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Looks like China won’t be the world’s factory for much longer.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • The culture in China discourages creative thinking and encourages compliance.

    It is so severe that the people are crippled from these forced compliance pressures.

    This prevents innovation, creativity and invention.

    This is the reason China HAS TO STEAL intellectual property. They are prevented from inventing the next new mousetrap.

    The people of china, no matter how creative each person can be, cannot create, invent or innovate because to do so would be to act outside the box.

    They must comply with the NORM or else suffer severe social and legal consequences.

    The reason that the USA became the leader of the world in technical, creative, and inventive energies, was because in the beginning we married FREEDOM with CAPITALISM.

    That is the recipe that promoted the inventions that the whole world has benefited from.

    This created the INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION, which resulted in a plethora of wonderful, life enhancing technologies, from anesthesia to Jet airplanes. From Light bulbs to indoor plumbing.

    Why would any sane person want to destroy that winning strategy. Only the ignorant, propagandized, and foolish, would promote such a losing plan of action.

    These people would prefer power and control of everyone else, over personal freedoms and innovations. IT IS A CRYING SHAME.

    The benefits of FREEDOM coupled with CAPITALISM should be required learning in all levels of education.

    • Yes, looks like many Asian countries have that kind of cultural problem (or sometimes beneficial, depending on the situation)

  • My Twin brother was married in Taiwan in 1987, and his wife’s family told me all this way back then, they have been stealing information and technology since Chairman Mao Days!

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