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Dr Joseph Farrell joins Dark Journalist, Daniel Liszt to talk about his latest book, which is a sequel to his bestselling book, ‘Giza Death Star’, about how the Great Pyramid at Giza was once a “tremendously powerful weapon of mass destruction”.

Farrell believes that the clues to this lie in the ancient texts inscribed inside the Edfu Temple (ca. 200 BC) in Egypt, within the ancient Mesopotamian myth of Lugal-e (aka Ninurta’s Exploits, ca. 2150 BC) and the Babylonian creation myth, the Enuma Elish (ca. 1400 BC) and he believes that they’re describing the powerful physics of longitudinal waves, which he says only began to be unlocked centuries later by Sir Isaac Newton during his studies of the Great Pyramid, and then later by Nikola Tesla’s “electro-acoustic” experiments.

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  • I recommend Dr. Farrell’s book Giza Death Star Revisited. Especially pay attention to the epigraph quoting Zechariah Sitchin, talking about the irresistible demon manifesting itself through the power of the Great Pyramid. This jives with Elon Musk’s comment that AI was dangerous, because you don’t know what might make its way into our world through the use of it.

  • some says that Tree of Life is the magnetic field, and pyramid is a structure for harvesting the energy

  • Tesla channeled his designs from ET’s he admitted it later in life. The frequency weapons we are plagued with came from his release of this information. The plasma wars had the ET use of this type of weapon to destroy planet Maldek (5th rock). The pyramids were built by Aliens and it was built over lay lines used as an amplifier for scalar wave energy / neutrinos for a source of power. In ancient times Saturn was our original sun in a binary system. Motherearth is ascending soon and will become a fathersun and moved into a different solar system ,it like all celestial objects is conscious . Look out galaxy the flying space monkeys will be leaving quarantine soon.

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