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    Mattias Desmet is a professor of Clinical Psychology at Ghent University in Belgium whose theory of mass formation psychosis exploded into mainstream awareness earlier this year, when Dr Robert Malone described it on the Joe Rogan podcast.

    Desmet’s new book is the ‘Psychology of Totalitarianism’ and he joins James Corbett to explain what mass formation is, how it develops, how it’s been repeatedly weaponized to implement totalitarianism and what we must do to stop the conditions for these mass formation events from being created in the first place.

    In my opinion, mass formation psychosis has been the main weapon used to manipulate society onto the precipice where we now find ourselves and that anything that we can learn to do to prevent society from being manipulated like this will increase our chances of falling to the Globalist Technocracy being prepared for us.

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    • Brilliant…thank you so much!!! I have shared it far a wide. I hope your book is a huge success. Best wishes to you both from Perth Western Australia 🙂

    • “anything that we can learn to do to prevent society from being manipulated like this will increase our chances of falling to the Globalist Technocracy being prepared for us”

      Don’t you mean “NOT falling”?

    • Here’s the thing in relation to losing our humanity and they taking everything from us – it was touted in Davos recently that “Childrens’ dignity needed to be recalibrated” – they are after just about everything – always because they’re lacking in everything themselves; soulless and dead so they need everyone else to be also;

    • Excellent intellectual discussion on Mass Formation (Hypnosis),Technocratic Totalitarianism. Importance of awakened moralistic ethical Truth Tellers to continue speaking out the Truth to awaken the Masses.

    • Mass formation is part of a very old game plan utilized by those who control us for the most part invisibly. Those entities know us better than we know ourselves and have manipulated us because they understand we are herd animals. Sheep, if you will. Everything they do to control us shows what they want…full spectrum control in order to dominate and own this planet . Their view, psychopathic from our viewpoint, animal-farm-management from theirs, shows that they are anti- human, arguably non-human. Read the Protocols of Zion to see how they think because there it is. Jewish people are far from the point. It goes much deeper.
      But “they” know most of us are, in the main, too mass formed to even consider the possibility of who they are or what they want. We don’t know our history or even really understand our current affairs, our spiritual place, or who we are in reality. The movie The Matrix was not fictional, although we are not being enslaved and harvested for electrical energy but for energy of our labor and the financial benefits of it. We are certainly harvested by banks and the parasitic financial/monetary system. Central banking is an essential part of the monetary harvesting. That is another essential part of the very old plan. That old plan is our destruction and has been hammered out in exquisite, highly intelligent detail.

    • Desmet is so right on. I’ve been a plant breader for 48 years , and know a lot about ressive genes and jonk DNA. This mass formation is rooted in our biological level. Such as cigarette adiction, it’s in their DNA, if cigarettes were’nt available those people would get addicted to ‘shoe polish’ i.e. something else. Mass compiiance is every where , requring mariage license, driver license, paying income taxes, even needing a birth certificate(which the gov. monatizes ). The list goes on and on.

    • And God shall give them over to reprobate minds because they choose to believe a lie rather than accepting the truth, Evil men waxing worse and worse, deceiving and being deceived.

    • There is a technique that can make anyone who uses it to feel calm, relaxed and positive this technique is called The Balance Procedure.
      I would love the opportunity to be interviewed to explain how effective it is. http://www.the

    • So it makes?!I believe it’s happening sense that this Mass Formation can be turned against the mass formation psyop (in this case “HEALTH)in order to regain critical thinking to free the masses of their hypnosis..

    • The main problem is our turning our backs on God and removing Him out of everything in society!! All the good and perfect gifts come down from the Father of Lights in Whom there is no variation or shadow of turning! We as a society have forgotten where even our breath comes from! If My people who are called by My name would humble themselves pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will heal their land! This is the answer to the evil in this world!!!

      • Lois, you couldn’t have said it better. Desmet does leave out getting back and reconnecting with our creator. When a sociaty is on a down hill crash we see it expressed in what is going on now i. e. abortions, mass shootings.(60 years ago you could order any gun out of a magazine, even take them to school, no one was shooting anyone back then. Now we clearly see mass mind control with “It’s the guns that are the problem.” I could go on and on, but you get the point.

    • I refuse to be brainwashed! I dont wear a stupid mask, didn’t take the poison, don’t believe any of the conme19 bullshit!!!

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