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    by Boris Johnson

    When Tucker Carlson went to the Kremlin he had a function well known to history. He was to be the stooge of the tyrant, the dictaphone to the dictator and a traitor to journalism.

    In his fawning, guffawing, slack-jawed happiness at having a ‘scoop’, he betrayed his viewers and listeners around the world.

    He didn’t ask tough questions. He didn’t ask Putin why even now he is using the most brutal means of modern warfare to maim and murder innocent Ukrainian civilians.

    He didn’t take him to task for the torture, the rapes, the blowing up of kindergartens — all of it wholly unnecessary and unprovoked. Not once did he even try to dam the flow of lies from Putin.

    Instead he gasped fanboyishly at Putin’s alleged erudition, boneheadedly accepting the Russian leader’s mixture of semi-masticated Wikipedia and outright falsehood — such as the bizarre (and ominous) suggestion that Poland was somehow responsible for her own partition and destruction in 1939 — as if Russia had had no part in the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact*.

    He did not challenge the ludicrous suggestion that the UK government persuaded the Ukrainians to fight on, rather than surrender to Putin’s tender mercies, in the spring of 2022.

    As every member of the Ukrainian government will confirm, from Zelensky down, nothing and no one could have stopped those lion-hearted Ukrainians from fighting for their country — and nothing will.

    In the last two years Putin has conclusively demolished his own thesis. By his reckless and criminal violence he has proved himself completely wrong.

    He has revealed that Ukraine is not only a country, but a great one, and by his stupid miscalculation he has helped engender a patriotic feeling that is stronger and more unquenchable than any in the world.

    But of course Tucker Carlson didn’t make that point. He allowed the Russian leader to dilate for half an hour on the supposed historic non-existence of Ukraine then gushed about Putin’s ‘encyclopaedic knowledge’.

    Not since George Galloway went to Baghdad and hailed the indefatigability of Saddam Hussein have we seen such a display of bum-sucking servility to a tyrant.

    In a way it is unfair to blame Carlson for his abject performance. He was not there to challenge. He was just the medium, the sewer, the hose by which the untreated slurry of Putin’s message could be sprayed where Putin wants it most — over the fertile heartlands of America.

    The message to the American people was simple. This is not your problem, Putin was saying. It’s a European problem. Stay out of this conflict, let me finish it off — and soon we can all be at peace. It is a message that the Americans have heard before.

    In June 1940, shortly after Hitler invaded France, the newspapers of WR Hearst secured an interview with the German dictator, mainly because Hearst had long shown sympathies with Hitler.

    The chosen journalist was a German-American called Von Wiegand, who had already conducted several positive interviews with the Fuhrer.

    Von Wiegand was duly ushered into a captured French chateau, where he found Hitler, von Ribbentrop and others, and with the help of detailed notes that he had prepared Hitler gave the U.S. newspaper reporter his uninterrupted historical wisdom.

    This is about Europe, not America, said Hitler. The Americans have nothing to fear from Nazi Germany and no reason to interfere. He didn’t particularly want to conquer Paris, he said; he didn’t even want to be waging war on the European continent.

    He just wanted to vindicate the ancient rights of the German-speaking peoples. Does that sound familiar?

    Exactly like Hitler, Putin now drones on about the alleged injustices suffered by speakers of his native tongue. Listen to Putin talking about Russophones in the Donbas, or Hungarophones in western Ukraine, and you can hear Hitler talking about the Sudetenland or Alsace-Lorraine.

    Of course Putin kicked off the interview with his half-hour monologue about Yaroslav The Wise and Rurik and the events of the 9th century; because he wants to give American viewers and voters the impression that this is all some baffling euro-problem, some six-of-one-half-a-dozen-of-the-other Schleswig-Holstein** question that goes back hundreds of years, when the truth is as bald as Putin himself.

    The Russian leader chose to invade a sovereign and independent European country — with no justification other than his arrogant desire to crush that country and to rebuild the Soviet Union. Like Hitler, he is of course lying about his future intentions.

    After all, he lied bare-facedly about his intention to invade Ukraine. He told the world, he told me personally, that he wasn’t going to invade Ukraine, only weeks before giving the orders for the tanks to roll in.

    Why on earth should he be trusted now to respect any peace deal — even if the Ukrainians tried to do one? He obviously can’t be trusted over Poland, or the Baltic states, or anywhere in the vast periphery of the former Soviet Union.

    So I pray that the people of the U.S. are able to see through last night’s unholy charade of an interview. I know how many U.S. congress men and women have been fans of Tucker Carlson, and I say: remember Charles Lindbergh, remember the America Firsters, remember how many American legislators at first opposed involvement in the war with Hitler.

