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    Catherine Austin Fitts returns for part two of the discussion with Dark Journalist, Daniel Liszt.

    Right out of the gate, Fitts launches into the deep history of Clinton corruption, noting that money started going missing from the Housing and Urban Development (HUD) budget in fiscal 1990. Fitts suspects these missing funds are what initially financed not just the Clinton Foundation but Tony Blair’s foundation and Jeffrey Epstein’s underage sex blackmail operation at his home in the Virgin Islands.

    She explains, “There an accountant who did essentially nothing but HUD business who ended up being the lead auditor for the Clinton Foundation. When I saw that, I said, ‘Uh-oh!'”

    She explains Senator Harry Reid’s relationship to the CIA’s limited-hangout UFO disclosure operation associated with Tom DeLonge thus: “If you’re the senator from Nevada, you’re dealing with Area 51… the Black Budget is such a significant part of the Nevada economy. You know, one of the great hotspots for mortgage fraud is Las Vegas, which is always a [telltale sign that] you’ve got a Black Budget going on.

    “We’ve got one budget financing two civilizations and one of those civilizations is a secret. Being the senator from Nevada, Harry Reid was right smack in the middle of that…”

    As for full UFO disclosure in the future, she says, “We have two choices, we’re at a crossroads. We can either bring transparency to what’s really going on and say, ‘OK, Why are we financing two civilizations out of one budget? and What’s this other civilization? and how do we integrate it?’ or we can double down on Orwell…we can basically go to the ultimate National Security police state and basically destroy our civilization and economy, trying to keep the secret…

    ‘What the national security state looks like, in full-on Orwell…if you don’t do what you’re told, they turn off your money, which is why cryptocurrencies are at the heart of what’s going on…

    “[There’s been] a competition between the people who wanted to sacrifice the United States to keep building Empire and the people who are willing to sacrifice the party to shore up the United States.

    “I believe it was primarily a group in the military and intelligence community who understood that the global Empire was overstretched and the risk was too great and…if the unipolar Empire didn’t succeed, the military ran the risk of real implosion.

    “I think one of the challenges facing the military is the whole central banking warfare model. The currency is way too dependent on force and way too dependent on the military…

    “I think the military is saying, ‘Wait a minute, we cannot afford to bet the ranch, that we will pull all of this off.’ So, I think there’s an effort to reassure manufacturing…because Fortress America, that’s one of our great powers, to get a lot less dependent on global longline manufacturing and transportation systems and use that as a platform to really build space and go into space in a major way.

    “Look at Silicon, Hollywood, New York and DC…Think of it as that the abstract versus the concrete. I think the concrete guys said, ‘Risk levels are too great…Bring the risk levels down.’ And that was the group that won…What it’s saying is ‘Financial coup d’état: over.’

    “Now, we don’t need all those lawyers who are good at stealing money. We need engineers who can build real things and make it work…We don’t need to spend $4 billion for Air Force One because you don’t need to spend that much to get a great plane.

    “So, the concrete guys are back in charge and they’ve got a whole different vision of…how to make money…it’s a pretty different vision of the economics it’s concrete economics versus abstract so I think that is a very big shift. We’ve been going through the process all year long…

    “After the 2018 election, I think I think we are in for a fight on the ground…We’ll see shake down purges; people who stole tremendous amounts of money, who made tremendous amounts of money during the financial coup and that money didn’t go to Area 51 – it went into their private bank accounts, it went to their offshore bank accounts.

    “So, are we going to see some purges and some of them very public, so that they can throw some dirty politicians to the lions. Because, if you’re the Democrats and the Republicans coming into this election, how are you going to prove that there’s real accountability in the system? What would you do? I don’t think the body politic is gonna be satisfied with Martha Stewart this time. I think they need to come up with something bigger…

    “I’ve always believed that the investor who made the most money on the financial coup d’états was Harvard [University] and I first came to that realization I was sitting in the City of London, making a presentation about what was going on with the financial coup in the United States.

    “John Lachlan and Ann Williamson were speaking…Ann was talking about the rape of Russia and John was talking about Eastern Europe and I talking about what was happening in the US with some of the US ‘piratizations’ and what we discovered was we were talking about Harvard. It was Harvard in Eastern Europe, Harvard in Russia and Harvard in the HUD programs here. It was just – Harvard! And we literally were in shock, looking at each other…but if you said to me who’s the number-one investor who made money on the financial coup, I would say it was Harvard…

    “Remember that I said our danger this coming year is purges? Well, Harvard wants to make sure when the purges come…there’s no one there to give a deposition. They’ve laid off their internal staff, outsourced everything…and say they’re not going to publish results…Results were a problem for a lot, particularly during the Clinton Administration because their performance it was many more times than the market…

    “For Harvard to take its endowment and the Harvard Corporation this dark and secret…that tells me the Inquisition is coming. That’s the canary in the coal mine. Somebody’s battening down the hatches…

    “We laugh at what happened in Saudi Arabia but you have a new young prince who decides to literally round up the billionaires and say, ‘Okay, oil revenues’ over. You’re sitting on billions and our coffers are empty. We need 70% of the money back, because we got to rebuild the economy.’ Shake down purge…Now, we laugh and say, ‘Well that’s Saudi Arabia,’ but is a shakedown purge coming in the United States?”

    Lots more about the burgeoning space economy and how it’s always very profitable to get in first.

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    • “Britains Invisible Empire: The Empire Today – Jeff Steinberg”
      A monumental video to be reckoned with. One needs to figure out what really happened to our world, this video shows a clear picture and reality. Watch please, and spread the message far and wide saves our world and humanity.

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