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    Tore Says is my new favorite YouTube channel. We know Tore from ‘ShadowGate’, which has a Part II coming out any day now – and Tore hints that there may be a ‘ShadowGate III’, as well (Yay!)

    Tore Says that she was recruited by John Brennan’s people when she was a young Specialist in the Navy and she worked with Brennan at the Analysis Corporation and at Global Strategies Group. The latter are defense contracting companies that specialize in counterterrorism, data collection, biometric collection and they’re staffed by former senior officials from the Intelligence community. They are contractors for almost every entity in the Intelligence Community, including the State Department, DHS, FBI and DIA.

    I start the video halfway through her 2-hour podcast from yesterday, where she hints that Pakistani Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) agency was involved in 9/11 and in training ISIS/ISIL and how the ISI are masters of psychological operations.

    Then, she gets into China.

    “China was created by us in ’45. We have helped the CCP. We created it…but who, ultimately controls it all?

    “When the world finds out that this ‘infodemic’, this ‘plandemic’, this ‘pandemic’ was all planned – most people know. But it was amplified by deploying global psyops that originated from China –

    “Let me explain to you how that happened. As the news spread about this virus, the media did exactly what you would think. They would silence the news, so you saw videos going viral from journalists that may or may not really exist, showing you bodies, Tik Tok, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, “They’re burning bodies alive! People are climbing out…” and so, they’re doing all this and so, you’re eating it up. That is the truth.

    “Now, the truth is what you’re seeing on Tik Tok and Twitter, because the media’s not talking about it. ‘This guy had a seizure and he died!’ How do you know it was from this year? Why? ‘Cause it was posted?…So, the media placated to that and they followed the lead. Suddenly, all of these people were dying in Italy – and the Italian city, itself was like, ‘No they’re not!’

    …”So, ‘Everybody’s dying, everybody’s shut down – Oh, Geez!’ Now, we’re going after Tik Tok.

    “Because the original videos you saw on YouTube, the original videos you saw on Facebook, from places like Italy and China, that ‘this is happening’ came from where? Tik Tok.

    “Now, what’s even weirder is, ‘ShadowGate’ demonstrated to you one conglomerate – now, we only named a few companies – there’s more. There’s Iron and – they have tons of shell companies among them – Black Horse, the whole nine yards. They’re like one group.

    “I want you to think of that group as the Retired Generals, ‘We know better, we’re Praetorians, you’re just mere subjects. Shut up and listen!’ group.

    “Now, the company that funded all of this misinformation – that same company had also paid $100 million to all those people we showed you, on ‘ShadowGate’, who used your tax dollars to hijack your mind.

    “And now, you’ll say, ‘Well, now we know!’ No, wait. You only know half the story.

    “Dynology, iPSY, Iron, Black Horse, BlackRock, Blackstone – right? All of these is one camp. And they all take Chinese dollars. And they make trillions of dollars. They not only conduct covert operations, non-covert operations, intelligence operations within the United States – but they also conduct them on foreign soil. And they are hired by foreign nations to do the same. And that’s one camp.

    “And then, there’s another camp. And you’re stuck in the middle.

    “Now, it’s quite interesting, because there’s one common factor to both. That both camps serve the same source. The source that told you, in January that, ‘This was not catchy and you’d be fine’, the source that has been playing PR for China forever, the source that has been milking the World Bank, the source that has been working with both camps – both sides – for every war, there’s two sides. You’ve seen one side and you will soon see the other and you are in the middle.

    “But at the tip of it, those two battle to use your money to hijack the shit out of you, so you don’t know what’s real and what’s not – ’cause you don’t.

    “I can say, with full confidence – 99.99% of all media you get is propaganda, which means there is no freedom of the press, which means you don’t even have your First Amendment right, period.

    “And that’s going to be demonstrated. It’s going to be put so nicely, so you understand what the real war is…

    “I think it was March 2019, when I was so pissed-off that I heard Adam Schiff talking about Ukraine, trying to set up the president. I was so pissed-off…they were definitely tracking him to see that he was sitting down with [General] Daniel J. Jones. And I’m like, ‘Damn it! Trump’s administration is not working for him, they’re working against him. He had some knowledge – not all knowledge.

    “Look at Vindman! How cocky and disgusting! These people don’t give a damn about you. All these leaders don’t give a damn about you, whatsoever. All they care about is power, control and money. And you are simply the commodity that makes that work for them. That’s it. Nothing else…

    “You are nobody to them. You are their slaves and you just don’t know it yet. You think you’re free, and you’re like the Village Idiot – and let me tell you something: months ago, I realized I was the Village Idiot. I’m still struggling with that on a personal level. That is the worst thing to realize: That everything in front of you is a damned illusion. And that everyone is working against you, at every single facet. And the minute you raise your head, you will get one of these jihadis, one of these terrorists – because that is exactly how they keep us in check, with fear po*rn. That’s how they’re terrorizing us with debt. They’re terrorizing us, with humiliation. They terrorize us with everything you could think of.

    “They will terrorize the shit out of you until you bend the knee and submit. And that is what’s been happening for decades and now is where we stand. The only thing we can do to break these invisible chains is to be paying attention.

    “China is an identifiable threat but the Chinese military-industrial complex is not Chinese. It’s the global military-industrial complex. And if you look carefully, you will see that they’re all centered to one place. One simple place. And we have been defunding them, one after another, after another, after another.

    “So, this is all coming down and this is what’s happening. Now…sometimes, my friends scare me because they’re so brilliant. But we already know how they are going to spin the next segment and we’re ready for that, because we’re ten steps ahead.

    “And these IIA operations, I’m telling you – 99.99% of the crap you see online, on TV, on your radio and in print – are bullcrap.

    “They’re telling that because they want you to focus on that. That is all they want you to focus on.

    “There’s something that, when we went through training – I want to say an operational term – it’s called ‘The 4Ds: Deny, Disrupt, Degrade and Deceive.’ The 4Ds. THAT’s 4D chess! That is what 4D chess is!

    “So, you deceive them, you degrade them, you disrupt them and you deny them. Deny access to information, disrupt any access of any actual information, degrade any information that is coming out – that would include targeting the source and then, deceive the population with what you want. So, when we see this happening in our cyberspace, the whole purpose of it so that it can come out into the real world. And when it spills into the real world, 4D chess becomes 5D chess, because that’s where you’re destroyed.

    “So, they’ll deceive you, they will disrupt you, they will deny you…and then, comes D5: Destroy. That is how they do it…

    “This is how a perfect influence operation happens…

    “After they’ve deceived you, after they’ve degraded you, denied you – and they’ve disrupted you, it then translates into the real world and they destroy you. And the destruction is not so much a physical destruction. It’s your mind. They don’t care if you live or die. They prefer you alive, because they want to hijack your mind. That’s it. These puppeteers want to hijack the way you think, the way you talk, the way you walk, what you consider credible, what you don’t. What you believe in, what you don’t. That’s the way it is. This is how they operate.

    “And you know what they fear the most? Those that are impervious to D4. Because the rule of thumb in the Intelligence Community is, ‘If you can’t take ’em down, solid, with all options of D4 – and that kind of means you’re not getting D5 (destroyed). It means that you’re gonna be the victim of D5 – not your target…

    “And so, what they’re most concerned with is you waking up…

    “And so, by setting fires within, you spark a revolution, where people all rise up at once to avoid the destruction.”

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