    Well, they were wrong then, and the Tucker Carlsonites are grievously wrong about Putin today. To all those Republicans who are currently blocking aid to Ukraine, I say, for God’s sake remember who you are.

    You are the heirs of Ronald Reagan, the leaders of the last best hope of earth. You cannot make America great again by selling out Ukraine and allowing Putin to use violence to rebuild the Soviet empire.

    On the contrary, by investing only a fraction of the U.S. defence budget, you can help those valiant Ukrainians to turn the tide, put Putin back in his box — and therefore help secure the Euro-Atlantic area for a generation, without actually risking a single U.S. soldier.

    You can show the world that trying to change borders by force will lead to disaster; because the greatest lie of all — and the one Putin hoped most to project by his interview — is that the Russian leader is bound to win. He is no more invincible than Adolf Hitler; in fact, he is bound to lose.

    He has already suffered colossal losses, but that is not the point. Whatever Ukrainian territory he temporarily occupies, he can never conquer their spirit.

    I hope and believe that if President Trump is elected again he will confound his critics, turn his party round and complete the work that he began when he became the first U.S. President to give arms to the Ukrainians.

    I say that because in the end all U.S. Presidents know that our collective security is indivisible. In the end the Americans can be relied upon to do the right thing, having exhausted — as the old saying has it — all the available alternatives.

    Tucker Carlson did us all a favour last night in the sense that he proffered the alternative — a Putin victory, the destruction of Ukraine and the descent of much of Europe, once again, into darkness and fear. It cannot and must not happen.

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • I think old Boris Johnson should keep his Limey ass mouth shut about US politics.
      Lord knows there are enough problems in “not so jolly old England” for old Boris to worry about and should try to do something about but old Boris hasn’t been successful in doing anything about if he’s tried in the first place.
      Shut the F up Boris and mind your own F-ing Limey ass business. You live in a glass house, and you shouldn’t be throwing stones.

    • JD, My 61 years of search had come to its climax 2019 – 2020 as I watched the final garden being incorporated into the Sun Walls building structure at the Mausoleum, at the Catholic Cemetery, that was Consecrated in 2005. The Archdiocese would not have built such a structure, unless they studied the Stars in our Heavens (blue sky), & the significance in the timing is extraordinary, of the New Age that occurs every 2,160 years in our Heavens, & the correlation with the Magnetic North Pole movement. I have found what I am looking for & will enjoy the last years of my earth bound life planning & designing my family Monument dedicating it to The Heavens, that declare the Glory of our Creators.

    • For my friend Jay & 2/13 comment.

      Jay you are so close to the truth, yet earth bound. All that you say is true, but bound to the 3D temporal world. All of the symbolism you mentioned is found in many religious structures including the RCC. But know this, that Jesus of record, identified that way as another way with a different destination than his way which he claimed exclusively for his followers, giving them precise instructions which religion tramples under foot with religious dogmas. It’s not schmooze, it’s not traditions, it’s not tribal. All of those things are temporal. It’s voluntary, we don’t have to walk in that way, and therefore ALL the coercive, diabolical devices of religions are null and void. What could be more apparent than the terrifying tribal spectacles on two continents we are presently witnessing? Be patient, keep an open mind, especially when you’ve got a really good one like I know you do and resist the temptation to become fixated upon material symbols which in their infancy were intended only for leading ignorance to knowledge of what they represent. – jd

    • boris i don’t need your opinion you vomit from the scum of the earth… may every cry and pain your life has caused on this earth be upon you through eternity……….

    • Butthurt Borus lectures the spiked KoolAid drinkers to mind the gap toothed moron who bribed the Ukrainians to death under penalty of a death worse than just simply dying . Being put though the war grinder then selling off the pieces to keep the menu of satanic produce well supplied . Who knew the spoils of war meant bad leftovers and the shame of it is the flag draped fake funerals. Laughing inside as they burp and fart at your funeral!!! That’s why they want to add shit to the fluoridated cadaver water in california as a humiliation ritual .

      • OMG, you need to get out of there!

        I lived in CA for 5 years and I felt like I was in a mass-extinction event the whole time. The energy was so dead and horrible, it actually felt like I was in a *diorama about* a mass extinction event.

        I don’t know how anyone can take it.

        • When I found this area by chance I had the biggest unexplained unforgettable dejavu ever , it wasn’t until last year that the reason was revealed to me . It’s been a real hell for the last 6 years but this is the final year with the anchor and my free will will set me free thankfully .
          GOD willing I can park my horse somewhere’s else closer to nature without the pesky parasites picking me to death .

    • “The Russian leader chose to invade a sovereign and independent European country — with no justification other than his arrogant desire to crush that country and to rebuild the Soviet Union. Like Hitler, he is of course lying about his future intentions.” – B.J.

