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Clinton vs. Trump: Is the Deep State at war with itself? Dark Journalist, Daniel Liszt and ‘Giza Death Star’ book series author, Dr. Joseph Farrell examine the covert elements at work behind the scenes in the 2016 US Presidential Election.

Some of Farrell’s most exciting research is about the rise of Donald Trump, which he opines may originate from that part of the Deep State that’s connected with the Mafia, a longstanding relationship that is well-documented.

The two also investigate the wildly unethical, glaringly-obvious collusion of the US’ Mainstream Media (MSM) with Neocon-Democrat Hillary Clinton’s Presidential campaign and how this illegal complicity unmasks the unsavory elements with which the putatively objective MSM organizations are bound.

Popular blogger Stefan Molyneux, among many others believe that Clinton’s fainting spell during this past 9/11 memorial service in New York City may well spell the end of her campaign and place serious scrutiny upon her entourage as well as upon media insiders, in what appears to be a cover-up going back several years regarding Hillary’s health and about her fitness to serve as the “Leader of the Free World.” He also sees this as a possible turning point, where the Alternative Media has definitively trumped the MSM (no pun intended) in the minds of the public.

The forces behind the Clinton campaign have been frantically trying to maintain the establishment’s advantage against the rising outsider force represented by the Trump Campaign and the UK’s Brexit movement. Farrell thinks the evidence is clear that the entrenched, corrupt power structure of the elites from both sides of the aisle are desperate to see Clinton win.

I’ve come to a point where I’m sad to see a fellow human so seriously ill, yet still plodding along in her unquenchable thirst for power. Is she even human? Some doctors claim that she has a condition where she may have a year to live – no more than three or four, on the outside. She must certainly be aware that she is very unwell. How could she and those around her know this and support her run for President of the United States?

You don’t want to miss Dr. Joseph Farrell on this Dark Journalist episode!

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