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    Due to the Canadian truckers’ Freedom Convoy, many people around the world are beginning to feel that we may conceivably rip this horrible Globalist monkey off our backs.

    There are actually people out there who are deciding not to commit suicide because of the truckers.

    Who better to give us a bead on what’s happening in Canada than Amazing Polly – who’s not only Amazing – she’s Canadian.

    She says here, “There’s lots to laugh about, it brings tears of joy to your eyes but for today, I have to concentrate on the seriousness, because I believe we’re at a very, very serious moment…

    “The Color Revolution already happened in this country, it just didn’t look like the Maidan Square. It didn’t look like it looked in Egypt and elsewhere.

    “It happened by stealth. It’s Globalism. It’s Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum, with his…countless underground groups that have been particularly groomed and put into positions in the media, in city halls, in bureaucracies – they’re not out front. You would never recognize these people but then, you start looking at them and they’re part of the World Economic Forum. The Color Revolution already happened. All of these people already did it.

    “What the truckers and the farmers and the tow truck drivers and others are doing is they’re actually trying to fight the power that came in and took over this country at some point in the past.

    “And this is a real war. It is either everybody stops now and cuts their losses and says, ‘This fight is unwinnable’…or we grow up immediately, face how serious this moment is; face what really needs to be done – and we try to do it.

    “Because just ending the mandates is not going to be good enough. If that happens, without tons of resignations, without changes to the Public Health Act – by that, I mean eliminate all powers of Public Health – eliminate so much of the administrative state powers that go on in this country – they will just use all of this as a lesson on how to further control us in the future.

    “That’s where I think we’re at for real,” she says.

    And I concur, completely.

    Members of the convoy have heard that 1,800 riot police are being sent to Ottawa but they don’t know when or if this is even true except that they’ll know a crackdown is imminent when their communications get cut.

    They do know for a fact that a “processing center” is being set up just outside of Ottawa, where they anticipate that they’ll be “kettled” (herded) by the riot cops to be arrested and legally processed into the Canadian Criminal Justice System.

    Polly says that Trudeau doesn’t listen to his colleagues or to his constituents. She says,  “Basically, what Trudeau does – and this has been the case for 6 years – is they go into the House of Commons, they go in and ask him questions and he gives the same answer, over and over, until people want to shoot themselves in the head. I cannot watch it. It’s abusive.

    “Our whole country has been under and abusive government for 5, 6 years…2015…Oh, my God, we’re coming up on 7 years and we’re cracking under the strain.”

    She plays a video of Trudeau back in 2013, responding to the Boston Marathon Bombing (false flag) and talking about how we need to understand the “root causes” that made Chechen refugees commit this act of terror, which he seems to blame on those who were bombed, because they weren’t “inclusive” enough.

    Being that Trudeau will not deign to speak to the truckers, who have the support of millions of hardworking, tax-paying Canadians, Amazing Polly practically spits fire as she says, “What a tremendous hypocrite!”   

    Then she plays a 2017 clip of Klaus Schwab, bragging about how his Young Global Leaders “penetrate zee cabinets” of the world governments and how many of his acolytes are now serving the highest offices of their lands, from Angela Merkel, to Emmanuel Macron to Justin Trudeau, saying of the latter, “I know half of his cabinet or even more than half of this cabinet are actually Young Global Leaders of the World Economic Forum.”

    The reason why Trudeau (or Macron or Biden, for that matter) never really address the questions of their constituents is because they are Globalist minions of the World Economic Forum who have hijacked our governments and are actively sabotaging our institutions.

    She says, “It’s a global agenda to fundamentally rip apart the economy, the society, the culture, the legal system, the education system and the healthcare system. This is what they want. They’re destroying it because they want to bring in a new one, all based on super high tech, like QR codes, the Internet of Things and much more that’s even creepier than that. That’s what they’re trying to do to Canada right now.

    “And it’s not the truckers who are trying to wreck it, contrary to some paranoiacs out there, who say, ‘You guys are walking into a trap!’

