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Catherine Austin Fitts gives a breakdown of where the Black Budget, Deep State forces have placed their hopes in the presidential race between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, in Part 2 of Dark Journalist, Daniel Liszt’s interview with her about the 2016 Presidential Election.

Fitts describes “Elite Panic” within the network that includes the Bush Political Family, Goldman Sachs, Neocon Militarists and Corporate Globalists. The Mainstream Media has demonstrated that they’re in the tank for a Clinton Presidency that will continue the destructive policies of financial harvesting by the banks, deranged State secrecy and aggressive militarism all over the world.

Fitts sees the election as a battle between to Human vs. Inhuman, with the population being weaponized against itself, with wedges being insinuated between demographic groups of men/women, black/white, rich/poor, to distract from the colossal financial fraud and political corruption that’s going on.

Confidence in the Mainstream Media has unravelled, with it unrelenting propaganda and its failure to practice journalism, revealing it for the branch of the Corporatist State that it is. The ruthless targeting of Trump demonstrates that he represents a threat to the Deep State, which has been working for decades to create a Totalitarian Globalist government.

The Hacktivist group, Anonymous, which provided WikiLeaks with the Podesta emails has claimed that all of the 33k Bleach Bit-deleted emails will similarly be released by tomorrow, November 1st, and they promise that this will be: “…the complete undoing of the Democratic Party. We are purposely holding them back so that they don’t have time to replace Hillary.” In addition to the emails, Anonymous says that there are 6 videos, one “…that documents Hillary slandering and being racist toward a female African-American, the amount of hatred seen on her face…will be worse than 100 Trump tapes.”

Other tapes being released promise to “…destitute any faith left in the Democratic Party, specifically with HRC’s campaign. We have them committing felonies on camera, the kind that we have [already] released will look like a j-walking ticket (bribes and threats) to control the media and election officials.”

There are rumors on online forums that Anonymous hackers released thousands of emails to both WikiLeaks and to the FBI, as a multifaceted tactic to fully expose Hillary Clinton and to get the case against her re-opened.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Tell me Alexandra, where did you find the word Nazi in the title of this clip. Why not simply refer to those intrepid explorers in Antarctica as GERMANS that would be nice wouldn’t it?

  • The bubble is going to pop. Then, maybe we can restructure the nation away from, KILL,KILL, start a war. End the CIA, the NSA, and the patriot act, witch is a criminal act in it self, and against the constitution of the United States. But that would mean big, big changes, like no more “Federal Reserve bank of Rockefeller”. Do it not because it’s easy, but because it’s hard. Like going to the moon. (to steal a phrase)

    • Count me in. Actually, I have a few ideas, along the strategy of Ghandi, and some people will die (“some always do”). But if we build an anonymous group of Light Warriors too work like Guardian Angels, we can build a following. See, cops are never there on time to Stop bad behavior, sowe need people who live among us that are covert good guys, trained and committed to protect (like Jim Caviezel’s character on “Person of Interest”).

      The challenge will be in funding, marketing and administration of such a 501 c3 non-profit.. But it enough people put their money and sweat into it. it might just help change things for the better.

      That, and overthrowing the criminal US gov’t, putting the Bush Family & exec staff on trial for treason, stopping the cabal of the 0.001% (the Bastard Billionaires – hoarders of materialism, sick with greed and megalomania,..) , the international bankers, and the military industrial complex); re-task it to be focused on our natural exploration traits, as we sail the cosmos. We could also have them build our International Rescue infrastructure, so people no longer suffer from disasters.

      As I said, we can solve this, but it requires the Will, the Way, and the Wisdom to do it correctly.

  • I enjoy Dark Journalist, but at over 6 minutes of intro horseshit before the interview starts is making this unwatchable (or unlistenable). I understand marketing and how to edit for tv, but the internet is NOT tv. And yeah, I just FF past the irritating initiation, but listen to me DJ, you need to re-think this. And you should know your audience better. You’ll start to see declining numbers, unless you realize the internet is about saving time. You can put a short ad in after the first 10 minutes, but you really MUST cull your leader (leading montage) it’s not very good anyway.

    Otherwise, I think you do give good interview. I didn’t come, but I was certainly satisfied!

