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    Dark Journalist, Daniel Liszt interviews his regular guest; a real-life heroine to many people, former Assistant Housing Secretary and Financial Expert, Catherine Austin Fitts.

    Liszt says this may be “…the most amazing, insightful, gripping, stunning and controversial Dark Journalist episode on record.”

    And this is only Part I. Part II will be fresh out of the editing room this weekend!

    I agree.

    This is perhaps one of the most coherent conversations that I’ve ever witnessed on the full range of topics covered by my own website, FKTV and which are of most interest to the subscribers and visitors of FKTV.

    Fitts describes the globalist forces that operate at covert levels in corporate, government and institutional roles. She dubs this group “Mr. Global”. During her stint as the Assistant Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) during the George HW Bush Administration, Fitts had the opportunity to witness their nefarious actions, up close

    She goes into harrowing detail of how she ran afoul of these forces, when she noticed that $4 billion dollars that had gone missing from the HUD’s budget and ended up spending eleven years and $6 million to defend herself against the several tactics that were used to frame her and to put her in jail for up to 20 years.

    In Fitts’ analysis, Mr. Global’s ultimate goal is increased mechanization, robotics, artificial intelligence, centralized control, the militarization of local law enforcement and Total Information Awareness (i.e., continued dragnet surveillance), GMO agriculture, the drain of the Black Budget on virtually all of our resources and the continued erosion of the Middle Class, who will be reduced to spectators to their own demise, via their own unemployment and debt slavery.

    Fitts stresses the dangers of Common Core, the US Federal educational program, which is spreading rapidly throughout the debt-stressed States, due to the financial incentives being offered by the Federal Government to the States to adopt this nefarious educational program. Fitts (like most aware, thinking people) sees Common Core, in conjunction with GMOs and the tenfold increase in the administration of vaccines as a way to engineer American children whose intellectual capacity is curtailed;  their innate, Divine Intelligence destroyed; able only to function as automatons, unable to respond to any real, social interaction, but with perfection on their SmartPhones. She observes that the younger generations of are primed to be programmed and harvested by brainwave-entrainment technology (i.e. psychotronics/mind control) on their SmartPhones, that have the built-in ability to utterly destroy their capacity for mental growth and self-determination.

    Fitts and Dark Journalist investigate the controversial subject of advanced UFO technology and deduce that whoever’s operating this technology must have a big role in controlling the power structure on Earth today. Fitts guesses that the trillions of dollars missing from the American economy have financed a UFO Economy via the Black Budget, creating a breakaway civilization in space – but why? What’s really going on in the Solar System and why has this secrecy and paranoia become such an entrenched modus operandi for the Deep/National Security State?

    Fitts sees one last chance for the American Middle Class to rise up and expose the forces that have been marshaled against them and their future generations. While she criticizes the onslaught of “fear p0rn” circulating in both the Mainstream Media and the Alternative Media she does agree that America may, indeed be staring down the dystopian future depicted in so many Science Fiction movies, over recent decades –

    unless the game and the invisible players inside the matrix are exposed, prosecuted, sentenced and jailed.

    Fitts articulates the objective, balanced attitude and actions that the people must take, in order to reclaim their power away from the corporate and media overlords linked to the Deep State, who want to consolidate power quickly, before the sleeping giant of the American People wake up and stop their plans for world control.

    As she says, “The stakes are whether our children and grandchildren are going to be free or slaves. Where this is headed right now is into slavery and the absence of any personal, physical, mental or emotional freedoms.

    “You’re talking about technology that is designed to control peoples’ bodies, control their minds, to harvest them, financially – so, we’re really talking about whether we’re going to be slaves or are we going to be free.”

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