      All an informed observer needs to hear to know who the “bum-sucking” propagandist is. The blood of Ukraine is on Boris Johnson’s hands.

      • Putin is speaking truth about the early history about Ukraine. It is interesting. He is speaking the truth about NATO, both points do matter. Ukraine never was registered as a sovereign nation. Just as Germany’s Territory were stolen after WW1 & 2, Lithuania, Czech & parts are fictional nations, & parts of Poland are occupied.
        International Law admits the German Empire still exist, so the real East Germany consist of areas of Silesia, East Prussia, Pomerania, West Prussia, East Brandenburg & the Sudetenland, all occupied by Czech Republic. These are very large territories all stolen by the Soviet Communist.
        This will get settled in a civil manner because Russia & Germany hold the cards of truth on boundary’s that are so easy to prove. They also hold the Gold that was deposited before WW1 by Russia, Tsar Nicholas II & Prussia, Kaiser Wilhelm II, Ten Billion Metric Tons of Gold that the Bolshevik never laid hands on, hidden in plain site. There is Honor among the Monarch’s.

    • Boris Kamal is straight out of a Charles Dickens tale. He’s like one of those haggard street urchins needing to come in out of the cold, “oh please, kind sir, perchance let me warm me bum next to your warm hearth for just a small space, until I can pull meself together for me further drudgeries.”

    • This political showman is the best the defunct British has to offer? He should go back and attended to his own knitting in Londonstan. Hey Brits, your emperor has no clothes!

      The former British empire was ever meddling and playing off it’s European neighbors against each other, that old trick is – old! There was a day in which it was useful during the days of King William of Orange, whom the Irish loved and nicknamed King Billy. But the Brits, having been infiltrated by of all people the German Anglos, eventually came under the rule of the Windsor family and we see today what stuff they are made of.

      Now thats the model for the world to follow – ha! Tabloid stars! We should take counsel from this representative of a decadent nation that turned it’s back on Christ and his instructions for just government? I think not.

      He deserves the same indignation sustainable Prince Charles deserved when he was over here in our neighborhood selling us on global warming and Islam.

      • From the time of Oliver Cromwell arranging for a show trial against King Charles I & sending his head down the street January 30th, 1649, William of Orange was set in place by the same thugs. William III (1689-1702) would surrender England’s money free of debt & interest to a Consortium known as The Governor & Company of the Bank of England.
        Britian had paid her way as she went for Century’s until the pawn shop was opened. England became a long trail of parchment bonds shackling the nation in (phony) debt.
        Oliver Cromwell & William of Orange were the infiltrators, that also caused England’s Civil War (1642-48) between the Royalist/Anglicans & the Puritans/Roundheads, which Cromwell was the leader of.

        • Hope you will come to realize you are carrying Papal baggage. Try sourcing non-Papal history to balance your knowledge. It’s there, just not as easily accessed. King Billy was a godsend to those believers who were being “exterminated” by Papal power. There is plenty of adverse literature concerning Cromwell, but just as much favorable. Work both sides of the record, it will help balance you. I know you are studious and I respect that. God bless.

          • Willam of Orange birthed usury in England. June 21st, 1694 The purpose of the bank was to lend King William unlimited sums to enable the prosecution of war against King Louis XIV (14th) of France, whose Country/Nation was Not on the Usury system. The bank would receive from the Crown interest & an additional administrative fee. The Bank of England under William the Orange also acquired to issue Notes without any Gold cover. All to fleece the English people by allowing the creation of the Nation’s money & means of exchange out of Nothing at interest. There was much opposition of the establishment of William’s Bank. The biggest fear was the bank would become too large & would become a keystone of the Commercial World, which is exactly what happened, the Bank of England became the model of all Central Banks were replicated.

            • And might I also respectfully add that King Billy was a trail blazer in getting other nations (such as they were in those days, tribal nations ever warring with each other) in debt to him by funding both sides of disputes. I have little doubt he was a wheeler-dealer, but he was the friend and champion of Christians who were in those days being severely persecuted by the Papal cell in Rome which had ruled supreme in Europe after the passing of Charlemagne.

            • reply to myself : William III title was a Prince that had no rights to the Throne of England. (King James II daughter Mary, married Prince William 1677).
              Willy the Orange royal father inlaw, King James II, who was the son of Charles I, the king who was be- headed in 1649, by the Dutch. King James II, reign was a short 3 years 1685- 1688, due to the propaganda ploy out of Holland where Oliver Cromwell & Willy the Orange were from. Talk about a scheme to take the Throne & create the banking scheme out of England, of usury & compounding interest that has plagued the world ever since.

            • When I stated the “Dutch” in regards to King Charles beheading in 1649, I was referring to the show trial. Not one single English lawyer would draw charges against King Charles I, It was provided by a Dutch lawyer, Isaac Dorislaus.

