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    Dark Journalist welcomes back Former HUD Secretary Catherine Austin Fitts who has spent two decades tracking missing money from government agencies, including HUD and the Department of Defense.

    She shares her conclusions as to where the money has gone, which includes underground bases and a secret space economy.

    Topics Covered in this Interview:

    • Missing Trillions
    • Farm Bankruptcy
    • Secret Space Economy
    • Underground Bases
    • Holistic Doctor Deaths
    • UFO Secrecy
    • Black Budget
    • Currency History

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • The 21 trillion has a year end coming up at the end of Jan and Feb 2020. By Dec 31 the year end comes, and the man in Federal prison will place instructions to his team on where to invest it, yet this is the last opportunity to recover the money. The last two years, the government was on shut down, but now we see the IG report has come out, and the budget for the pentagon for 2020 has already been completed.
      The thief, also took 2.3 trillion, and 217 pentagon accounts valued at 489 billions.
      The money has been on time deposits for 20 years. This has been used as collateral in commodities and oil. Trump has been informed about the money.

      This, along with the oil exports climbing, can deal with the US national debt. It can be reintroduced in blocks of 3.5 trillion over seven years without causing inflation.
      There is proof, of the involvement of people like Hillery Clinton and Lockheed Martin
      being involved in washing funds. Fusion GPS has also gained recovered money, and is
      expected to be the means to pay for the Christopher steele Dossier.

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