and is not losnable at interest. If banks still want to have private money that they can charge interest upon and not come crying when all their loans go bad, that will be fine.
    We need to capture all $300 or $400T wealth by converting all debt public and private to electronic credit money, replace all income taxation with a flat unavoidable 1%/month “infrastructure maintenance fee” and compensate all adult legal residents with at least $500/wk (NSA) of credits not subject to govt confiscation for the govt’s “taking” of their right to free access to land sufficient to support their right to life. We need to pay people a huge amount of these credits to “get fixed” should they value money above progeny. We need to come together in a CONSENSUS PARTY that only supports consensus (>88%) nominees, election, legislation and regulation, getting religion out of government and compromise in (in lieu of consensus: sortition and rescission). As representative democracy has been pretty much an abject failure, we need at least 1000 times as many congressional reps who mostly work from their home districts. As govt is “one or more persons who claim natural resources, are willing and able to defend those resources, and make and enforce decisions regarding the allocation of those resources”, if WE don’t become OURSELVES the government, THE KING, then somebody else WILL, and we might not like their decisions regarding the “allocation of those resources” (which resources include US!).

  • Mandates Are Not Laws 2.0
    By Anna Von Reitz

    Mandates are written (and sometimes verbal) contractual agreements which do not take effect until they are accepted by BOTH parties. In other words, you are not obligated to accept a mandate, and it only becomes “mandatory” when you consciously, knowingly, and freely accept it.

    It is the “consciously, knowingly, and freely” part that puts the nix on all the so-called “mandates” issued by Governors of State-of-State organizations and also President Biden’s attempts to coerce compliance with his demands. Especially the “freely” part is inconsistent with the coercive and undisclosed nature of all these demands, but also “knowingly” is at issue.

    How can people “knowingly” accept anything that is undisclosed?

    The nature of the purported threat is undisclosed, as no physical virus has ever been isolated and identified.

    The nature of the purported cure is also undisclosed, as the definition of “vaccine” has been repeatedly altered.

    Finally, the audience purportedly subject to all these “mandates” is undisclosed.

    As the President of a foreign corporation, Joe Biden has a right to demand action from his employees and their dependents, just as the President of IBM can require his employees to take various actions, but obviously, neither Joe Biden nor the President of IBM has any authority to address such demands to the General Public— all the people who are not his employees or dependents.

    By failing to make it clear that he is only addressing his own employees, Joe Biden is following in the footsteps of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who made a similar deceptive omission when speaking about the Social Security Program and claiming that everyone needed a Social Security Number in order to have a job.

    He omitted saying that he was speaking only to Federal Municipal Employees.

    And this omission resulted in a fundamental lack of disclosure, both to Federal Municipal Employees and the Public-at-Large, which was left to assume that his pronouncements applied to them.

    A similar scenario is presented by Joe Biden and his “mandates”.

    No doubt his demands as an employer do apply to his employees, and they are free to accept them or find other employment—- but his demands and mandates do not apply to the General Public.

    His demands may also apply to US CORPORATIONS including franchises of his US CORP, as they are considered US CITIZENS; however, again, these corporations are limited to compliance of their officers and employees and must first and foremost comply with the Supremacy Clause of the US Constitution while operating on our soil.

    They cannot force any American to surrender any of their Constitutional Guarantees either as corporate officers, or as employees, or as customers.
    That is, the Supremacy Clause overrides all private arrangements, contracts, laws, codes, and statutes within the physical boundaries of this country.

    If Joe’s employees are Americans, including Dual Citizens who are American State Nationals and Municipal Employees, they cannot be coerced or deprived of their Constitutional Guarantees as a condition of employment.

    The only question is — are you an American? Are you claiming your birthright political status, or “voluntarily” adopting a foreign identity?

    Most Americans, including Federal Employees, have left that question hanging to their detriment.

    Most Americans are unaware (and have been deliberately kept unaware) of any need to declare their political status and nationality as Americans, but such a need does exist if they wish to claim and invoke their constitutional guarantees.

    This is because — until now — their government has been assumed to be “in interregnum” and they have not taken steps to record their own political status in public and they have not served Notice on the UN Secretary General and the US Attorney General that they are not Wards of the State, and not voluntary Transactors in Commerce.

    And not subject to military occupation by their own employees.

    Our State Assemblies are now in Session and all Americans are called to stand up for themselves, reclaim their birthright political status as Americans, record it on the public record, and join their State Assembly.

    This is the lawful government of this country to which all public employees and contractors and corporations owe good faith service, and to which the military owes fidelity. These State Assemblies composed of declared American State Nationals and State Citizens have the right to invoke and enforce the constitutional guarantees owed to all Americans — and they have done so.

    The only question is— are you an American?

    Even Federal Employees are protected from gross trespass against their Natural and Unalienable rights, if they claim back their American political status and operate as Dual State National-Federal Citizens.

    Dual Citizenship is allowed to Federal workers for precisely this reason.

    For example, they can operate as an American State National (a Texan, New Yorker, Wisconsinite, etc.), and a Municipal citizen of the United States who works for the Post Office, or, as an American State National (a Pennsylvanian, Floridian or Californian) and as a Territorial U.S. Citizen who works for the U.S. Army.

    These American Federal Employees are owed all their Constitutional Guarantees, and as long as they claim and publish their birthright political status as Americans, neither Joe Biden or any other corporation “President” can trespass upon them, make any improper demands, or issue any mandates as a condition of employment.

