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I love these beautiful Black Lives MAGA ladies, filmed at the recent Trump rally in Waco, Texas.

Everything they say is so on point and they are so high energy, it’s infectious!

America needs a pandemic of MAGA!

¡Black Lives MAGA!

¡All lives MAGA!



Yes, we are here to support our President, Donald John Trump!

We are not Black, remember that. We ain’t Black. Joe Biden said if you don’t for him, you ain’t Black.

So I guess I ain’t Black!

OK, so we want to see more minorities, we want to see more people of color. Because we know that you are out there.

Maybe you’re afraid to step out and to show your support for America and for God and for Donald Trump and for Country, but come on out! It’s OK! Come on to the Right Side!

If you like high gas prices, if you like killing babies, if you don’t know whether you’re a man or a woman, a child, a unicorn, a frog – if you don’t know what you are, or anything like that; if giving all your hard-earned money to different country is what you like, this ain’t the party for you.

And guess what, if you keep voting Left, you’ll have nothing left!

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Trump is evil, bottom line. Where is the arrest of his arse? That was pure theater to draw sympathizers. He left those Jan 6th characters in the lurch and didn’t pardon any of ’em, didn’t pardon Assange who might have been the guy who tipped the scales in his favor. He still favors the jab.

    Desantis favors a certain other country more than his own, so he isn’t much better. He needs to wear his small hat more often and put a propeller on it.

    Even so, these two are infinitely better than that sick f@#k in office now, which doesn’t say just a whole helluva lot.

  • While this lady is OK, have you guys already forgot about BLM destroying shopping mall, and cops just stood by doing nothing?
    OH! Because she speaks about Trump, she is now suddenly beautiful?
    God says ~ Stop messing with faith and politics, goddamn it!

    Go back to Bible where it says “Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s.”
    Render Trump matter to Trump and get back to the faith!

        • I disagree. Did you hear what they said about Biden and how he said that if they didn’t vote for him, then they ain’t Black and they said, “I guess we ain’t Black”?

          These are not BLM people.

  • Wonderful to see strong patriots standing united and overcoming the leftist agenda. WWG1WGA! I will proudly stand next to them to defend our rights and freedom 🇺🇸

  • All lives MAGA. Yes, all races of Americans are children of god. Nevertheless. Our leader, Trump has forfeited his legitimacy. Out of 100 million Americans on the right, I am 100% sure that there are dozens of better suitable and honorable leaders to our side. Trump is still pimping the vax despite of the fact that most his supporters called it a bio weapon. Love you black ladies, but, we cannot put all our hope in one guy, especially and egotistical old guy like Trump. Did you hear him complaining about the Ukrainian president arresting Christians, and closing down churches?

  • No such thing as a black or white person.Those are terms used to keep us divided.The word “minority”,in this regard,is a racist term.Everyone is a “person of color”.To refer to people as black or white is to fall into the divide and conquer trap they set for us.In other words to refer to ourselves as black or white is to lick the master’s boots.

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