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    Georgia County Commissioner Found Passed Out Drunk in the Street and Unruly: Shocking Incident Caught on Body Cam

    by Jim Hoft

    Clayton County Board of Commissioners Vice Chair Felicia Franklin was found passed out on a sidewalk outside a sports bar, leading to her removal from her role as Vice Chair. Body cam footage from the September incident, which has just been released, shows a disturbing scene where Franklin becomes unruly and abusive towards medics and police officers.

    The incident occurred on September 29, when police discovered Franklin outside the 404 Sports Bar and Grill in Morrow, Georgia. The body cam footage shows Franklin screaming, crying, and at one point, hurling abuse at emergency staff. Due to her increasingly violent behavior, she had to be restrained in the ambulance and later at the hospital.

    “I don’t give a f***, get him out of my face,” she said while she assaulted one of the medics.

    Franklin initially claimed she was drugged with a “date rape pill” and had only consumed a glass of wine and a cocktail. However, police contradicted her account, stating there was no sign of the drug in her system, and instead, she tested positive for alcohol and cannabis. CCTV footage from the bar showed Franklin being served multiple drinks and dancing energetically.

    Despite her claims of being unlawfully voted out, Franklin was removed from her position as Vice Chair on October 23. The Clayton County Board of Commissioners appointed DeMont Davis as the new vice chair.

    “When things are caught on camera like that, we’ve got to begin to address it,” DeMont Davis said. “I think there had to be a change to regain some of this confidence.”

    Board Chairman Jeff Turner told FOX5, “The video spoke for itself. What more can we say? We represent the citizens of Clayton County, and we have to make sure we present ourselves in a way that our citizens are going to be proud of us.”

    Post the incident, Franklin took to Facebook, still insisting she was drugged and expressing her intention to work with authorities for justice and improved safety measures.

    She wrote:

    I want to share a deeply personal and troubling experience that I recently faced while attending an event here in our very community. It is believed by medical professionals that I was drugged with a GHB pill, more commonly known as the “date rape pill,” and this incident has shaken me to my core.

    I was safe and did not leave the facility until Morrow EMT medical professionals arrived and rendered emergency support.

    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

    While I am still processing the details, I am committed to shedding light on this issue.

    I believe it’s crucial to use this moment as a catalyst for change. I will be working closely with authorities to ensure that justice is served, and I will also be advocating for improved safety measures at events like these.

    No one should have to go through what I experienced, and I want to thank all of you for your support during this challenging time. Stay tuned for further details as we work towards a safer environment for all.

    However, Sgt. Scott Stewart from Morrow Police stated that there was no evidence supporting her claim of being drugged with GHB. The investigation concluded that Franklin consumed several alcoholic beverages at the bar.

    The 404 Sports Bar and Grill released a statement emphasizing their commitment to patron safety and expressed relief at the resolution of the incident.

    “We express our deepest gratitude to our patrons and community for your unwavering support and understanding during the recent police investigation that took place at 404 Sports Bar & Grill. Your patience, cooperation, and continued patronage have been invaluable to us during this challenging time.First and foremost, we assure you that the safety and well-being of our patrons have always been and will continue to be our top priority. The recent police investigation was an unfortunate and unforeseen event, but we are grateful for the swift response and thorough investigation conducted by the authorities. We are pleased to inform you that the matter has been resolved.”

    As of now, the case is closed, and the EMT has decided not to press charges. Franklin remains an elected official but no longer holds her vice chair position. Her future political aspirations remain uncertain as she grapples with the fallout from this scandal.

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • Alexandra,

      Distressing !—that you suffer
      lack of financial support while
      Deep State actors work to
      shutdown all anti-socialist/
      -communist conservative
      platforms, such as yours.

      One would think, BlazeTV,
      as champion of free speech,
      would come to your aid—as
      Glenn Beck has connections
      with monied movers and
      shakers on the RIGHT.

      But, RIGHTISTS are among
      the most cowardly, being
      defeated by EMOTION in
      Libertine Leftism—as one
      famous movie critic had said
      years ago : “Why surprised
      to learn we have a Reptilian
      Brain ? “ ( Addressing the
      popularity of a sex-filled
      movie made from a poorly
      written book ).

      Sex sells !—because emotion
      trumps reason in most of us.

      As for alcohol-related mis-
      behavior, such as described
      above—booze shuts down
      the EXECUTIVE – right vs.
      wrong / pass that sugar
      test – part of the brain :

      —-Give her a break !—as the
      —-public gets a look at her
      —-Reptilian proclivities.

      Whenever I’ve had too
      much alcohol, I get kind
      and happy and friendly,
      whereas my wife gets
      violent—go figure ! Or,
      accept that women are
      biologically closer to
      expressing Reptilian
      (( monthly Moon Cycles
      in pre-menopause
      women provide proof )).


      • Hi Rick,
        And UF your dig Father in your research like Jonathan Klevk has in his website, you can read and see pictures of what he found out about the Reptilian creatures and women,
        His website : A Light In A Dark Place.

        I won’t ruin the surprise of what ya will find out except mention both men and women have Scales when human skin is magnified very very much.
        And a Certain area / part on a woman’s body resembles the open mouth if a snake. 🐍 .

        • Jimmy420,


          But I move beyond those
          connections, and surmise :

          We humans are self repli-
          cating ROBOTS, driven
          by genomic codes, for the
          benefit of what ancient
          seekers had determined
          are “ARCHONS,” who
          capture souls – the light
          of spirit – and use them
          to animate organic bodies
          ( batteries, if you will )—
          for their own purposes !,
          which purposes remain
          hidden from us ( that an
          out-of-body experience
          exists, strongly hints at
          my above proposition ).



          Yes, I had learned to
          exit my physical body,
          and was friend to the
          late Robert A. Monroe
          ( “Journeys Out of the Body“ ),
          and friend to his psychiatrist/
          critic/therapist, Dr. George
          Ritchie ( read his book,
          “Return from Tomorrow” ).


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