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    There’s hope that not everyone who works for the Mainstream Media is a full-blown psychopath, despite the monumental torrent of weaponized lies and evil that they have wreaked upon the world in recent years.

    Project Veritas has seen two brave young women come forward in the past week, Ivory Hecker from Houston’s FoxNews affiliate station and April Moss from Detroit’s CBS affiliate, who have since been terminated because they stood for truth and freedom.

    Over the past year and half of corporate COVID mask mandates and a borderline forced vaccination policy, meteorologist and fill-in host, April Moss also witnessed many instances of completely unethical non-journalism and brazen propaganda at her TV station, such as when ViacomCBS corporate headquarters, had their brands, MTV and Comedy Central Brasil join with Facebook and Instagram to strong-arm the Brazilian population into getting vaccinated with their #NãoVacila (“Don’t Hesitate”) program.

    “This issue is not just about me. I’m watching our whole nation suffer, because they’re put underneath these policies that are enacted by corporations and this is a human rights issue and every American and every person on Earth has the right to breathe fresh air…

    “The people are recognizing that elected officials are not making decisions in the peoples’ best interest and as a journalist, I feel responsible…to bring these questions to light.”

    She continues, “No longer is true journalism being executed anymore. I feel like it is one of the biggest crimes in history, right now. Because, if we are shaping the American public’s mind, then we need to be seeking truth and every single journalist who goes to school for journalism, the number one thing is integrity, honesty, seeking truth. We are supposed to be the people that bring light to corruption and subjects…

    “I feel like I’m watching my country disintegrate and if I don’t get up and do something when I’m able to, I just don’t know that I could live with myself.”

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • Thank you so much for your bravery in the face of these giants. May God Bless you in all future areas of your life. We need more people like yourself to be willing to give the world the truth. I am totally grateful for your courage April. Keep up with the good fight for your reward is much greater than this earth offers.

    • We are talking about CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN and also other major news outlets ,the in print media also.

    • April we are completely with you in support and the guy who was degrading you is just a shill and paid for his mean-ness. You are loved and needed. Thanks

    • I was in a Bertold Brecht play in the mid-sixties about this same type of censorship that was going on in Naziz Germany as regards the judicial system…where the judges who did not “play ball” were being systematically “erased” fro the system not to mention their own lives when “the policies of the government were not being adhered to adhesively…by all the corporate monkeys
      Mussolini described fascism as corporatism…and that is all we have had in America throughout the 20th century and with eaqch individual being recorded as a single person corporation…No wonder they wre able to shut down the world overnight with this fake pandemic where the stat is that 0.8% of the population died in each year from 2009 to 2020. That is the meaning of the eye in the triangle…from the top down the US corporation gives the directive and all the sub corporations are expected to follow suit and if not they are lambasted for “not caring” about anyone but themselves and then given their walking papers…such people are traitors and treasonous bastards…My recommendation is to invest in jute rope stocks and maybe stocks themselves with five holes in them…I would say God Bless but is not God-d_mn also not sometimes appropriate??? Now it is said that it is only God’s place to curse…and if God would curse themn…is it alright to at least second the motion? But if God is Spirit and should the spirit move us…why not then curse…at least to get the point across

    • Great example to use when people want to understand why a corporation-nation-state is a very bad idea…

    • The problem goes back to Obama, who modified the Smith-Mundt act, allowing propaganda to be used on the American people!

      • Do you really think that this has been the first instance of the government blowing smoke? Seriously…even before Shays Rebellion gave the excuse for the Federalist bankers to get rid of “the people’s money” (Colonial scrip) with their “We, the people” bogus Constitution that created a small, centralized govt easily bought off, promising “rights” that never seem to be “allowed” when you actually need them, the landowners were promising a debt Jubilee to sucker the American hoi polloi into fighting their war to cut British banks out of their share of the American pie. FDR fired the top expert on war with Japan (Admiral James O. Richardson) for not moving the Pacific fleet to Hawaii so they could get properly sunk and give him the excuse he desperately needed in order to enter the war in Europe and save Britain’s butt. Waco, 9/11, Iraq WMD, all lies covered up by MSM at our owners’ command. Skull&Bones worldwide.

    • Once News Media abandon their role in a Society or Country to hold Government to account and report on Corruption in all areas and Industries that are involved in Criminality and Other investigations into all aspects of their operations then the public can be manipulated and be completely misinformed.

      Journalism is key to seek the truth on topics such as Corporations Harming the environment, hazardous waste dumping or human interest stories then you will never be informed to be able to make proper decisions.

      Key information is then able to be withheld and we have seen reports that Gov. Agencies such as the Defense Dept. Or FBI or even the White House are paying huge sums of money to Main Stream Media Companies CBS ABC And the especially CNN to produce not only short False News Reports but entire 1- 2 hr Special News Programs Stories that are entirely fictitious that are created for manufacturing Consent of the Public to move them from being against entering into War with a Country to demanding their Gov. Declare War thru false information presented as fact.

      This is now how News Media like CNN is able to continue with the worst viewership is they are able to operate by being paid for their created and bought news reports and Specials.

      News Programming is now actually The Media is complicit in Programming of People that is aimed to manipulate their viewers to believe what they see as actual real truth when it’s almost always Filled with false information and propaganda to Manufacture Consent for any number of Purposes.

      The Media needs to Overhauled in Canada and the U.S. Especially because it’s far from the News Media of 40 yrs ago. It needs to the Truth Seekers and Adversaries of Gov. And All sources of Power such as Business and every facet of Society.

      Media must have another major Investigation and have key findings be followed by Numerous Actions be detailed in what the Industry must undertake to return Journalism to its true Purpose.

      Not being the Propaganda Tools for the Elite and Powerful…

      • I tell everyone I know that EVERYTHING coming out of the tube is lies and that I NEVER WASTE A MINUTE WATCHING THAT CRAP and neither should they. FKTV is my go-to for leads to good info. I don’t believe every source Alexandra published but she got me Daniel Natal and Polly St. George and now “the truth babes” and who could ask for more? Thank you so very much Alexandra!
        alanforcongress (which please see)

    • support these good women and ask the the men in the world to stand behind her…the guy here that is threatening her should be the one to get fired…he is the selffish one….this kind of thinking is from a evil mind…you go girl and don’t compromise yourself in any way…

    • Thank you so very much, April Moss and Ivory Hecker. I hope everyone realizes how much risk you both took to tell the truth. You both get it and cared enough to tell the truth. Many get it and stay quiet to be able to keep their job, ignoring the fact that the agenda of the MSM is very sinister and anti-human.

    • I don’t know about you but I’ve been wondering how can they do it? They being the people that present the news from a mainstream news outlet; how can they day after day continue to, with a straight face, deliver one lie after another to their audience? Is what is happening now perhaps an indication that there is a point when the person can no longer bear the mounting moral injury and breaks? Will the examples these individuals are setting be a catalyst for others in their profession to come clean? I don’t know. We’ll just have to wait and see.

      • Psychopaths have no conscience. And apparently “psychopathy” is a prerequisite for long-term MSM employment. I think that pretty much sums up what’s going on here, dontcha think?

    • God bless April Moss …. the key from her own story is “the country is disintegrating “ … CBS … IS A PURE PROPAGANDA SELF SERVING NEWS STATION THAT BELIEVES IN CORPORATISM AKA GLOBALISM! This is Fascism in a govt system of ruling people in a totalitarian way. CBS deserves far more than being called out by Moss and Veritas … they deserve “retribution “ by a court.

    • She still likes her boss, after what the s.o.b. said? Clear case of Stockholm Syndrome.

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