    “We’re in the trap! We’re fighting to get out of the World Economic Forum, who totally has devastated the social fabric and healthcare system and education system of this country! We need to end it now, before our children are permanently damaged.”

    She continues, “We can’t let up pressure even if they end the mandates…because if we fail to get the important things [in a negotiation], they will just crush us for the rest of our lives.”

    She then plays a clip with Canadian law professor, Bruce Pardy, who explains, “The COVID thing’s very important, crucial and a crisis. And we have to get through the crisis but once the crisis is done, once we get rid of all the COVID rules, a lot of these problems will remain and people have to keep their attention on them and don’t just think that we got rid of the problem. We got rid of the symptom but the problem is still there.”

    As Polly says, “The foundation on which the mandates were built needs to be blown sky high.”


    On Wednesday evening, Rebel News founder, Ezra Levant posted this insightful Twitter thread on the current situation in Canada and how he thinks it will shake out:

    I think I know how this trucker rebellion is going to end. Hear me out.

    Two days in a row, Liberal MPs have publicly distanced themselves from Trudeau’s fiasco. He’s never had such a crisis before and he’s never mismanaged it so badly. Gerald Butts‘ usual advice – smear everybody as racist sexist Nazis – isn’t working. It’s made things worse.

    No-one believes it anymore, especially when everyone can see for themselves how happy and Canadian the crowd is. They see thousands of Canadian flags but they hear Trudeau snarling about Nazi flags. Suddenly Trudeau looks old and out of touch.

    So Trudeau is abusing working people, minorities, independent thinkers. People who used to vote for him. I can’t get over the fact that 57% of Green voters love the truckers. Trudeau’s smiley mask has slipped; he’s shown his rage. Voters will never un-see that.

    Trudeau never apologizes (except for when he apologizes for other people’s sins). He is emotionally incapable of admitting he was wrong. He never has in his life. So he’s stuck as the angry guy. It’s not a good look. That’s 100% Gerald Butts.

    Trudeau is polling as the worst politician to deal with the crisis according to BOTH pro- and anti-truckers! (How is that even possible?)

    It’s a remarkable combination of insults, incompetence, and fleeing the city. Both sides blame Trudeau.

    But he can’t back down now. How can you call someone a racist sexist Nazi, and say you’ll never meet with them — and then meet with them?

    But that’s exactly what most people want Trudeau to do. Including half of the people in Ottawa!

    Trudeau has made outrageous threats and the Ottawa Police have disgraced themselves by carrying out those threats with shocking brutality. This video has 3M views in two days. This is Trudeau’s vibe now. But how can he back down? He can’t lose face.

    That video is bad enough. But imagine going truck by truck, extracting men, women and children? Here’s a vid from the Coutts border crossing. What’s Trudeau going to do — shoot them? Policing doesn’t work when the bulk of citizens don’t consent.

    So the truckers aren’t backing down. All Ottawa courts would do is end the honking. The Coutts and Milk River blockade probably have 5,000 people in the middle of the prairie. And now the single most important bridge in North America is locked down.

    I call it the most important because it carries 25% of Canada-U.S. trade on it — connecting the auto industry on either side of the Detroit River. And the bridge just happens to be privately owned, too.

    Trudeau has no clue what to do. He’s losing his cool. He’s losing voters. He’s even losing his MPs. Only the fools at the Ottawa Police and the Media Party are still marching with him. Gerald Butts is panicking — he’s lashing out and suing critics…

    Imagine what a trucker rebellion would do in the U.S. Supply chain mess. Inflation. Unemployment. Visual proof of Biden’s economic failure on TV every night. Alienating working class voters Biden needs so desperately this November.

    But the truckers are already changing the political climate. Half a dozen Democrat states just ended mask mandates. Democrats are looking for a graceful exit for Fauci. Biden doesn’t need this staring contest.

