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    Clif joins Forum Borealis host, Al the Pal to discuss what they feel is the most interesting topic of all: the transmigration of the soul. Both have devoted years of their lives to exploring Eastern mysticism, which makes for a conversation seldom heard on YouTube.

    Eastern philosophies delve into this topic to an immense degree but both Clif and Al feel that these Eastern systems are broken remnants of much more fully-developed systems that preceded the global catastrophe of 12,000 years ago.

    This is a 3-hour podcast that is wonderful and remarkable, covering the mechanics of karma, reincarnation, the cyclical ages, the Templars, Freemasons and on and on.

    At about 2 hours into it, Clif refers to the Luciferian Black Magick trick that has been played on us:

    “So, recently we had a situation where here, in the United States…there was an attempt to do the Black Magick and work that Black Magick across the social body in the form of the elections.

    “And so the Democrats…there was a cadre within that group that was doing ‘spirit cooking’…It was an attempt to practice the Luciferian kind of rituals at a mass level.

    “They’re attempting to get the spirit cooking all the way up to where it’s accepted by the mainstream, the same way all of the weird Luciferian symbolisms in the halftime at the Super Bowl or projected out, right they they get power from this…

    “They were gonna cook the election so to speak. They were gonna cook the social milieu of the whole planet this way and I happen to be of the opinion that certain individuals of very great skill as sorcerers became aware of this and thwarted them.”

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    • I think the information coming from someone of Clif High’s stature, should maybe have a picture that is not so “psychedelic”. I am only saying this because the message gets lost with all of that swirling picture stuff. Thanks for the great interview

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