      • JD, Ireland was always known for their strong Catholic faith (perhaps the Irish were being sarcastic when they called him Billy). The Friars Franciscans roots were strong established more then 800 years ago, till they left last year 2023, as the Arab’s & Nigerian’s invaded.

        • Oh come on Jay. Do your own homework instead of parroting the Papal cell political line! History is re-written by victors and they do their best to burn contrarian records, but there remains the records they missed, many of them preserved by honest brokers within the Roman Catholic system. Though it’s not likely closed minds will ever find them. Never take a position when reading history until after you are better qualified. I respect and admire your intellect, use it wisely. Please understand that I am in no way anti-Catholic, it’s the Papacy that has always been at the bottom of state church mischief. If you had studied Irish church history more carefully you would have long ago discovered its mostly fiction written much later by Papists. Patrick was never a Roman Catholic, he was a Celtic Bishop with ties to the Syriac Church nka the Eastern Orthodox church. Set aside your presuppositions and do you own diligence with an open but suspicious mind.

          • I wasn’t favoring one or the other religious group. I was just pointing out that I don’t have reason to believe ‘Ol king Billy was loved by Ireland. However, since you brought out the 30 year war that Martin Luther seem to have staged for the soul purpose of breaking up unified Germany. Millions as usual die, always seems to be European or Slavs….Peculiar….

            • I’m not going to defend Luther or any of the reformers, they had plenty of religious warts we could waste time all day criticizing. What I’m telling you is that there was continental linkage between independent local churches that predates Constantine and that it was Constantine’s objective to unite the empire under one single authority, himself, and he presided over church councils as a bishop of the one single religion he intended it to become for the empire. Pope Sylvester was yet in OJT training pants. Constantine was the organizational genius behind the RCC! That became the objective, that matured into taking over local churches irregardless of who and what founded them. The church in the then new Roman capital, today in Turkey, sent missions throughout most of Europe long before Rome ever got around to it, and it was those churches which the bishop of Rome glommed onto later and claimed a fictionalized history for them. Rome was slow reaching even northern Italy where Irish Celtic Christians mingled with long established Catholic churches. The Bishop of Rome was a late arrival to that party! Even late to missionizing the far east. All that Papal showroom history was to cover up what they did to those churches. Patterns!

            • I find the history of the Roman Catholic Church ancient roots in Egypt & the Indo-European’s that were there that built the pyramids fascinating . I love the Irish Christians who gazed at the stars. This is why I myself, when I stumbled upon all this, bought a family plot at a beautiful Catholic cemetery that was telling the story of its ancient roots in the art work of mosaics, copper fountain’s, bell towers, sculptures & Sun walls for the solstices & equinoxes. They serve both sides of people’s fantasy, those that need a Christ to take away their sins & those that wish to acknowledge the real giver of life, the Sun.

      • Windsor = Saxe-Coburg- Gotha = very Germanic. Could us English have lived under that as a “Ruling “Royal” Lineage?” I don’t think so! Think Charlie will abdicate due to his “illness”. Surprised that wasn’t announced as Disease X !! From this side of the pond and reports I’ve read his successor is anyones guess. Maybe Harry and Meghan. LOL,LOL, FOMAL…..

        • orinokoflo, the Dutch who sent King Charles I, head down the street in 1649, were from Amsterdam. The Dutch do Not consider themselves German, nor were they part of the German Empire, their language dialect is even different. William of Orange was also from Holland, who stole the Crown from King James II, as I already pointed out. So Stop trying to point back to the Germans.
          Oliver Cromwell, also from the Netherlands/Holland/Amsterdam.

    • When are Americans going to tell the imperial British corporate fascists in the City of London to piss off?

      If you need a reminder go watch the scene in the movie The Patriot with Mel Gibson when he rescues his eldest son with his other two sons and decimates a platoon of British soldiers. It is epic.

        • While the children play RISK! in their bedroom, the owner of the house decides “the Turkey and Lahaina rooms need remodeling”, gets them done, and the children continue playing their game like nothing out of the ordinary has happened.

          The children can argue all they like about boundaries and treaties and history: there’s only one government, and they aren’t it.

    • President Putin is correct, if indeed that was his message, Ukraine is none of America’s business, It is a Europe problem, just as Germany was none of America’s business nor was Germany a problem.
      & yes, Poland was responsible for her own destruction, Marshal Smigly instigated things early on in the Baltic States, he even caused Wallstreet concern, New York Times even writes about Marshal Smigly Bullying Lithuania, March 1938.
      What I find ironic about the Past is coming to haunt everyone for their misdeeds, that they all still try so very hard to hide. Technically Germany, still to this day is an occupied Nation. What that means is that there was never a Peace Treaty signed, The Third Reich with all its Borders still exist.

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