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    History rhymes. Currencies and financial and economic systems have all collapsed before but Clif High tells Seth Holehouse this time will be different, because…

    “In our history, we’re approaching a point that has never existed before, so this is going to be different. So, we could map our coming economic woe to any previous depression, any previous recession and it would only be marginally adequate as a map, because we’ve never gone through this before.

    “As a humanity, we’ve had many currency crashes. Actually, we’ve had repeated currency crashes, here, in the United States, as they took us off the Gold Standard, as they eventually withdrew silver and gold from money and all of this kind of stuff, right?

    “And we’ve had the crash of the Sovereign British Pound, the silver-backed Pound the British had – all of this kind of stuff. They’ve all crashed but they’ve all done so within relative isolation. Yes, we’ve had ripples from the crashes here, in the United States but it has never been a pan-global event.

    “Now, it’s going to be about one third of the planet is going to go through this with us, which is the collapse of the FRN, the Federal Reserve Note, because what’s going to happen is that will die and we will have a dollar revealed to us.

    “I think we’ve past Peak Government and we’re going down to the point where we will throw away a lot what we’ve had as government and this is going to be a very necessarily messy period of time for many years.

    “So I would expect that we’ll still be dealing with hardcore remnant Antifa in a few years, unless we go to this extreme level that impacts everybody – and we seem to be shading that way now, so we could imagine a situation where things things limp along, with the limp-along government like we’ve got now and they cheat again to get in again and everybody knows they’re selected, they’re put there by the WEF and they still do their deal but gradually, it’s just wearing down, grinding down, the way that East Germany did, as opposed to…the Soviet system, which was hollowed-out from the inside by currency manipulation that came from the outside but nonetheless, there was a generalized degradation of everything functioning that took over everything in the last 25 years of the 72 years of the Soviet experiment. And so, it was degrading, as ours is.

    “And so, what’s going to happen in my opinion is that we’re at a point in time where we will go through several rough years as the FRN disappears. And it won’t disappear and just die and not be there. It’ll be like Confederate money, which traded for some months after there was officially no longer any kind of a Confederate government.

    “So, I suspect we’ll still be dealing in dollars at some point. I think that a lot of the digital dollars will simply disappear and that will be very horrific for people…whether the digits disappear or it has no purchasing power [due to hyperinflation], we’re headed to the point where it has no purchasing power.”

    Clif says that our potentially horrific future that is unfurling before us has also been seen by others who have taken corrective steps. He terms this the “Self-Organizing Collective” or “SOC”. He says that he might be crazy but he’s seeing patterns that suggest that there are people that are doing things that appear to be coordinated.

    He believes that the plan for a CBDC was supposed to roll out a lot earlier than it has but somebody came along and threw a monkey wrench into their plan. He says the Federal Reserve was going to take the gold in Fort Knox and spend it out but in November 1963, the Banksters killed JFK and by early 1964, an act was passed that allowed Americans to have gold certificate ownership, and from that point on, all the gold was encumbered and so they couldn’t spend all the gold, because it was acting as insurance on all these gold certificates. He thinks that was done deliberately by those in the SOC, as one of many similar examples of steps that have thwarted the Deep State plan.

    So he sees a period of immense difficulty for all of us ahead but it won’t be without some degree of mitigation on the part of the SOC and that much of what’s occurring now during this unrestricted war will only be understood in hindsight.

    He sees something occurring in 2024 that will emotionally uplift us but what’s happened is that our society has been invaded. Around 18%-20% of our country’s population has been seriously screwed-up by what he calls this “Munchausen-by-proxy” that is the COVID scam.

    “As a social order, we have to deal with these individuals, we’ve got to provide them with what comfort and care and correction we may do.”

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    • Cliffy the bat shit crazy doomster wants to scare you into taking the leap off the scarcity cliff . Money in the new system is asset based including precious metals and all manner of raw materials and manufactured goods it does not require you to hoard gold/silver to beat the collapse of FIAT currency. Your legally owned money is safely secured now in the new system. The DS is trying to get you to move your money into one of the DS controlled banks with the manufactured bank runs. The DS is being strangled now they need your banking deposits to continue operating the war against us. Don’t help them to rob you. The sooner the DS shits the bed the better.

    • this guy “predicted” a couple of things we all could see coming, then it was 10 yrs or so where his “predictions” hit as much as a Qanon gathering or so.
      Thrn he tops it off with announcing hes the earth’s ambassador in hyperspace,frequently meeting up with Zolgar and Xesenax for space summits.
      I hear ppl say it’s the mushrooms but cmony ou dont go that crazy over a few psilocybin trips, that kind of crazy is different ..

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