    And here, I predict, is how this ends: Biden gets the CDC to announce that The Science® has evolved again, and St. Fauci now says truckers don’t need to be vaccinated to cross the border. Biden’s policies are working so well, they can be retired already! Biden is a friend of the working man!

    Biden saves the day. He saves jobs. He’s normalizing America! And the Teamsters will praise him. And because he didn’t demonize the truckers, he won’t lose face.

    But all cross-border trucks do round trips. So if Biden ends the vaccine mandate, Trudeau has to, as well.

    You can’t have a cross-border vaccine mandate in one direction. Biden will move, Trudeau will follow. He’ll say it was for Canada-U.S. relations, and that it wasn’t because of those racist, sexist, Nazi truckers.

    But of course, it will be. And everyone will know it.

    These Canadian truckers — and everyone cheering them on, despite the rage of the establishment — are saving Canada. They’re already making us more free. They’ve done more damage to Trudeau than the last two Conservative Party leaders combined. They’re a political tsunami.

    They’ve restored a sense of community in a country that Trudeau and Butts pitted against itself. They’ve restored a common purpose in a country where lockdown laws kept us isolated from each other. They’ve literally been a moveable street festival. They’re great Canadians…

    But what’s never happened before is these Canadian truckers will be responsible for making America a freer place. The daily TV images of the Canadian truckers have some paternity in the Democrats’ about-face on masks this past week. (What other intervening event did that?)…


    I know that my own general view of truckers has altered from this standoff. Whenever I see big rigs now, I just see heroes.

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • When things don’t make sense, FOLOW THE MONEY, there you will find the answers.
      This is the case for all things political, where you are left wondering how and why the insanity continues. There are far too many politicians invested in the decisions they make, literally invested, paid off, bought and paid for.

    • Dear Polly, Thank you for your determination in bringing light to the dark corners of our world. I am incredibly impressed with your presentation, this brings me hope, may your message reach every corner of the earth. I find the following two quotes of interest:
      “I see in the near future a crisis approaching that unnerves me and causes me to tremble for the safety of my country … corporations have been enthroned and an era of corruption in high places will follow, and the money of the country will endeavor to prolong its reign by working upon the prejudices of the people until all wealth is aggregated in a few hands and the Republic is destroyed. I feel at this moment more anxiety for the safety of my country than ever before, even in the midst of war”. President Abraham Lincoln

      “Democracy must be something more than two wolves and a sheep voting on what to have for dinner” James Bovard.

    • God bless you dear dear Polly. I cry with you. I pray with you. I hang on with you. I take action with you. I am so very grateful for you. I have moved to Ecuador to get out of Oregon. The Deep State is everywhere. I left my family and community and am now part of the resistance here in Ecuador. There are a few brave ones here. We gather every 2 weeks to re strategize as the Ugly Government continually try to control ALL of the people. Thank you for always keeping me on track all of these insane many months. I believe in you. I believe in us. I believe in God. Love, Janet

    • Not listening to All negative that is being mainstream only listening and watching the truckers and support coming from FREEDOM movement All Prayers going YOUR Way
      Love what your All doing for HUMANITY FREEDOM never to be taken away again OUR GOD given RIGHTS 🙏👍🇦🇺

    • All sites talk about the same exact topics. Do you REALIZE that all these endless ISSUES and MOVEMENTS is their STRATEGY? ENDLESS.

    • Global Shapers Forum;
      205 pages of only “alumni” photos, 4.095 all together and then there are also 10.211 “shapers” organized in 457 “hubs”:

      “- -”

      But we are only scratching the outer surface of the global beast system of networked minions.

      Then comes the Young Global Leaders Forum;
      shuffle through 96 pages of more then 1.400 photos of minions and their positions of power, from Blair to Putin, From Macron to Trudeau, From Bezos to Gates and to Zuckerberg, kings, princesses,… this is heavy weight as far as global forums networks go, this is future global religion’s holy place, Valhalla, where the gods meet:

      “- -”

      And don’t forget about the Atlantic Council Forum;
      global network with many pages of photos and bios of their experts:

      “- -”

      There is no winning here, only continuous battling, endless skirmishes.

