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This is the conclusion to the wildly informative three-part series with Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt and Dr. Joseph Farrell, where they separate fact from fiction about the traditions of secret knowledge, ancient high-technology, exotic weapons and the modern race to possess them.


Farrell argues that the Great Pyramid is much older than recorded history and that it was originally set up as an advanced cosmological defense system with the power to wreak havoc on Earth and in the Cosmos, through a highly complex series of resonances networked inside the structure. Studies by scientists from many disciplines suggest a sophisticated knowledge of astronomy, Earth science, geology and geometry that was certainly not available to early Egyptian civilization, according to mainstream academe, raising the possibility that the true builders of the Great Pyramid were a forgotten technological civilization that was wiped out of existence in the distant past.

This Dark Journalist episode propels us on a fascinating, eye-opening, startling and unnerving journey of what the power structure on Earth is really engaged in, behind the scenes and how far they are willing to go, for global and galactic domination.


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Alexandra Bruce

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