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    In this Special Episode Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt Interviews Dr Joseph Farrell on the new Bombshell information that his cousin Douglas Martin (Marty) Farrell gleamed from 2 meetings with with Journalist Danny Casolaro who reported extensively on the PROMIS Software/Inslaw Scandal prior to his mysterious death in August 1991 before releasing his breakthrough book on what he called ‘The Octopus’ of Global Corruption.

    Marty Farrell goes on the record with never before heard details that Casolaro in conversation was wondering what was driving the extreme reaction from the Justice Department in the PROMIS case. Dr. Farrell provides commentary that his impression after hearing these new anecdotes is that Casolaro believed there was a hidden back door placed in the software BEFORE it was stolen by the Justice Department. The implication is that there is an unseen actor on the World Stage that is able to conduct mass blackmail on all sides.


    They also pursue the lead that this is all somehow tied up with a programmer named Barry Kumnick who made additions to the PROMIS software called ‘Brainstorm’ and was subsequently forced underground and turned up as a fictional character in a strange highly informed Fundamentalist novel. Brainstorm shares many aspects of the predictive algorithm prevalent in modern AI Programming and predicted in the Spielberg movie “Minority Report.”

    They also look deeply at Michael Riconosciuto the genius programmer at the heart of the PROMIS case who was put in prison after attempting to expose that he was instructed to install spying software in the version of the software that the Justice Department stole from Inslaw. Riconosciuto is majorly connected to the UFO file through the fact that his father was a partner in an advertising firm with Fred Krisman, a main figure in the legendary Maury Island UFO Case.

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