    • Scientifically managed testing of a simulation model for depressing all people into an Old-Abnormal, with emphasis on observance of the young generations and their developing depression.

      I think that majority of the participants of Canadian protests are real dissenters and not agents of the government. I also think that the protest’s buildup was intentionally allowed. I think this is a hot-situation test for all the pro-government agencies and agents (and NGOs and the media included) that is designed to check their capacity and capability for stifling dissenting masses.

      I think Canada was intentionally selected as ground for testing, because people are very reserved, tempered and non-aggressive and were programmed in bygone decades to dislike violence. This will ensure that the buildup and progression of the real-life hot-testing is most predictable and safe and data point gathered are reliable and can be utilized in existing crowd-control models and simulations. The “freedom convoy” was the first manipulation hoisted upon the movement of dissenting people, a meme to serve as an international news-feed identifier and as an anchor for future media exploitation.
      Once the international public accepted the meme – the media in the beginning actively field-tested the emotional potential of different designations and settled with “convoy” after people’s reactions that are being measured continuously indicated that they can emotionally be triggered by the use of “freedom convoy” – further steps (phases) towards achieving the goal of this test – steps that would confirm old predictions of all the simulations done in the past – can be fine tuned and made more predictable and efficient.

      Now that the media finally has a internationally field-tested meme that is automatically accepted by people’s brains globally – the convoy meme bypasses defenses of rational thought and makes emotional responses of targeted persons available for fine tuned manipulations – the first and very important phase (the naming of a brain “child” bug) is completed. What follows is the activation of forces within and without the movement to begin with their actions of disruption and subduction. The hot-situation testing (in a real-world and not as a simulation) of counter-movement counter-agents, counter-agencies, counter-agendas can now begin.

      The counter-movement will test all techniques that they played out in countless simulations that were basis for computer modeling of crowd control actions. Remember Miles’ words: We are all participants in this test. We all have our roles to play, active protesters, passive observers, counter-movement, governments, the media,… Everything is measured and analyzed, turned into data points and incorporated into dynamical models in this real time and real life test of crowd control computer assisted simulations. That is why the counter-movement is proceeding so slowly (treading carefully). The outcome of the test is already known to those who run the counter-movement simulations and predictive programming schemes. They just need clean and unambiguous data points to scientifically confirm their models in real (hot) situation. There is a global market for such models.

      There will be traitors found within the protesters’ movement – there must always be some rotten eggs, which is the first variable that is being tested – and the process of identification of those is right now unfolding. Of course the movement was from the beginning inundated with suspicion of the fifth column embedded, the idea was sown from the outside and from the inside. Traitors will be found, they always are (or fall guys who were embedded to play the role of traitors), one way or another. This will give valuable input (data) to those who designed the model for the crowd counter-movement simulations. This second phase should discourage dissenters active on streets (that is basic assumption by the modelers) and even more it should sever emotional connection between the street protester and those who sympathize from far away, the passive observers. Any detectable cracks in movement’s unity should be then exploited to the fullest by the Media counter-movement propaganda. This will be the time when the media’s full potential is activated – for now the media’s role was only to field-test meme responses, but didn’t run interference on the ground except for the regular covid-style repetitive downplaying of the situation – and in this second phase the media itself will be field-tested when it hits the streets from all sides and begins “reporting” the (pre)planned narrative that will lead TV viewers at home through a story of gradual dismemberment of street movement’s unity, a story that will paint to blind TV watchers a picture of initially highly organized movement and then the picture will gradually begin developing scripted cracks on the surface and through those demoralizing cracks the goal of the test will begin emerging, all leading to the final disarray, confusion and chaos.

      Who said that revolution will not be televised? Any time when real people are allowed to participate in real bottom-up (anticipated, allowed and steered) revolutions, the progress of the counter-revolution processes is televised, it has to be documented to serve as future’s grassroots movement dissuasion teaching material.
      Only top-down revolutions are silent, those, of which people are not even aware are happening.

