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    A devastating new film by British documentary filmmaker Martin Durkin has obliterated the climate change scam in just 80 minutes.

    Durkin, a former revolutionary communist turned staunch libertarian, exposes the climate change scam by interviewing a cast of world renowned academics and researchers who calmly break down how the earth’s climate has always been changing and not a result of human activity.

    Climate: The Movie is neatly summarized by the conservative journalist Toby Young over at The Spectator, who describes it as the “cure for climate anxiety” experienced by so many leftist ignoramuses:

    A new documentary, Climate: The Movie, by the maverick filmmaker Martin Durkin, is becoming a phenomenon, though it’s received almost no publicity in the mainstream media. It rejects the idea that we’re in the midst of a ‘climate emergency’, so that’s hardly surprising. But it has already racked up millions of views online and been translated into ten languages. I watched it on YouTube on Monday and can confirm it’s a dazzlingly entertaining film that distils the case against climate alarmism into a succinct 80 minutes.

    One of the reasons it’s so hard to challenge the narrative about climate change is because it supposedly reflects the ‘settled’ scientific consensus…. To underline this, the film features a cast of distinguished scientists, including the winner of the 2022 Nobel Prize for physics, who gleefully take on all the sacred cows of the environmental lobby.

    Among the film’s stellar set of contributors include Sallie Louise Baliunas, a retired Harvard astrophysicist, John Clauser, a theoretical and experimental physicist who won a Nobel Prize in Physics, William Happer, a Professor of Physics at Princeton and Richard Lindzen, former Professor of Meteorology at MIT.

    As well as detailng the paper thin fake science behind the climate scam, the film also explains how global elites invented the scam and then built a multi trillion dollar industry around it, creating incredible vested interests who will aggressively censor and attack those who contradict the official narrative.

    “I made the movie because I think the climate alarm is bollocks and because I hate Greens (reactionary misanthrope snobs), and I love material progress (everyone getting richer), and the values and aspirations of what are called ‘ordinary people,’” Durkin told The Gateway Pundit in an interview.

    The film is already being shadowbanned by YouTube and other Big Tech platforms, many of whom fear the prospect of people waking up about the extent of the climate change scam.

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    • I think there are very valid points here, but you spoil it by talking about things you don’t understand, doing what you accuse others of doing. It would have been better to stick to the points you know.
      For example, the fertile garden with abundant plants shown by the African in Kenya, also showed rich red soil. Many parts of Kenya have volcanic soil which is wonderful soil. Adding in synthetic fertilisers would do little to the production and deplete the soil. This does NOT feed the world. It may provide more food, but of much less nutritional value, while depleting the natural fertility of the soil.
      Fossil fuel fertility comes when we want to grow monocrops, which goes against the grain of nature. So then pesticides are used.
      A lesson in permaculture can explain this better. We are not better than nature. We interfere too much, to our cost.
      In addition, while fossil fuels may help increase the CO2, it is also responsible for more toxins.
      You need to look at the whole picture.
      I would also argue that the increase in CO2 from our use of fossil fuels is minor compared with how nature does it.

    • Climate change is a scam & governments are there for themselves in order to scam / suppress us & public schools are slave factories.

      …tho things can change
      Example 1:
      Example 2:

      Heard of the other guy talking about consciousness, relative reality and stuff like that, and couldn’t agree more.
      Personally, I was successful in manifesting some stuff (not all though) after I got scammed big time from someone that I thought I trusted the most, and it’s amazing when I look back at it.

    • “If science is settled then it isn’t science”!

      Let’s bring that home a little bit, because Anthony Fauci’s much repeated phrase “the science is settled”, under the approving nod of Donald Trump, a Wharton School of Economics alumni. Fauci, an admitted Roman Catholic humanist, openly also admitted there is a lot about his religion with which he disagrees. What does that mean? Trump on the other hand says he is a Presbyterian, yet he demonstrates by his walk and his talk that he disagrees with it. So here are two great leaders who are at odds with their own professions. What does one call this?

      It could be rightly called double mindedness or just as rightly called matters of interpretations. Either are the result of vocational education which dominates today even in certain universities such as the Wharton School of Economics, for instance. When we take the classic Protestant balance out of education this is what we get. This is not the same as any one of the great reformers which were by education Roman Catholic reformers escaping autocratic Papal rule. No matter how hard we try to sanitize education of all religious belief it is impossible, because it is by nature a part of education whether we recognize it or not. What the USG has done at the behest of all non-Christian elements of society is to remove as much as possible all “Protestant interpretations” from as much education as possible and replace them with generic humanistic materialism. The result has been the establishment of science as the new religion with all of it’s dogmas, just as much founded in belief as it is in material evidences. The result is we get a prescribed interpretation that becomes mortal doctrine. That is if you don’t confess it you don’t eat.

      Once government is allowed to become the cleansing instrument of anti-Protestantism, it is inevitable that Protestant moral restraints will also be removed and replaced by some other restraint. This is the pay off for vocational education! Such as taught by the Wharton School of Economics in it’s “private equity fund” instructions used by amoral businessmen who can’t keep their hands off other people’s property thereby causing the greatest upward transferr of common wealth into the hands of a few in the nation’s history.

      American university educated oligarchs are just as guilty of grand theft as Russian university educated oligarchs and they are willing to use the religious belief of Darwin to spread their pagan “green” Mother Earth gospel which is what this film is about!

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