  • Hillary Clinton is not running for America, but she is running to make all Americans slaves to the New World Order. She wears white pant suits, just like the Bishop of Rome, as a sign to all secret societies, that she desires power and position as a dictator and goddess. Ultimately, Clinton, as president, will unfold her agenda for subjecting the United States under the United Nations in order to accomplish and fulfill the NOW agenda. Clinton has been chosen by global elitist. Clinton’s god is not the true God of the Bible, but of Lucifer, the deceiver and destroyer of God’s people. Consequently, Clinton is a six degree Grand Dame in the Illuminati. Her husband is a 33 degree Freemason. The Illuminati are the enlighten ones that follow Satan/Luciferian teachings, who can manipulate the truth into lie, transform life into death and generate chaos to promote confusion, fear and uncertainty to achieve world supremacy. The Illuminati‘s master is Lucifer and through the NWO, Satan’s kingdom of ten regional kingdoms will be established. The Illuminati are, in their own minds, gods. There is a direct link between the Vatican, the Jesuits, the Freemasons and the Illuminati. Pope Francis recently espoused for a New World Order.
    The New Agenda for the NWO is to merge God and nature (pantheism), to eradicate male-female distinction (androgyny), and to achieve world peace and nuclear disarmament through a one world government and a one world religion (good luck). The World Constitution and Parliament Association (WCPA) have conscripted a constitution for world government. It is known as the Constitution for the Federation of Earth.
    A vote for Clinton is in essence, a vote for Lucifer and his Luciferian NWO government, guided and directed by the Jesuits. Those who say they are Christians and vote for Clinton are blind, ignorant and deceived. Shame, shame, shame on you if you vote for Clinton!!! Is your morals man-centered or God-centered? A vote for Clinton, points to a man-centered paradigm. A vote a Trump thwarts Clinton and breaks the back of the traitorous tyranny Americans have witnessed. Those who are considering voting for Clinton, seriously reconsider your allegiance to a man-centered Luciferian physiological reality. The United Nations works through education, propaganda and lies. Dr. Brock Chisolm, a former director of the WHO, stated, “To achieve world government, it is necessary to remove from the minds of men their individualism, loyalty to family traditions, national patriotism and religious dogmas.…” The world is moving away from nationalism to globalism and escaping this diabolical plan needs to happen NOW! In summary, Clinton is a liar and her god Lucifer is the father of all liars, and Clinton seeks only death, destruction, and despair for Americans and will forever enslave all Americans and the world to the NWO’s global dictatorial system.

  • Dear Alexandria, Daniel L. and Catherine A. F.,
    I Just watched the Black Budget Election Gambit interview and am writing to tell you all how Much I appreciate your work, your perspectives and the Informed Knowledge sharing of your work. Always InDepth.

    Today I am also inquiring as to why your dialogue stonewalls third party candidacy , specifically of Dr. Jill Stein. I read and watch 3 people I greatly respect and admire who seem locked into the 2 party perspective without a murmur of a third option. Your support of Donald Trump is very strange to me. I can see how in some perspectives he would be “the lesser of 2 Evils”, but to me he is equally scary. He seems to have his head locked into his very own ‘Donald Box’, deeply disconnected from the world most people inhabit.

    My major point is Dr. Jill Stein, intelligent, knowledgeable -highly desirable >’Woman’ candidate, with a Party and a Plan to back her up. Our Government is based on a bureaucracy which will continue thru whoever is elected. Looking at the ‘options’ I saw only one with the possibility of real change. Yes, a leap of the heart. Better than a leap of fear into fear and total stress a Trump would bring. Thousands, if not millions of Americans like Dr. Stein.

    It is very sad the alternate leaders stonewall the only truly promising candidate for President. Looking for a clean answer in a very dirty box.
    Promulgating the ‘Emperor’ in his new suit.

    None of this diminishes my appreciation of your analysis and knowledgeable overviews.
    Thank You for your work
    All the Best to You.
    Dora Cornwall

    • Dora, I Agree COMPLETELY! I’m voting for Jill. We need to get the message to the ruling class that the 2 party system is dead. We MUST have a viable 3rd party, and since Berndog let the Dems castrate him (what a letdown…), the only other viable option (Aside from writing in Bernie Bede Bicci..) is Dr. Jill.

      Most folks will cave to fear, and vote for one of the puppets. I say, they are both rotten human beings, and both are unqualified as ethical, moral humans to be a President, so time for a REAL vote. Maybe this one will be so effed (like Traitor Bush v. Arrogant Gore), that in 2020 we’ll actually get a choice.


      The Doctor

    • Dear Dora, thanks for the kind words. Jill Stein is certainly a much more appealing candidate to me but at this juncture, she cannot beat Hillary Clinton and in my opinion, a vote for Jill is a vote thrown away, being that I’m registered in a swing state. I am not voting for Trump as much as I’m voting against Clinton and it is a sad state of affairs that this is the way things are.

      • You ought to be ashamed of yourself for making such a remark. You have quite obviously swallowed all of the media garbage about Trump when in reality he will make a far better President of the USA than did the first Black War Criminal President or should she be given the chance the first serial criminal and already a War Criminal female President Hillary Clinton

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