      And then comes the third phase – street cleaning up – and that is when police “dogs” in action are field-tested, while TV studios are paraded with law experts, public security annalists and political party leaders who read out loud already written legislation changing proposals for future measures that will ensure nothing even slightly resembling public uprising can ever happen again. This is also time when TV sets at home would be turned off while people are licking their emotional wounds. They have once again lost and can’t afford to care for what is coming next.

      If we look at the passive observers then phase one is the time when they express their enthusiasm, in stage two doubts are sown and emotional roller coaster between despair and hopium begins, in phase three anger followed by disillusion sets in and depression closes their mind to external inputs. Now they have been trained to never look outward with optimism. Who needs financial and economic depressions if one tactically micro-managed event can put all the people into mental depression that will never go away.

      Eternal depression.
      The passive observers will know that they had a real chance to stop planned controlled demolition of the genuine grassroots event (this is test, remember, test of all and test for all) and the passive observers also will know (not just in Canada) that such a grassroots movement could never be repeated in their lifetime.
      Some minor part of the passively observing majority will be stuck in alternating mental states, some flip-flopping between enthusiasm and depression, others between hopium and depression and some between anger and depression. World will revert into an Old-Abnormal again, a depressing reality with only a few degrees of freedom.

      Should one who is already depressed by living through Old-Abnormal of the last 50+ years even be trying to stop the “test” from achieving its predestined goal of depressing younger generations to the same level of depression the older generations are already enjoying?
      Can the test be stopped at all or is it unstoppable once it has commenced?

      What about postponing the test results if the final outcome is unchangeable?
      Truckers going home to shower and coming back smelling good, continuously re-booting the test program until the testing hardware falls into a loop and reveals its internal circuitry bottlenecks or until bios/eprom boot (stomping faces) sequence fails completely?

    • Mr. Sing blinks so many times that anyone who reads facial expression would declare him a liar. This is not a negotiation but a grand slam expose of tyranny. The intention of the Trudeau admin is to push Communism and the globalist agenda of depopulation. When the people are confronted with a plot to exterminate them, it is their duty to defend themselves no matter if violence is required to save their lives. Desperate measures are now indicated. Remember the Premier or President or King of Rumania’s fate.

    • It’s Late at Night…
      By Anna Von Reitz

      I am told that “they” — the public employees — are scared.
      Well, they and everyone else damned well ought to be.
      Every clique on Earth is busy trying to do something last minute to grab a piece of what they think is “The Pie”, but in the Bingo Room, Nancy Pelosi is scheming to push through a “cashless society” which will enslave humanity and let these pikers mercilessly kill and deprive anyone they wish to kill or deprive at their whim.
      Stare at it. Look at it long and hard. That’s what they are trying to hide behind all the flashing lights and logical default settings associated with their plandemic.
      So, now we know.
      Cliff High has been ruminating as I have, about their last card.
      What is left to play?
      Weaponized, AI-controlled money. Worthless digital digits which THEY control.
      It goes along with the weaponized Common Cold.
      And they expect us to pay them and put up with them and let them kill us and defraud us and steal the value of everything we have.
      They’d better be scared.
      They have never understood good people. That’s what scares them most of all, because they have no way of telling what’s going to happen when a lot of good people get fed up enough to turn bad.


    • Splendid work, Polly!

      You have an inspiring piece of work here. It is long AND every bit of it is crucial for Canadians and for people beyond our borders to understand. I am very grateful for what you have given us in this presentation. Every trucker and every Canadian gains from work like this!

    • I see you as a hero too, Alexandra, thank you.