    Just as Federal Employees are protected by the Supremacy Clause so long as they claim and record their birthright political status as Americans, members of the General Public are also protected and owed their Constitutional Guarantees when they reclaim and record their birthright political status.

    And no corporation, foreign or domestic, has any right to discriminate against any American for any reason while operating on our soil.

    The Supremacy Clause protects all Americans at all times.

    The only question is — are you an American?

    Go to: today and start answering that question.


    See this article and over 3400 others on Anna’s website here:

    • Good points,but most fundamental one of all is this….how can a criminal fraud of a clonefake actor deceiving humans be legal president????he Can’t and isn’t!He had to pay for private plant to fake scam of inauguration.Anything he says,writes,anyone appointed is illegal,null and void and all are vulnerable to many types of lawsuits.Constituion Article 18,code241… it learn it pass info. On!!!!!

  • She knows how deep and evil the shit we are in is. The mind control tech hijacks and harvests your soul and allows stronger beings to inhabit your cranium and still access your conscienceness which is tied to your DNA . The changing of your DNA by gene therapy removes your access to GOD making you a zombie but with a walkin you seem like a normal mind controlled slave. The government sold us out for alien tech that can soul jack you in near real time. The changlings are not quite rational about whats happening in the world normalizing the social changes as proper and necessary for the greater good. We gonna need some of those glasses to pick them out.

  • Did anyone catch the name of the book that CAF said she wanted to publish but decided not to due to threats to kill her family? If anyone knows where I can find the information / book online, I would greatly appreciate it if you could post it here. Thanks much.

    • I could be missing something, but I believe the book is online at the link to which you referred. The name of the book appears to be “Dillon Read & Co.: The Aristocracy of Wall Street Profits”, and I guess Satanists don’t count stuff as “published” unless it’s printed on PAPER.

  • Sounds like we have no chance to survive this horrible thing that’s happening to us. We have no one coming to save us. But for me I still believe that the globalist can’t and won’t take us all down.

    • If they can’t take us all down, then why do you allege that “we have no chance”?
      The fact that you’re a troll can be seen a mile away.

      • Everyone must pray for the Heavenly Hosts,ancestirs of light,aliens of light to help us fight thus Abomination.They help and Will help,but because of Cosmic Kaw of Freewill,We must ask them for protection and help.Be mindful of your thoughts,emotions,choices.Choose love,solidarity,hope,faith,reaching for the Highest of High Creator and Energy vibration.All is Vibration,energy,frequency,etc.morphic field means thoughts shape reality.We all have Divine Spark,see it,use it,light The,Ascension,,,L/,RA,Law of One.Shalom!!!!!!

    • That’s exactly how the DS wants you to think, you need to fight
      When you believe in something strongly, you will be able to achieve much more than you ever thought
      When there’s evil, there also is good, do not lose your hope

  • This was an excellent interview! From my perspective it was not the typical DJ and Catherine interview. It appears to me that Catherine has moved into a different place mentally, spiritually than what is her usual for these interviews. It seems that she has disappeared all the euphemisms and other softeners and has taken a real good long, in depth, honest look at the condition the world and humanity is in and what she saw really impinged! And, perhaps I imagined this, but it looked to me like Daniel was struggling a bit with this interview because he wasn’t interviewing the same Catherine that he’s familiar with.

    • Are you talking about how ALL these ‘controlled opposition’ people are getting into this ‘new age’ stuff? know like Martin, Tenpenny, Madej.. etc..etc etc..

  • You wonder why Donald Trump is still shilling for BigPharma and pushing the poison jab?
    What do you think they’ve threatened him with. He should have known better. DON’T start what you can’t finish.

    • I know so many question Donald Trump sometimes but I believe in him as being smarter than the average person. Is he perfect, well not even close. My point is that Donald Trump is not alone but yet so many want to simply blame him or praise him. I think the picture is so big that when its revealed people will be surprised. Are some of these so called players not now coming to light? The key as I see it in what is happening in the world today belongs to “belief with attached emotions” and hatred is being pushed. That is why we cannot have war because that is what they want because they, whoever they are hold all the weapons. Food for thought.

      • When will people learn when politicians are nothing more than puppets?
        Time after time, History being repeated over and over generations!

        Stop believing in something that’s going to betray you over and over
        Start believing in good and source of good, that is God

        • Triple AMEN!!! I was wondering when someone was gonna bring up the true king and ruler who CAN stop all this evil going on, and THAT is our Almighty God!
          Praise the Lord!

    • Exactly!
      This’ common sense based on facts, yet the believers twist stories while we’re being wasted hopin on the man that does nothing for us; this’ why we can’t get things done

  • I figure “Mr Global” knows where he/they want to be, but are having difficulty dealing not only with the backlash, but also the fact that every time in history this stunt has been attempted, it has failed for their myopia, increasing encumbrances needed to manage an unwieldy system.

    When Schwab said “they” have a NARROW window of opportunity they surely know its a crap shoot they’re likely to lose, though it cannot be publicly acknowledged. The PR/’ganda machine MUST appear to be working while in the background they’re hustling if not scrambling to manage the enslavement/destruction of >7B people within that window.

    Seems to me the magnitude of the backlash is much larger than expected. Even the Aussies and the Italians are not just going to rollover despite what reports are making it into the news.

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