      Yesterday I read an update by John O’loony on Europe Reloaded. Here is an excerpt for the Australians :
      “To all the complicit people out there who aren’t speaking up, what’s going to happen to you when you’re next and you’re put in a FEMA camp? You’ll have fulfilled your purpose. It’s what Australians are concerned about. It’s a 14-day stay, but they’re building 5 new ones in Australia. So there’ll be 12 in total.
      The feeling is from experts he’s spoken to, such as economists, is that China wants Australia, to whittle down the population and take Australia as a mining colony. It’s all like a B-grade horror film. In Australia, we’ve never had a govt launch such an attack on its people. (…) It’s clear citizens and children are being culled.

      As for us in continental Europe, I’ve always seen “their” plan as to lock us inside a new Iron Curtain, of the electronic kind. The infamous EU published a declaration saying proudly that their infamous “pass” would spread to many countries over the borders of Europe.
      We expect more fight. In France the Truckers do not own their trucks, so the same movement cannot take the same form here. But as many europeans want to drive by any means to Brussels, to the infamous EU seat, the so-called “authorities” have already lost their nerves and begun to prevent the departure of a crowd from south France. They absolutely want to avoid more unrest until april 10th, day of the fake presidential elections in France.

      Also, the fake media keep totally mute about the death of Pr. Luc Montagnier. They cannot acknowledge what he said in early 2020 : that the french “government” together with the Institut Pasteur was complicit in the production of poisons with the Wuhan Lab and Fauci.

    • So happy to see you back speaking such heartfelt truth Polly. You are incredible and this report could not have been said any more clear. We in Canada and yes the world are in the fight of our lives. This is way bigger then mandates and this planned new world order one world government WEF social credit depopulation plan has been hiding in the shadows far too long. God bless you and the many casting light on this criminal conspiracy of the demonic globalist. Thank you thank you thank you! God wins. We will win. Truth prevails and we will stand strong and hold the line.

    • “Penetrate zee cabinets”….ha..ha (!). Knowing what these cabalists do with other men is where that Freudian slip came from. Klaus Schwab and his ilk throw themselves around as well educated compared to the run of the mill useless eaters, yet cannot come up with the right terminology to describe their tyrannical and surreptitious moves. Every time Schwab opens his mouth he simply wreaks of Nazism and psychopathy. Too bad a lot of people continue to believe “conspiracy theory” despite being gobsmacked by the reality of the New World Order/WEF. For those of you reading this, Tulsi Gabbard is one of those trained “young leaders” via the CFR training camp.

    • Great stuff Polly. Thanks. I have actually no money at all beyond bare survival otherwise I’d gladly share. We can win. We must persevere

    • I heard the other night that the Ottawa Police are exempted from the vaccinations. Has anybody else heard the same? Hypocrisy Abounds, eh? Who else is exempt? Are they able to travel internationally without the vax?

    • Realize there are two systems of RESETS. a good one and Very Bad one.
      The good one is decentralized and REMOVED fom the WORLD BANK.

      This is what we Must Support; Knowledge of the World Events and People gives us a heads up How and Why we must
      Remove our States and Counties from the World BANK system..

    • I’ve heard ole Klause Schwab,fearless leader,has had a major STROKE..So we’ll see what happened or changes, something is changing but it’s hard to get information that’s real🤪Do not comply,we are on the right track!We must persist as they have..there is more of us and that will be our greatest asset..many made to “WON”

    • no people did not allow it to happen; except we do not USE our Rights in our Own Court as a PEOPLE not as their PROPERTY.
      They stole it and the more they get to use; the more they beleive they OWN IT / US.

      world must go to and download all pdf’s and videos.
      All the evidence the world needs to see to understand the COVID19 LIE will be found. the world must go for truth and the solution!

    • no people did not allow it to happen; except we do not USE our Rights in our Own Court as a PEOPLE not as their PROPERTY.
      They stole it and the more they get to use; the more they beleive they OWN IT / US.

      ***DOWNLOAD: The world must go to and download all pdf’s and videos.
      All the evidence the world needs to see to understand the COVID19 SARS-CoV-2 LIE will be found. the world must go for truth and the solution!

    • Oh what Satanic Seeds they Spew?
      How do you tell One of the Globalists are lying? A. When they Open Their Mouths and vomit comes out!

      Please follow Mr. Phillip Argillier from France @ HumanRights

      Keep Eric ? a French war monger (Dangerous for the World’s Peace), who’s running for Pres. Of France, from winning..He’s an awful Threat for America and The Entire World..
      This is very Important.


    • I am inspired and hopeful because of the brave Canadians and I pray that we also follow their example and stand strong. Admire the strong spiritual Joan of Arcs like Amazing Polly and you Alexandra. May the Divine Presence protect and preserve you and magnify your magnificent efforts to awaken sleeping humanity and make a better world.

    • To all law enforcement and military. If you foolishly think that feeding this shark, it will never eat you? Think again! It will only eat you last. And your children too.

    • Hi Polly: Thank you for the encouragement I will try my best to get this out to everyone I know.
      Love all of your podcasts

    • There is a wonderful photograph of a little girl in Canada, holding a sign that says: “The trucks are coming to save us.”
      That picture warms my heart, and sends me into brings me down, all at the same time.
      Our youngsters should not need anyone to come and save them, because there should not be anything they need to be rescued from-and especially from something their government is doing.
      These kids innocence needs to be protected, and that is it.
      Your man in Canada, Trudeau, is an example of the paucity of ideas Leftists exhibit: they need to disparage rather than affirm, be positive, because they have nothing positive to give.
      Trudeau, along with his Leftist vermin colleagues, is what we call in Australia a burnt unit.
      There are no real logic circuits left in this poor excuse of a man’s brain, because his brain is fried with Leftist baloney which, essentially, is based on a totally warped narrative that bears no relation to actual reality.
      The Leftist narrative relies on control of the media, as Amazing Polly details so well here, and relies on ignorance, ignorance that is fast becoming just the opposite.
      The facts are that people just want to live, and that governments all over the world are anathema to that.
      What people need to know is that there are only four words anyone needs to know.
      These are: There is only Love.
      If there is no Love in what you see your governments doing, then what they are doing is nothing that you will ever want-so don’t accept it, which is what the truckers are doing.
      And if you don’t “like” the government any more, then do something like this:
      This amounts to the “ordinary” people doing extraordinary things.
      All power to you, Polly, and to Alexandra for putting this stuff up.
      I am hoping to get to Canberra, Australia, for the weekend protest, which is our big Alamo-type occasion.

    • Trudeau is a classic cowardly tyrant. REAL men and women scare him shitless. God Bless my Canadian brothers and sisters just 400 yards north of my home;)

    • Australia is under the same Globalist agenda yoke. Citizens cannot leave Australia, and the msm propaganda is 24/7, sickening! Think, Canada, Australia and NZ all with WEF collaborators are the “test countries”, to commence installing their complete package.
      Australia is easy, guns were handed in many years ago, with the Govt’s push to remove guns from the people, so much easier to take and enforce control on a pretty helpless population.
      America not so easy!!!!

    • Planet Earth is in a battle between good and evil. These truckers may be our last hope to overcome evil. Support these people like your freedom depends upon it, because it may very well be. Had America had people willing to sacrifice like this group, we might be able to recover our Republic that is being destroyed.

    • This is all about class warfare, the elite against the common men and women of the world. This is a phycological war pushed by the WW Media that is owned by the same people who are killing us off with their death Jabs. They believe they are the gods of this world and that they have the authority to destroy anyone and everyone that stands in their way. They are now coming to kill your children by destroying their immune system. They are destroying your jobs with the lockdowns and mandates, why? This brings more and more of the one economy of the world under fewer and fewer corporations that are owned by the hidden rulers that rule our elected rulers; the plutocracy of men that own more than some major national entities. It is time this invisible government be exposed, destroyed and laws changed and safeguards put in place to prevent this from ever occurring again.

    • I agree, it’s like governments/governmental institutions are a derelict house. Needs to be gutted and totally renewed from the ground up

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